World of Warships – A Game of Throws , Season Three Episode Eight

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The Surgeon-General has determined that watching this episode of A Game of Throws may result in the death of a significant portion of your brain cells and as a result should not be watched by anyone.



  1. It was days like these that i used to wish i could close the chat 🙂 not played for about 4 years

  2. Immediately whining is always a great sign

    • I was one of these wankers for longer than I want to admit until I acknowledged I’m just shit at the game cause I don’t play enough.

  3. yayaaaaa my replay is in thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  4. you know you had a good team when the top3 all have more than 2k base xp. Well played, gents.

  5. purplemnkydshwshr

    I like the chat “I wish they made real maps”
    “They did, it’s called Ocean”

  6. Benson must be the typical AFK case, you hit full throttle, go to the loo and when you come back, surprise, your ship has sunk. The problem must be somewhere between the chair and the keyboard…

  7. Test account, please ignore

    At the beginning, I kind of sympathized with the Baltimore in this replay.

    …then he kept complaining. And continued to complain. He didn’t really stop.

    (For the record, the Baltimore is probably one of the best tier VIII cruisers in the game because of 27mm plating and a stealth radar, which no other USN cruiser gets)

    • Bet he’s a real treat for his poor Mrs 😂

    • Thing is the Balti’s actually a really nice ship to play yes being in a tier X with carriers will be a bit shit but you still have a great radar to help your team out with, great guns, reasonable agility etc….

    • Can confirm, just need to get the stealth down and the Baltimore will be amazing.

    • OMG 2 painful memories for me in that battle , I started play wows February 2018 I was total noob so I started with US DD branch , and I played for fun = I played as Paolo Emilio captain do , rush enemy ship dont shoot guns just torp enemy and that worked fine Clemson I got 7 kills that way in random battle , I had that record for a year until I breake it with one great Musashi battle , but Nicolas was awesome for that , but every tier got harder , and when I have reach Benson that tactic was just impossible to do , so when I saw Benson , I had flashbacks , I had 39% wr on her , but now I am at 46% , little by little I erase that memory …
      … and Cleveland I have unlocked her , when she was T6 , then I have taken 3 months breake and she was T8 , I thought AWESOME … I was not prepared to play her in T10 mm , first few battles was life lesson for me , I was 34 in 2018 , but I admit I was very close to crying , I got in little hurt bitch mode … but as a real men I did not bitch in chat (I did not knew that is possible) , as real men I have suffered in silence , I remember that week I grinded I have baked something sweet everday , and I went up 4 kg … I remember that as terrible experience but just now I checked my Cleveland player stats and I have 206 battles and 51.96% wr .
      So yeah I understand anybody that feel hurt , but spamming chat is just shitty .

    • I honestly didn’t have much sympathy, outside of one of the T8’s with a heal, Baltimore is probably the 2nd best cruiser to be bottom tier in after the Cleveland and I’ve farmed monster games on distracted T9’s/T10’s.

      I’ve also had matches where they all focus me or I zig when I shoulda zagged like that red NC and I die in about the same time he did, but such is the game and you don’t even need a different ship to play anymore.

  8. If the matchmaker gives you lemons, you make gaming lemonade. I got into Tier X matches regularly in my Cleveland. Hugging islands was a habit, along with setting fires and killing destroyers when given the chance. O, and popping the radar when needed, of course. Still, it wasn’t great getting wrecked eventually in most of those matches, but being the last ship alive in a few of them was quite funny.

    • You got that one slightly wrong – you make combustible lemons and burn down their house. It’s more fun that way 🙂

  9. To be honest, the Ohio did a smart maneuvre at the end, pretty much staying on course to go left around the island and deciding fairly late to go right.
    And that was too late for the CV to react.
    Your point, Jingles, would have made sense had the Ohio not maneuvred.

