World of Warships – A Game of Throws Season Four Episode Four

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When is a throw not a throw? Honestly that one’s up for debate. Watch and make your own mind up.

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  1. Ahh, fresh Jingles!

  2. Morning Jingles

  3. Jingles video pops up, click it, press like, and watch it!

  4. He did actually spot the submarine early on!

  5. Perfect Friday morning!

  6. @antonyduhamel1166

    It’d be nice to see some exceptionally well played competitive/ranked/clan battles. Call it “A Game Of Pros.”

  7. And Jingles is Jingles again (that is saying old and Crap), the Yorktown did spot the Sub at 2:10 😂
    Yes, yes, feline overlord I know, I know, 10 extra shifts for me in the Salt Mines.

    • “actually” it was the 3rd ship he spotted : )

    • ​@@limbekcs fact is he spotted the sub way before Jingles mentioned it at about 3:00 😉
      *Edit:* Also I didn’t say first ship he spotted, that were other people who are volunteering for some extra Salt Mines shifts.

    • @mynameiswritinwater

      no one is surprised if Jingles gets something wrong (especially about CVs), that’s the charm of watching this… oh yes.. deep level salt Oh gnomish overlord…. pls inform my next of kin

  8. Presumably called himself Theseus because of the old philosophical question about “ship of Theseus”, more often known now in the UK as Trigger’s broom.

    • “and that’s what I’ve done. Maintained it for 20 years. This old brooms had 17 new heads and 14 new handles in its time” 😂

  9. Ohhh Jingles, never change old man!! Theseus slew the Minotaur, Perseus slew Medusa and rescued Andromeda. Guess it’s not only World of Warships content that you get wrong eh?

    • @the_tactician9858

      To be fair Theseus and Perseus sound familiar enough, as do Minotaur and Medusa, to mix them up if you are only sidelings aware of Greek Mythology. Given the Old Man has had his last education 30-odd years ago it’s not too surprising he mixed things up.

    • Don’t think that is enough to have a dig and post criticism for WoW content. How about you just watch it, enjoy it and move on eh?

    • @@elmodiddly Jingles is usually the first person to laugh at his gaffs, this is part of why we love him: no-one is having a dig, its a bit of light-hearted banter, lighten up dude.

    • Perhaps he recently watched a Hollywood movie from a few years back that you need to explain this to also….

    • @mynameiswritinwater

      also : Theseus sailing aboard the Atago, does that make the Atago the proverbial ship of Theseus :… given that the Atago has Repairs and might actually go for a dreadnought achievement… Oh gods my head starts hurting

  10. @stevensutton2252

    The gnome over lord 🔊 coffee ☕ and smoke🚬 and a game of throws

  11. Was ready to call it a [late] night and hit the sack and thought of catching up on some news & happenings before . . . bad idea. Spoiler Alert: seems like the world is turning to cr*p. I wasn’t in the right frame of mind for sleep – and up pops a WoWs Jingles video – perfect. And “A Game of Throws” at that! Much better frame of mind now. Thank you and good night.

  12. @tomaszkubiak6887

    3:30 actually Mr Jingles, he already spoted submarine at 2:09

  13. Coffee break time and a new Game of Throws? Finally, the Friday feeling kicks in. Cheers Overlord!

  14. Ah yes, the USS Yorktown CV-5, lost in 1942. Launching SB2C Helldivers which entered combat service in 1943 and the A-1 Skyraider which entered service in 1946. Yeah, seems legit. Jingles, from one Navy-man to another much love and prayers from Seattle.

    • @johnnyenglish583

      That’s funny, but not as funny as WW2-vintage diesel-electric subs doing 30 knots under water and turning so tightly that they can outmaneuvre a destroyer ;-)))

    • @@johnnyenglish583 My dude. As a submariner myself, I don’t even want to get into how they f*cked that all up. YT doesn’t give me enough characters to type.

    • @johnnyenglish583

      @@jspades007 I gave up on demanding any semblance of realism after they introduced radar and hydro that work through solid land masses, because clearly ruSSian physics works differently to regular physics 🙂

    • Speaking of which, if you ever go to Charleston SC, go visit the USS Yorktown CV-10. You can explore most of the ship and they have aircraft and a bunch of other artifacts in there as well.

  15. Jingles, Jingles, never change! lol
    3:00 “the only ships he’s not spotted are the DD and sub” The first ship he spotted (and the one that probably first spotted his aircraft) WAS the Sub. The other ship he’d not spotted at this point, was the enemy CV.

    • What an absolutely Jingely comment. He had actually spotted the enemy CV at 2:45, the only ship he didn’t spot until his return to the right flank was the Wichita.

  16. @BigTallLankyDude

    The Izmail’s air defence is… dizmail.

    Thank you, I’m here all week!

  17. Cross-dropping was actually a thing in real life. The Japanese used it to sink HMS Repulse.

    Pan-Asian aircraft carriers were most definitely NOT a thing.

  18. 1:00 “named after the legendary hero who slew the gorgon medusa and rescued Andromeda” oh Jingles, never change. That was in fact Perseus. Theseus slew the Minotaur and abandoned Ariadne before returning to athens.

  19. @subaquaticsleepwalker7240

    A-1 Skyraider bad ass. So many really great small planes in the prop era. My number one is the Dauntless, after that Black Sheep F-4U Corsair, P-51s Red Tails of course, and Vietnam Era 0-2 Bird Dog

    • Black Sheep and Red Tails were squadron nicknames, not aircraft names, and the Cessna O-1 is the Bird Dog, the O-2 is the Skymaster.

  20. @llwellyncuhfwarthen

    I will say that the team/platoon/division seemed to well co-ordinate with each other, and that definitely did help.

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