World of Warships – A Game of Throws Season One Episode Eleven

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11 Episodes of the show that never fails to not fail. The season finale must be fast approaching!

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  1. World of Warships video with World of Tanks intro. Love it

  2. Tank intro to warships – the ultimate throw

  3. The Mighty Jingles

    Hope you all enjoy the deliberate error in todays’ video. Yeah, that’s what it was. A deliberate error. Nothing to see here, folks!

  4. Gimli *falls off horse*, “It was deliberate, it was deliberate”.

  5. the intro threw my sleep-riddled brain quite the ways off. Please don’t ever change Jingles.

  6. Haynes King Burner

    WoT intro, Maybe the most jingles moment to date.

  7. Jingled what sort of seasons can we expect here? 11 episodes for season 1 is quite the entry

  8. Actually Jingles, it is not so uncommon for DDs at T5 to not have 10 points on commander. On low tiers do not take for granted, that DD has maximum potential concealment.

    • @NorbertBlackCat Find a ship you like a lot and do well in and concentrate on that. When you get free premium time, put it to good use with your best ship(s) to grind out that silver. Don’t waste your coal, steel, or rare free doubloons. It takes a lot of grinding but you can get some great ships with those resources.

    • @NorbertBlackCat World of warships is steadily heading into a shallow grave, you’ll be better off spending your time elsewhere ESPECIALLY as a F2P player.
      With the introduction of a battle pass into WoWs, it’s becoming more and more P2W, in a sense that the grind for a F2P will be significantly harder.

    • @Jan Mitiska and regarding your tips, thank you 🙂 the only real issue is that I don’t really have all that much time after work – and I can’t play every day, so it’s really a limited amount of time – and it completely kills my mood when I simply get shat on in these games, so much so that I’m tempted to not play another battle.

      Obviously it doesn’t help that on Youtube you only really hear about and see games with amazing results, so your expectations get high that you should also be able to do that well, then reality bursts your bubble.

  9. What a finish.
    Congrats iron duke. You have earned yourself the title, throw hardest.

  10. BarnacleCollector, my old clanmate. Great lad and one hell of a player! Carried our clan many many times in Clan Battles

    • one thing is what BC said. The other thing is what the Mutsuki did. If he reversed into the Cap from the North everything would’ve been fine. Sure, he was out of his comfortzone but if noone gonna tell him he will never know. So, instead of being a turd, rethink the situation. In EvE i gave a lot of advice to new Player after we had a fight (the same happend to me). We always had a good talk. Sadly Wows doesnt have such a Com.

    • @Tearnofear I love EVE but, I suck and that is after 3 years of playing!

    • @Paul Vamos i was still a pleb after 7 years of very active playing 😀 only did PvP so that was the thing i knew the most

  11. Geoffrey Richardson

    With team mates like the Iron Duke, who needs enemies.

  12. You know you’re doing well when the enemy team starts to cheer you on halfway through a game.

  13. Didn’t know Giulio was a Spanish ship! Learning new stuff with Jingles, thanks!

  14. That finish was glorious and did not disappoint.

  15. Proper Leeroy Jenkins moment by the Iron Duke, love it

    first Nagato and Rooke push relentlessly into the jaws of doom
    then, Iron Duke returns the favor

  17. 5:18 you can hear one of his cats purring, so nice to hear

  18. Segmented Rod Penetrator

    @Zack Akai It’s World of Wankers, either game fits.

  19. Bjørn Eirik Størkersen

    The finish was just as mindboggling as the intro

  20. Congratulations, Diggadiedog, forever immortalized as an absolute pro thrower.

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