  10. Y’know, the guys who whinge about their tier VIII ship being in a tier X match never seem to have a problem with the matches where they go up against tier VI ships…

    • Course not. Because they are either men-children, or just children 😂

    • TBF, the power jump between T8-10 for cruisers is the most extreme in the game because of heal vs no heal and slot 6.

      Pensacola vs Baltimore is a much fairer fight than Balti vs Des Memes.

  11. I don’t think the enemy Chkalov at the end threw that hard, it’s just that extremzz managed to bait him. Extremzz was first going to the left side of the island so the Chkalov naturally started going around. However, extremzz turned at the last moment and was now going to come towards the Chkalov, which he trusted to be going clockwise around the island. Even though the Chkalov knew immediately what extremzz was doing, getting a ship to stop and go the other way doesn’t happen that fast. He almost managed it, but not quite.

  12. Today I had a match where the entirety of my team got angry at one singular aircraft carrier and rushed him at the edge of the map and left my little tier 4 destroyer to handle the rest of the enemy team and flip caps. Needless to say the enemy team mowed down my team within 6 minutes of match time. Noone followed my orders or even acknowledged my spotting. One guy on voice chat just said the carrier needs to die because he’s a “Shit player for being a carrier.” Absolutely ridiculous. I just felt the need to share.

  13. The joy in Jingles voice in the last 30 seconds. Beautiful.

  14. Actually extremzz baited the carrier by aiming at one side of the island and the switching and going around the other side. The carrier was clever enough to want to stay on the other side of the island, but he was wrong footed by extremzz which is why he got caught.

  15. To be fair to the carrier, I’d bet that he had already started moving forward because it looked like Extremz was coming left around the Island and then Extremz turned right instead. Carriers are not exactly known to be able to stop on a dime and go into reverse and that’s probably why Extremz caught him in full reverse when he came around the island.

  16. I have mixed feelings about these sort of games. It means someone like Zenosi actually gets a win out of it, despite their every effort.

  17. It always makes me laugh when you see players complaining and calling objectively strong ships like the Balti “weak”. There are strong ships I struggle in, but I realise that’s because I either don’t play them enough to know how to get the best from, or just don’t fit my play style. It’s ok to not like strong ships, just don’t blame it on the ship. And when you’re double up-tiered, you can’t play as if you’re top tier, which applies to any surface ship. Some of the most enjoyable games I’ve had is when I’m double up-tiered but manage to have a big influence on helping my team win.
    I never understand players like that. If you’re that tilted you see the team list, immediately throw a hissy fit and throw your ship away as quick as possible, then hang around it chat winging, then you can’t be having fun. Here’s a Top Gear Top Tip: Games are supposed to be *FUN*. If you’re not having fun, take a break.

    • Ethan Gavril Moreno

      Yeah… I’ve been playing WoWS for three years, back when I was new, I always complain thinking that I always lose because my ship is not good enough (I even attempted to pay my way to the Hizen back then, thinking it is a cool and better ship, But I never did it anyways.)

      Now, I am having fun in my Yoshino doing 6-digit damage streaks (don’t care if it’s a win or loss) and are now grinding towards the Petropavlosk and C.Colombo.

      Plus, being on ASIA server prompted me to change my tactics now that subs are in the game (and CVs becoming more prevalent). And no matter how toxic the game has become, I’m still having fun somehow.

      No matter how toxic, how P2W a game is, you can find ways to have fun, even if you feel the game is against you.

  18. Actually Jingles, the Kearsarge would be classified as an Aviation Battleship.

  19. The Chkalov didn’t throw. It was Extremezz quick right turn just before he got to the island that won it. The Chkalov was probably already moving forward to go around the island and had to slam on the brakes and reverse because Extremezz turned right instead of left. Also note that in spite of what Jingles was saying, the Chkalov was completely deplaned and coming out with only one aircraft per squadron and getting it immediately shot down.

  20. Extremzz could certainly tell what direction the carrier was facing. He knows where the CV is, and by where the planes are appearing he can tell the facing. There was no way the CV was avoiding getting shot in that situation.

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