World of Warships – A Game of Throws Season Four Episode Three

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My favourite kind of throw, the kind where either team could be the one throwing and it’s impossible to tell until the last moment!

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  1. @cosmotehspacefriut

    Me: gets a notification for a game of throws video.
    Also Me: smiles, laughs, and cries watching it

  2. hey jingles, i remember watching ur videos in middle school and getting in trouble with my mom for hearing a cuss word, im now 21 and still watching. thanks for the years of videos mate, cheers!

  3. Potato’s going to potate 😂

  4. @whitefamilliar3057

    Watching at 4 am. Don’t think I’ve ever been this early on a jingles vid

  5. Damn, the moment that sub was spotted, every aircraft in the sector just turned around and carpet bombed the sucker.

  6. Jingles: “Wargaming haven’t even managed to pull the old trick of sneaking a couple of hybrids under the radar”
    USS Halford on the enemy team: “Ahem…”

  7. HMS Incomparable: #1 longest capital ship ever designed, one of the largest overall

    Wargaming: “give it good stealth!”

  8. Mhm, even subs have to face the ultimate enemy: The surprisingly popping up islands.

  9. Ah delightful, the trainwreck

  10. Sub player probably run himself on the shallow ground near island and needed to surface himself a bit to keep moving. That why submarines hate dense island zones, not only because they give opponent plenty opportunity to evade torpedos, but because of shallows which Always happen in most inopropriate time.

    He still needed to check with hydrophone ofc…

  11. Can we talk about the fact that 2 battleships spent 10 min on their own back line fighting 1 sub?

  12. remember the times when WG told us there will be no bigger guns that the Yama´s ? pepperidge farm remembers

  13. Let me reiterate:
    > U-4501 is the fastest underwater speed sub in the game,
    > Having almost full battery from the last spotting (before counting extra battery consumable),
    > Miles away from his only potential threat (incomp),
    > Having comfortable point advantage,
    > His teammates is still active in chat so probably someone in red team have warned him,
    > He’s in tier X.

    …and the rest is history.

    • It really is one of those situations where he could have done absolutely nothing and won.
      And yet…

    • All of that is correct but you missed on critical fact; he’s in a submarine. And if any class absolutely confirms to the “Incapable of thinking and breathing at the same time” tagline it’s the submarine player base.

    • ​@@deaks25not really, I could have atleast killed 2 of 4 battleships before time runs out even with long and they would have not been able to killed me, me having aot of experience in DDs helps me become monster in Subs. He was just bad and didn’t know that if all they have left is BBs then they’re never be able to kill you because you can just put up with 30konts at below surface and keep pinging and turning right after you launch torps and they’ll never be able to catch you.

    • Bit it’s a sub-player, so……

    • I bet on shallow

  14. A good Jingles laugh to start off the day 🙂

  15. I’ll have a guess at what he was doing: using the island to provide physical cover to remain on the surface and not deplete his battery. When below periscope depth, even a USS Kansas could catch up to you, he was likely trying to run the clock down, as running away from cover would have increased his chances of being spotted on the surface. Great entertainment as always, Mighty Gnome Overlord

    • True for tier 6 and 8 subs, but the u-4501 is an exception. It can do 36 knots submerged vs 20 at periscope.
      u-2501 does 27 knots submerged, and Balao tops at 26 knots. Only Thrasher and Gato are slow at tier 10, reaching 18 and 17 knots respectively.
      I think he just got himself beached on the sea floor.

    • @@Hell_On_Gaming thank you for letting me know about the tier X subs, I’ve only been doing ops for the past three years so I’m very much out of touch for anything that is above tier 8 (also I have no tier 9 or 10 because I play so little). I suppose until we see his side of the battle, we’ll never know. But hey, not knowing and making us guess is part of the fun, am I right

    • @@linonardin9629 Absolutely dude! I’m glad you enjoy ops, they’re a fun break from the extreme personalities in Randoms.

  16. That’s a case of: “I’m not in here with you. You’re in here with ME!”

  17. I remember watching mingles with jingles with my 2y old daughter, she’s 14 now. Where does the time go!!

  18. Submarine players finding new and exciting ways to ruin every match they’re in. WG did such a great job implementing those things into the game (sighs). Fun video to watch, thank you and take care.

  19. Love how the enemy mentioned being on Jingles

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