World of Warships – A Game of Throws, Season One Episode Ten

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The epic throws just keep on coming!

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  1. Ah the Lyon my favourite ship at Tier 7 and my French Shotgun of all time.

  2. Coordinated Lyon division salvos are still one of my all-time favourite thing from this game.
    Possibly more glorious would have been the… Kitakame(?) torpedo divisions. The old ship with enough torps to block half the map.

  3. One of the best episodes of A Game of Throws. Thanks Jingles!

  4. Nicholas died in under 2:10. That’s talent right there.

  5. What a treat of sarcasm and diabolical laughter this morning. Delicious.

  6. I think the Yorck’s trade for the last DD was pretty important. Torpedoes, smoke or just a leading on points DD running circles around two slow battleships would have been harder to deal with. Not to mention the Yorck is kind of a poor match against most of the enemies left. Sure he can set fires or bait into corner torps but realistically his best use atm was to neutralize the DD.

    • @korbell the Sinop was planning this from the beginning, he is the true mastermind behind this win 🙂

    • I was going to say the same about the Sinop, yeah. Without him running distraction, the center would have folded like wet tissue paper.

    • @Arthur S. Price I have been in game where even in a slow battleship, if you can make it damn hard to die and tie up at least 4 to 5 people, it gives the rest of your team time to jump the rest of the enemy and recover.

    • oh yeah the Sinop definitely opened up the chances for victory here earlier by tying all those ships for a bit. But they got the deserved praise while Yorck got a bit of a scolding for something I think was probably the best move available to them.

    • I definitely agree. The York increased the chances of victory by removing the last destroyer on the enemy team. Well worth the sacrifice. I think we all share that collective sigh of relief when playing a battleship, and the last enemy destroyer goes down. And when you only have battleships left on your team, eliminating the destroyer becomes paramount.

  7. In defence of the York his death did also result in the loss of the last destroyer which might have tipped the game, a fast stealthy ship with a lot of friends against two battleships is bad, as it was with the destroyer gone it was two cruisers and three battleships which is far better odds.

  8. Now, THAT was a true combined effort of fail.
    It wasn’t just one ship that threw it, it was all the remaining members of the enemy team. A determined lot, those guys.

  9. This team managed to throw this game not one, not even two, but three separate times.

  10. But…but Jingles…how could you skip Episode 9? That’s always the most most important and devastating episode of the season, and surely this game had enough foolish and tragic twists to qualify.

  11. Love this Series. Looking forward to Game of Throws Season 2

  12. Comment from a team mate last night when we almost threw the game, “come on guys, we have to win this or we end up on Game of Throws”

  13. You could almost hear the seagulls screaming “Mine, mine, mine” as they went after that Sinop!

  14. This ship is basically the definition of “accuracy by volume of fire”

  15. Holding his fire around the 15 min mark waiting for an easy kill was the most impressive action someone did this game.

  16. I differ about the Yorck, he made the win possible by taking out the only DD left that would have had them both at his mercy. A lot of times, that last DD if he is playing decent WILL carry the game. So I bet that Yorck made the call to take him out regardless of if he was gonna live or not.

  17. I understand that Yorck’s push into the enemy at the end, he must have thought “well, we already lost, let’s speed the process of loosing” and honestly I would have done the same. But he didn’t count on the absolute stupidity af the entire enemy team.
    I love at the end one of the enemies says “great comeback reds”. I would have replied “great throw reds”.

  18. Man this made me remember that triple Lyon division video where they all sailed in a line and would only shoot at the same target at the same time

  19. This is amazing… If one of the last six enemy ships had decided to stay behind an island, they would still have won the battle (318 points ahead when the rio de janeiro died, with capture point D secured for at least a couple of minutes…)
    All six of them have thrown the game… I would love to see their team chat!

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