World of Warships – A Game of Throws Season Three Episode Four

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It’s back, and yeah, everyone still sucks.

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  1. LoyalCrewChief21

    Ah, praise night shift. Never miss a Game of Throws

    • Agreed


      I bet your country is a game of throws…

      It was probably me…

    • Sitting here at my desk on night shift, glad I’m not the only one lol

    • 🤣 I was doing that until I had the bad luck to meet a drunk driver on the way home one morning. Broke my back and that’s all she wrote! That was 2020 right before lock-down and I was already watchin Mr. J so I continued and he has kept me company through recovery and boredom! You want something fun and funny, go back about 8 or 9 years to when he played Air-soft! 🤣👍

  2. UNICORN - S.F. 3 - Pro gameplay🍀

    Amazing game👍

  3. William McCandlish

    Ah, praise bad sleep schedule. Never miss a Game of Throws

  4. Pommern has 15s, not 16s.

  5. Excellent, A+ Throw. Well done to the chuckers

  6. This guy is the perfect example of the old saying “it’s better to be lucky than good.”

  7. At one point I was watching this and wondering how one player with virtually no HP would be able to take down three other ships. A minute later I knew.

  8. Clear as day the fault lies entirely with the Z-23. If he would have just waited to see the outcome lol

    • No, it was definitely ALL three. Any ONE of them could have independently assured victory regardless of what the other two did. The Atago just needed to use HE against a highly angled opponent instead of trying to use torps and the DDs just needed to hide.

    • @Gladius Too true, always bear the points and situation in mind. I’ve pointed out that all we had to do was live a time or two, they would have overtaken on points before time ran out but before THAT happened we’d hit 1000 with a single cap.

  9. Haha, beautiful! One of the best throws ever.

  10. that clan certainly got a good merc with him. wow.

  11. josh thomas-moore

    I bet the THG clan were happy with that Mercenary payment (Yes i know they aren’t paying him just roll with it).

  12. That Atago… 😐 That was a sure win but he pissed it away. And then those DD’s who just needed to hide…
    One of the worst throws ever.

  13. Geoffrey Richardson

    Those destroyer drivers should go and play base ball, great throw.

  14. 3:49 Not even an hour into uploading and there’s already multiple people pointing out that the Pommern has 15 inch guns. Never change Jingles!

  15. anonymous person

    When you absolutely, positively, no doubt, super duper need to throw a game:

  16. As far as throws go that was an impressive one

  17. WG seems pretty flexible with ships. The cross of dawn is an Odin in the mobil version and the Mainz is a heavy cruiser

  18. This screams after a new season. No one will top this throw! Amazing work from ShadowTheForbidden but also an much more amazing throw from the enemies.

  19. can’t imagine what the season finale will look like !!!

  20. holy smokes, one of my replays! thank you, Jingles! And yes, they are The Humble Guys clan. They’re pretty chill.

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