World of Warships – A Game of Throws Season Three Episode Eight

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The throws, they just keep on comin’

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  1. Nice – love a good “throws” video. Should do the same for world of tanks.

  2. I always watch with trepidation. Will it be me who Jingles calls out for being stupid

  3. Hey! Catalan here. I’m guessing that the skin (though i don’t know if it’s exclusive for the Cataluña) is meant to resemble Antoni Gaudí’s art style, and possibly the Park Güell Dragon? Both have kind of a broken/shard skin, vibrant colours, and wavy appearance and borders. Don’t know if this is a stretch, but if it is true, i think it’s a nice touch!

  4. The huge concealment radius should be a plus with this skin as seeing it will instantly make the enemies’ eyes bleed.

  5. It wasn’t a game of throws…it was a game of “we weren’t even good enough to throw”!😂😂

  6. As a Warfare Officer, in my professional opinion I would classify this as a fuckening

  7. I have to say this game had me guessing for a long time who was throwing the game😄

  8. I see: new episode of “A Game of Throws”
    I say: “F**k yeah!”
    You made my day, Uncle Jingles. ☺

  9. Langbach didn’t actually have to kill the bismarck himself. The carrier was torpedoing the bismarck and would have killed it if Langbach hadn’t.

  10. Initially I actually thought that the Roma was purposefully running down the clock by running away. However by being afk he probably secured the win because if he wasn’t it is almost guaranteed that he would have killed himself like the others.

  11. Is it a good idea to go into battle with a ship that looks like a piñata?

  12. I will never understand people who try and throw winning games all because one person ends up afk.

    • Is that a thing?

    • @AndrewLale-mr9jm  did you watch the video? The last guy to die tried to throw the game by giving away the location of the afk ship.

    • I think it’s because most ppl want to see afkers lose, and not give them any free wins. But in this scenario, the afker is actually helping to secure the victory! Dunno what that dumb Kagero was thinking trying to throw the Roma and the entire team under the bus.

    • @HamletTwin Except even under that theory, the Roma clearly didn’t start out AFK, but suffered some kind of internet error halfway into the game. It’s just toxic to punish someone for something out of their control.

  13. 10:33
    Actually Jingles, the friendly Hatsuharu took down the enemy Pobeda with its guns.

  14. That Kansas deserved that win 100%. He had skill, he paid attention to the map, priority targets, knew when to zig and when to zag, and props to the Fuso, too.

  15. I do wish he had used islands more though, he did not need to expose himself to kill that bismark and could have lived to do more

  16. Once again it must be pointed out that occasionally the game/internet crashes, and the afk is forced, not chosen. ❤️ ya Jingles.

  17. The Roma was a strategic genious. He has seen this forthcoming and did the best he could have chosen.

  18. The AFK reminds me of the scene in Galaxy Quest were the kid helping is forced to take out the trash by his mom, such is life

  19. That Roma is the plain example of “doing nothing is still better than what you’re doing”

  20. 15:44 the Shokaku in chat calling the team shit for not supporting him when he sit in front of the Bismarck for 5 minutes and went from full health to dead. Classic. Also, not that he would know but the carrier is literally a support class. He should be the one in the back supporting his teammates.

    • It is videos of CV fuckery like this that prompted me to make one habit mandatory when I CV. Which is never now, but, you know, for the half dozen matches I did CV. When I launch a flight, hit M, check map, move CV. Every flight launched, no exceptions. Even if it is just to wiggle behind an island. M, check map, click a WP.

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