World of Warships – A Game of Throws Season Four Episode One

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It’s back! You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you may even hurl.

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  1. @cosmotehspacefriut

    Season four of game of throws. Well then, let the throws of epic proportions begin

  2. Because submarine’s getting f*cked soon next patch, I’d say it’s time to grind the Japanese cruisers while you can! Japanese Cruisers will have Submarine surveillance very soon!

  3. Jingles, you’re the best night cap. Drunk, about to go to bed and here we go. *Jingles video 7 minutes ago.

  4. Ooohhhh boy, here we go!!
    I’m always expecting myself to end up in one of these as a background character. XD

  5. Jingles: “Hope your all having a good one and if not I hope this video helps….”
    Me: Dealing with nutjobs in discord having a rough morning of things…
    Jingles: “Maybe our hero SinkyMcSinkerson will brighten your day some….”
    Me: Instantly cracks up laughing…🤣

    You really do brighten my days Jingles. Love ya Old Man. 🥰
    Now I’ll go crawl back to the mines… 😂⛏

  6. Always good to end my day/night with a jingle

  7. Jingles, John_the_ruthless sent you a replay a week or so ago regarding his game in a Colbert where he broke the NA all time damage record. If you haven’t watched it, you really should!

  8. You have to play in NA server on Christmas or New Year late at night. The level of drunken sailing there was hilarious XD

  9. Great name, great throw. Don’t drink and drive a battleship kids 🙂

  10. That name made my day…that and a cheeky single malt 😂

  11. Jingles you have no idea how much the first 20 seconds of today’s video cheered me up. Thank you.

  12. I almost feel sorry for the drunken sailor at the end.

  13. Shoutout to Kansas, that guy was an absolute boss

  14. A round of applause for the MVP of this episode: Alcohol!

  15. Jingles, the Skåne is not pronounced Skänie (as you pronounce it). The Å/å is a swedish o, and it is nearly always pronounced as [o]. The way you pronounce it is take the double-o from door. And for the ending, take the j from your pronounciation away and you are very close.

    I’m off to the salt mines for my double shift.

  16. Sinkey McSinkerson’s name really did make my day.

  17. This was a classic Game of Throws!

  18. Glad to see this series back

  19. Jingles I was already having a great day but your videos always enhance that!

  20. I’ve honestly been have a tough go the past few days and I always enjoy watching your videos. Thank you for the intro this morning, though small, it meant a lot and did put a smile on my face. Keep doing what you’re doing.

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