World of Warships – A Game of Throws – Season One Episode Five

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It’s back! Although not in the form that you may have been expecting.

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  1. German speaker here:

    We use the female forms for ships, not the male ones.

    Its “DIE Prinz Heinrich” (so female) not “DER Prinz Heinrich” (male). If you would tell me “Der Prinz Heinrich”, ich would think, you talked to me about the Prince, not the ship.

  2. Afterglow Productions

    Jingles, Question: About 4 years ago you did a series playing the submarine game “Cold Waters”. You had a short intro, like you always do, but i wanted to ask: do you know the name of the song used for that intro? I can’t find it anywhere. Thanks Sir Overlord for the content, regardless.

    • @Rusty Walker I’ve seen it and it’s great!

    • @Josh Creepa Try searching “Cold Waters HMS Trafalger”. A creator with a name I can’t remember is doing a truly spectacular playthrough that I think you will enjoy.

    • @James Perkins oh. Thanks, I’ll be sure to give it a whirl. Although I’m sure you can understand me wanting our glorious Gnome Overlord to return to that series and others that have been unfavourably forgotten by most of the salt miners. If anything, turning away from Wargaming to focus on other games from other developers during the whole Russia-Ukraine crisis would probably be received quite well from the salt miners. I know Breathedge is made by Russian developers, so maybe that one stays on the shelf until Jingles decides, whenever that may be, to bring it back. Also, have you heard of Jive Turkey? He’s infamous for his Cold Waters gameplay.

    • @Josh Creepa Now his game plays is under the channel “subs only” I think or subsonly.. Yes Jive Turkey is really good at it.

    • @Rusty Walker I did play this game campaigns, finish both the Japanese long time ago when there were not so many patches yet, subs rules 🙂 and the American one, here the carriers and the planes rules – now they introduce so many changes in the game that I plan to play again both campaigns to see how much more difficult it will be now…

  3. Nothing is the most difficult thing to do – i see that in critical situations at work from my employees, all the time. When doing nothing will calm a situation down. Somebody always does something to make things even worse.

    • I learned this lesson in the army 20 years ago. I still see people today always insisting on doing when waiting is the better move. Patience is impossible to learn for most.

  4. Akchually Jingles. We Germans actually refer to ships as “she”.

    • except there was captain Lindemann on the Bismarck who insisted on his ship being referred to as ‘he’. * smartass mode off *

    • who told him that xD he just believes anything and than he says with confidence “weird germans” XDDDDDD

    • Markus Stockelmann

      All ships are called “she” in german, with some exceptions.
      For example “Imperator”, later “RMS Berengaria” was called “DER Imperator”, following the wishes of Emperor Willhelm II.
      In case of the “Bismarck” it might be referred to as “DER Bismarck” from its sailors itself, but this never made it into common language.

    • Anyone else hear a gun being cocked? XD

  5. If I recall rightly the Scharnhorst and Gneisenau ships were fondly called “the ugly sisters” by their crews due to the fact they prowled together. I think only the Bismarck was referred to as a “he” by its captain and by the British (calling it the Beast) and as represented in the film Sink the Bismarck.

    • @Blackout27able they were, by their sailors, but yeah they also had the big seven title bc of their 16in guns. But although I can’t find any official nicknames for the german BC sisters, I’m eager to believe the brits gave them tons, sadly none of them being appropriate in a civil conversation xD

    • From what I have read, it comes to German gender specific grammar is complicated, especially when it comes to naming ships. But to simplify, they are female.

    • They thought the Scharn was ugly?

    • @mynameiswritinwater Not correct. Blücher, Hipper, Derfflinger, Scheer and Friedrich der Grosse were officially referred to as he. Bismarck was indeed officially referred to as she, Lindemann did not like that and he ordered to do otherwise.

