World of Warships – A Game of Throws, Season One Episode Eight

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In which Darthen and some excellent teammates attempt to fight against the massive drag factor caused by a few not so excellent teammates.

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  1. First warships video I’ve watched in a long time. God it’s eben so long since I played this game. Sometimes I wanna come back but I know it’s not gonna be as good as I remember

  2. I haven’t been having the best of days today, so it always brings a smile to my face when you upload, Jingles.

  3. As for that ranger: Jingles, you just provided the answer a few minutes before: Most players do not have good minimap awareness, so it’s entirely possible that that Ranger was just steaming along on autopilot, tunneling on his planes and completely failing to notice that he was heading into a crumbling flank.

    • The Ranger player was defo on auto pilot being honest could only think he thought flank was going to fall with only being Aletico charging on. However his pathing was wayward which cost him dearly. Mock as peeps may like oh it’s an AC shouldn’t be in game . Well guess what go play something else as trust me I do get a lot of thanks when doing everything possible to support .

    • @Juan Kovacs Duh – seeing as breathing is largely an autonomous body function that requires little to no conscious effort do, most people have the capacity to breathe and do other things at the same. It’s a silly analogy and it irritates me to no end when Jingles and others insinuates that the ability to “think and breathe at the same time” is the only prerequsite to be a good WOWS player.

      Maintaining a constant overview of a WOWS battle, have an accurate intutition of how it’s going to develop AND handle your ship and guns/aircraft all at the same time is by no means an easy thing to do and it requires the sort of brain you’d typically find at an air traffic controller (I don’t think anyone will argue that ATC is an easy job!); it requires a lot of conscious practicing as you play and alot of theory study when you don’t.

      Considering that most people play games to relax after a hard day of using their mental and physical capacities to do actual work, it’s not surpricing at all that most people don’t really fancy straining their capacities any futher in an effort to live up to the expectations of a minority of insufferable try-hards like yourself that litter just about every MMO game out there. That doesn’t mean they are stupid; that doesn’t even mean they are lazy. It means they have chosen to prioritize their time and enegy differently than you.

    • @Troels Hansen my man, if you play this game enough to have ships above tier 6 you should by that point learn something. At least to see where the f* you are placing your marker for the autopilot. If the CV had the enough mental development to see the flank he was is falling, he surely had to know that the other side was falling as well.
      Please, it’s not applied physics playing this game, you just have to pay attention at 3 things at the time (which is the basic prerequisite to be able to have any job).

    • @Juan Kovacs – the CV auto pilot does weird shit sometimes. Go to map view, select a location – auto pilot plots a course – which is how it is supposed to work. Sometimes when you click on a zone in the minimap to highlight something for the team – the auto pilot decides that is a good spot to go to as well. Besides T6 is still low tier, most peeps at T6 don’t have a clue no matter what ship they are in. You can grind to a T6 ship in a day after all, even when you are clueless. Not saying the ranger driver is clueless, haven’t looked at his stats.

      edit: actually, did just look him up – he is a very new player, 222 games in total – just 30 in a cv (25 in Langley). He is expected to do idiotic things.

    • ​@Troels Hansen Although I agree that it’s a challenging game, IMO it would be better to not take the “think and breathe at the same time” thing too seriously. In his case it’s obviously humour, not hate. After all, Jingles is here to provide entertainment, not profound insight.

      I have to admit though, I gave up playing World of Tanks because I got too fed up with my teammates, and that frustration is very common, even though it may not always be well founded. That’s just the way it goes in a war game with random teammates and no respawns. As Jingles says, if you can’t take a joke, don’t play online multiplayer games!

  4. Huh, the ammo type that the NC is firing is bugged to HE when they are shooting AP. thought he was going to be a HE spammer at first because of that.

  5. Glad to see there’s a new replay bug in that it’s saying he had he loaded for the entire game

  6. Never underestimate the power of the Red Mist descending

  7. Me: I’ve seen every bonehead and idiot move for 7 years, and don’t even play anymore
    Jingles: “Want to see 20 more minutes?”
    Me: Yes I Do

  8. The funny thing is that the Ranger still was worth more than that Gajada since if the enemies that had been chasing the Nagato actually kept focus on him, they would have taken it out sooner and the NC would be facing a 3 on 1. But they saw the Ranger and went full nuts trying to kill him.

  9. Enemy team on the other flank: You’re here with us alone, give up
    Atlantico: I’m not here with you, *YOU’RE HERE WITH ME*

  10. I’ll admit, I’ve had some window licking moments in my games but, damn. I think the Ranger added a whole jar of peanut butter to his windows before he started licking them.

  11. How eloquently Jingles just sped up the commentary towards the end should earn him a spot as a races commentator on the race courses!

  12. Wish I could see Atlantico POV. That guy fighting until his last drop of HP.

  13. Jingles: “The Atlântico player is probably Brazilian”

    **Me noticing what his username means**

    Yeah… yeah, he is 😂

    • This tempted me to use the Google translator from portugese. Hmm… I see what he did there… 🙂

    • @Edenjung In the most polite terms I can use to not get my comment shadow banned by the YT comment filter, it very loosely translates into “brothel ship.”

  14. Dear Jingles, I’ve been watching your videos for as long as I can remember. You’re deep laughter has kept me from killing myself several times. Your stories about your service in the Royal Navy and your several history lessons have inspired me to serve in the US Navy. I am leaving for basic training tomorrow. Thank you for helping me make it this far in life. Thank you for keeping me afloat. Thank you for helping me accomplish my dreams.

  15. The idea behind the engine power getting cut when on the border is to make it undesirable to hump the border.
    WG thinks: “People won’t border hump because they don’t want to slow down”
    What they fail to realise, is you’ve got nowhere to go anyway, so it doesn’t matter how slow you go when you’re trying to survive.
    What it does do, is when people accidentally run into the border, because maybe we’re too focused on aiming or something, it then takes AGES to get off the border because your engine power is cut.

    • Exactly.

      Why not degrade accuracy when bumping the border? That’ll stop it asap.

    • @Adam Rutland Or reload speed to make it even more obvious and less RNG. Or have them take additional damage from the hits they do suffer.

    • We proposed another thing – create a 1km zone around the border, where you cannot heal and your screen will blink with red border (like in trackmania knockout etc). If you would hit a borderline nevertheless, you would have a countdown shown (15-40s based on ship type), after which you would “die to mines” and your hp and kill would get credited to the last enemy doing damage to you (similar to detonation mechanic).

      THIS would reduce borderhumping, because no heals are tough and some ships like CVs and CAsare actually using such mechanics to tank insanely long.

    • Just today had a game in the Ise. Was focused on the planes, so set the autopilot to turn the ship around close to the border. Once it got close (but not ON the border), autopilot decided “guess I’ll die then” and manged to thoroughly wedge the ship there, turned off the throttle and gave up. Took me a good 5 minutes to get off the damn thing, plenty of time to get thoroughly broadsided…

  16. a Damage over time effect while borderhumping would be a good idea. Like 1 fire or flood kind of damage.

  17. Literally, dragging the team kicking and screaming!😂😂😂

  18. “Which team is going to throw? Stick around to find out”
    I see you are adding even more excitement to your episodes Jingles 😀 I am glued to my seat until the video is over!

  19. “Kaikdune” is a very good approximation of the Dutch ship’s name.

  20. 19:26 “Here come his (Weser’s) torpedo attack planes”
    *Looks at the spread and number in the drop*
    That’s the Tone, Jingles. Same spread and number as the Ise
    Okay, put down the shovel, I’ll return to the mines

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