World of Warships – A Game of Throws Season Four Episode Two

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An unusual episode today in which the Throw happens for reasons you probably wouldn’t be expecting.

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  1. excellent, another throws of game

  2. Morning Gnome Overlord

  3. They stop being bullshit and i will stop complaining. Brilliant jingles

  4. Oh fuck, old man. Perfect timing, I just lit a jazz cigarette. Cheers, mate.

  5. 2:25 ‘This is the life of someone who volunteers to be a bounty target.’ No, this is the life of anyone who has to play against a Nahkimov who are notorious for trolling ‘AA Cruisers’.

    • Yeah…. It doesn’t help American or British AA is concentrated in the SHORT and MID range AA guns, so the long range damage is MOSTLY though Flak Bursts. Hell speaking from Experience, fully buffing your AA (which might even be overkill) will only protect you from Japanese planes, which are some of if not thee most Fragile planes in the game.

      Oddly enough German AA and Russian AA is surprisingly effective. And of course the “NEWER” ships actually have worth while AA that actually does anything helpful.

    • Its even worse in ships with no aa… Because the russians needed to be “balanced” around only one attack per squadron, they made them so resilient, that you wont even shoot down one or two planes in a ship with bad aa. So they can just repeat doing it without even weakening their squadrons.

  6. SWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET got here before the video had reached 1k views! That’s gotta be a new record for me.

  7. I remember when I got the Children’s Week meta achievement back in 2009 or 2010 (don’t remember if it was during Wrath or Cataclysm). I had to actually play the battlegrounds and to the required actions for real…

    • Same, and I was genuinely playing PvP at the time, (even though I didn’t love it) because I had a friend who loved it and was teaching me.

  8. Moskva is a sub, last I heard.

  9. As an ex-carrier main in WoW, I strongly believe the old/original version of carriers were much better than this nonsense that we have today. Yes, US CV’s fighters were completely OP against JN CV’s planes, but at least the attack raids of 2/3 JN torp squads would get wiped out against a strong CA AA fire or multi-ship flotilla’s. Ships had a chance if they used teamwork, but back then, no one know how to properly counter CVs. Now, it doesn’t matter, there is nothing you can do against a CV attack. *sigh*

    • Even with the OP US fighters, it was possible to outplay oponent using strafing runs. Typically sacrificing one squad in dogfight as bait, it was good trade. And it also often forced game to start as CV duel, that was for me more interesting then current gameplay. My best time in WoWs was in Hiryu, stopped playing CVs after rework

    • Sympathises in California😢

    • @ilenastarbreeze4978

      I absolutely agree. I watched a cv bringing a flight of planes into 5 ships overlapping aa, and just strike and leave and several ships were american aa ships

    • I still remember how a Cleveland could create a no fly zone. CVs back than had a bigger impact on the game than other ships. But you needed some skill to use it. Today a monkey on crack can dominate in a CV

    • Sorry, but CV’s pre rework were much more deadly. Pre rework if a CV wanted you dead, you’re dead. Cross dropped and bombed, back to port. The only issue with CV’s at the moment is the idiotic regen of planes. Remove that, and CV’s are then balanced.

  10. really likes serfing that border huh

  11. This vid remended me of the meme: “Call an ambulance…. But not for me!” 🙂

  12. So the enemy team going seagulls from Finding Nemo to Statsblock… “MINE MINE MINE !”

  13. in regards to the childrens week season in WoW, what used to happen back when I played was that everyone just helped them out as fast as possible until everyone had gotten it out of their system. Usually only took a week or so. This was before the whole realm merger thingy they got going today.

  14. I only found out about the Bounty Hunter event by seeing that I got a bounty hunter achievement in the post game results screen. I sunk one by accident while most players hunt for it. I consier myself lucky XD

  15. I also love how as Jingles is looking in the direction of the bot it shots and he just doesn’t see it at all lol.. its firing randomly into its own spawn to keep it from being afk.

    • it also started moving in the last 30 seconds

    • @@DexteruL Yeah you can only tell via minimap though its reasonable to miss that, missing the shells firing is slightly more of a jingles moment lol
      either way those players are why beyond the greed i’d never play WOWS.
      They need to publicly ban cheaters imo

  16. Jingles, I love your stories. The care bears + annoyed players finding game-breaking solutions to silly problems made my day. Thank you.

  17. Speaking of added objectives. Perhaps the most frustrating is the player added objective where they play to stay alive the longest and don’t play to win.

  18. what makes this even sillier is the bounty targets trying to get the other bounty.

  19. 16:50 Definitely one confused bot. Firing in the opposite direction from the enemy.

  20. Jingles, could you imagine two silkworm missiles with the same properties as WoW aircraft during Desert Storm? Imagine your pucker factor then! 😂

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