World of Warships – A Game of Throws Season One Finale

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The season finale of the series that never fails to not fail. Todays’ episode is probably not going to end the way you expect, either!

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  1. Always like to start my day with Jingles

  2. Jingles you should check out a game called War on the Sea! It’s a WWII based naval game that adds air elements and you play as either Japan or USA. Very strategic!

  3. Panayiotis Michael

    To be honest, it feels like we already have had several seasons of this.

  4. That Pommern was dying, mostly because SinkyMcSinkerson and the Iwami were keeping their distance and letting the Pommern take all the punishment, including the torp spread from the Tirpitz. (Staying back in open waters pretty much *relies* on you throwing at least one teammate under the bus, or you’ll be focussed down mercilessly.) The Pommern was not going to survive long enough for two more salvos, so he was trying to include his back turrets in his last salvo, perhaps taking out the Missouri.

  5. A fantastic game where both were throwing harrrrd!

  6. Can’t wait for the trainwreck that is the A Game of Throws Season 8 finale…

  7. Wow that was definitely fit for a season finale. Hell of a finish

  8. Allways love the WOWS videos.
    Can’t wait for next sessions.

  9. It’s never too late to throw an opponent’s throw. A throw inside a throw, that’s like… 4 throws.

  10. Fly Fishing with Bri

    Jingles! Thank you for featuring this game. I was laughing like a madman at the end of this one. Glad I sent in my first submission. – [KSE] SinkyMcSinkerson

  11. Was half expecting a World of Tanks video after the last Game of Throws video opening.

  12. I’m often struck by how pretty the ships are in this game and it really tempts me to start playing. Having played and kicked an OSRS habit, though, I think I know better.

  13. Wait, who won? Where’s Jingles trademarked post battle results screen? I guess we will never know who threw the hardest. (pretty fitting end hahaha)

  14. That Edinburgh sure redeemed itself at the end

  15. MyopicAutisticMetal

    tell us more about the 3 gun advantage the Canvas has, there Jingles! Good thing that Mahan was more interested in torping the island! Throwing after a throw, what a defeat.

  16. I’m always nervous about seeing myself in an episode of “A Game of Throws”, thank god it has not happened yet.

  17. Impressive series of throws there, thought the Edinburgh had clinched the competition to thow but Mahan got it at the last minute!

  18. Jingles nailed this last Game of Throws!

  19. Omgggg what a great finale! Absolutely terrific! The ending kept me on the edge of my seat. I cannot wait for season 2!

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