World of Warships – A Game of Throws Season Three Episode Five

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In todays’ audiovisual extravaganza we bring you the single most heavily contested throw in the history of everything. Ever. Yes, really.

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  1. Thank you Jingles for making my morning better.

    Eddie ❤

  2. Hope all is well Jingles

  3. Howdy Jingles, hope YOU’re having a good one, in these hard times. Much love from some random Belgian guy

  4. UNICORN - S.F. 3 - Pro gameplay🍀

    Awesome gameplay👍

  5. Christine dempsey

    While everyone else is on a school trip, I’m in school with one other person. Jingles thank you for always making my day better.

  6. It’s great to have you jingles!

  7. So glad to hear you today jingles.

  8. At 6:58 didn’t know that the Lazo switched teams after dying. Thank you Jingles, please stay unchanged <3

  9. That was pure Short Bus Window Lickin’ goodness! I was yelling “What are you doing?!?” when you exclaimed the same thing. Thanks Jingles.

  10. I knew (because of the setup) that the end would be awful, and yet I STILL was losing my mind watching that numb nuts nearly throw the game. 😂

  11. OMG, Two Brothers. It simply begs for “colossal dumbassery,” and it does not disappoint.

  12. Funny thing is that this guy saved their victory by accident. If the Monarch would have gone straight for the B cap, he would have touched it a few seconds earlier, stopping the green teams point income resulting in a red victory. But spotting the Cherbourg made him greedy and he turned his ship to get all guns firing at the Cherbourg and therefore did not make it to the cap in time.

    • yeah, thought the same. i wouldn’t have known if the ships are fast enough to touch the B cap and switch the points lead. I would have expected that the time would be enough for the reds to touch B. Then just running would not lead to a win.

    • I think this is the most important thing here. Cherbourg was not in a good position, since all the enemy have to do to win was touch a cap for one point tick. Cherbourg had next to no chance of winning a gun fight other than getting extremely lucky, and they can’t get down to the other cap to do the same. Their only win condition is just to live and hope the enemy make a mistake, and weirdly, as you point out, Cherbourg’s own “mistake” is exactly what was needed to win the game by causing the enemies mistake. There might have been better ways of doing it, such as kiting them away from the caps, but that invites the possibility of dying anyway or them just ignoring the provocation if they know what’s good for them. Crossing the gap was always a terrible idea, but were a BB in there, the game would have been over anyway since they’d reach the cap in time. Whether the Cherbourg knew it or not, this was a lost game without them causing a mistake.

  13. Mind bending stupidity- priceless; just so long as you’re not his teammate!

  14. Student of History

    Watching this Cherbourg is like watching the intrusive thought making apparently convincing arguments

  15. “Frankly, both teams where robbed: neither of them deserved to win”.

    Truest statement ever, The Mighty Jingles, 2023.

  16. Brain hurts. Eyes bleed. Soul screams.

    Game of throws for You, ladies and gentleman. 😀

    P.S : we miss You Eddie <3

  17. All I can say is ‘OMG’😮 – Karol played a massive game – well done Jingles, on delivering another awesome show

  18. Thank you Mr. J. For the replay.
    ❤ Eddie!

  19. This was actually a really enjoyable replay. Thank you. This was a laugh.

  20. If you watch the chat as the Cherbourg is transiting the final cap at 18:29, one of his team mates says “going to game of throws” 🤣

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