World of Warships – A Game of Throws Season One Episode Seven

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When doing nothing when you’re ahead is the hardest thing to do and you just have to try to win harder…

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  1. Some people also seem to think that a smokescreen functions like an energy shield.

    • @Nico Rozner or anything really

    • @Hans Morris could stop hopes and dreams tho

    • I can honestly say that it was my “panic button” of choice in DDs until I learned how to play better.

    • But then again, having no exact target blooms the spread of the guns and losing target tracking makes it virtually impossible to point at the exact location of a target on open water. If there is an island as a reference (as in the target beached itself and stopped) you can use that to point at the exact same place. But then the target can move backwards.

      So… technically it’s not an energy shield but it might as well be one. If used correctly that is.

  2. Matthew Anderson

    I dont understand how perfectly normal people suddenly turn dumb, those enemy DDs handed the game back, after nearly winning it in the first place…..

  3. MyopicAutisticMetal

    Recently I did the defense of naval station newport after some time without playing it, the usual idiots going out like it’s a coop and hunt the incoming attack as if it’s not headed to us already, getting instantly focused and sank by bots and triggering early waves. I had to stand alone in my Fuso against the final 2 waves and solo the Koenig, Bayern and Izumo all at once, every one else was dead and I manages to squeeze out a 3 star win. That wasn’t even the worst one that week.

  4. Once again proof that it’s never worth giving up on WOWS.
    The end is never the end, is never the end …

    Thank you old man.

  5. Rimpac 22 is starting and my dad’s old Vietnam era ship is involved in it. It was sold to Mexico and they brought it to Hawaii for the joint exercise. One of the very last of the old Newport lst.They helped in the first gulf war when you were in service.

  6. I loved the Lepanto’s “camouflage”. Looks like it came straight from a Christmas party …….

  7. TheBigWildfire 263

    tell me it wasnt just me screaming at the screen from 17:31 to 19:10 that he was going at 3/4 speed. it was straight fury on my end

  8. 15:05 shoots SAP at Roon.
    Jingles: “Italian AP is really bad…”
    Please never change Jingles.

    Okay, back to the salt mines with me.

  9. Our protagonist must be a thriller author and mathematician for calculating the exact moment to go from 3/4 to full speed to make it into the cap on time.
    What a screenplay.

  10. Jingles: “why are the attacking?”

    Jingles: “what is wrong with these people?”

    Jingles: “he’s firing his guns, what is wrong with you”

    Look at his name: “KannNixWirdNixTrifftNix” –> can do nothing, will do nothing, hits nothing…

  11. Richard van Erven

    “Ow so close, we almost won with 1 point to go”
    “But you lost”
    “Yeah, but we almost won”
    “But you lost”
    “Yeah, but…”
    “YOU LOST”

  12. That Jean Bart B at the end with the clutch double before dying was pog.

  13. “Taking a quick look at the team line up”
    Dead silent for a few seconds

  14. That was still almost a loss, Alpha was sitting on 3/4 speed most of the way to the last cap as we all watched the points creeping up, another few seconds not going full speed and he would have thrown the game himself.

  15. Make-A-Woosh-Foundation

    that Yudachi “KannNixWirdNixTrifftNix”
    roughly “NoSkillNoProspectsNoHits”

    oh and he got killed with 999Points by “pazzo999”. there’s some poetry in that

  16. As an Italian, I have to say one thing: Italy and England share a “peculiar” relationship with the French….

  17. Lesson learned here: Ned Stark tried to win harder.

    Also, episode 9 isn’t far away…

  18. Yuudachi: “Eh, we got this. We’re about to reach 1,000 points, I can totally get away with what I’m gonna do. Look, 993…996…999…….wait. Why did it stop? WHY DID IT STOP!!!???”

  19. I have played more games than I can count where I was winning and my team is practically screaming at me to get stuck in. If I would have, we would have lost. Got reported a lot for being a bad player.
    That’s one of the reasons I don’t play anymore. Thank you for the great replay.

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