    • @RickityNick Afaik, the Scharnhorst twins were referred to as “ugly” because they mostly did gunnery training, and didn’t clean the ships too often. Nothing to do with their shape

  6. Ahh Jingles dont ever change,
    “oh hang on he is gonna have another go with his rear gun turrets”
    Et: *fires front guns*

  7. Jingles, you have to pronounce the å like the ‘oo’ in door…. Scoon’e Thats the best pronounce i can get you

    Swedish lesson on a harder word
    Any (American) that are trying to pronounce Husqvarna

    The first part of the word, “Hus”, means house, but could in yonder years mean a castle. Pronounce the “Hus”-part with a long vowel sound. To get the Swedish “u” right, imagine any Clint Eastwood character speaking with thin tight lips forming the word “deuce” in front of his teeth. Insert this vowel sound in “Hus”, and remember to keep it long. For the rest of the word, the qvarna-bit, think of the q as a k, and you will be all right.

    pronouncing / watch?v=HIu1k-o1ykM

    • LOL We just call it the Husky …. as in “the Rat” and the “Wombat” Dirt bikes. Yeah, I’m old.

    • I hardly know any swedish but my guesss would have been that there is definetly no J in there although swedish does have some weird pronounciations… like pronouncing a K like a CH and and CH like a K….

  8. This guy reminds me of a chicken. His mouse is bopping around at anything that moves and some things that don’t.

  9. It’s funny that everybody keeps trying to explain the exact pronunciation of foreign words and names to Jingles. He will either rumble about how crazy that sounds and call it whatever he likes or “Dave” as every brit would 🙂
    And yes, Jingles dont ever change. Enjoy your new home and your crazy british plumbing system.

  10. 2:45 Both P Heinrich and Gneisenau shot at the same time, as you can see 14 armor piercing shells in the view. They fly almost the same course, although Gneisenau’s is a bit to the right slightly (although it should be well aimed at the bow).

    2:54 Myoko has 37400 max HP, and is at max HP. Heinrich scores multiple hits including a citadel, and damages the ship by 15587 hit points. Since the remaining HP is 21813, all the damage dealt to that Myoko is from Heinrich, which means, every single shell Gneisenau shot has missed.

    Typical Gneisenau. When would it get buffed?

  11. It’s good to hear your laugh after the last few stressful days you had.

  12. Fun fact: In Czech the ships are “she” when reffered to in general, but that changes when reffered to by name. They are feminine, when they are named after a woman. They are masculine when they are named after a man. When named after a place (City, state etc), the gender matches the gender of the place in czech translation- So it can be all three genders.
    Then again if the name of the ship is preceded by for example it’s type designation, then it’s reffered to by the gender of the type. (Battleships, Carriers, Frigates and submarines are “she” Cruisers and Destroyers are “he” and torpedo boats are “it”)

    So when you say for example ‘Yorktown’, it is “he” in czech. But ‘the ship Yorktown’ would be “she”. Whereas ‘Colorado’ would be “it” and ‘the ship Colorado’ would once again be “she”. And to make it even more interresting- USS Reno (CL-96) would be “she” in “the ship Reno”, “he” in “the cruiser Reno” and “it” if reffered to just by the name “Reno”…

    I think that is most likely due to the fact that our country never really had access to a sea, or any regular navy 😀 😀

  13. “Enemy opening range, Captain!” “Excellent. Aim short.”
    “Closing range!” “Aim high!”

  14. At least it was an epic game, the type we all love whether we win or lose.

  15. “A Game of Throws” is my experience with WoT quite often. Died when we were winning 11-5? About 10 minutes later I get the results screen – we lost, they capped. And we were sweeping them at that point.

  16. I bit into the table thinking for about 5 minutes: “The Emerald! Shoot the Emerald! It is a one-shot!”

  17. You can see the panic kick in by the way he wiggles his mouse around tryin to check every possible angle lol

  18. I actually really admire Jingles’ effort to pronounce the Dutch cruisers’ names. It’s not yet spot on, but really really good in contrast to anyone else trying to pronounce them. It is amazing to hear foreigners almost pronouncing our ships correctly. Yes, I know we have a terribly hard to pronounce language.

  19. Ships have always been ‘she’ to me. They’re the greatest girlfriends: treat them well, they’ll take care of you. 👍

  20. Jingles, I have been following your videos for almost 8 years, since WOT. Didn’t miss any. You make my day everytime and I love your hearty laughter. God bless you mate!

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