World of Warships – A Game of Throws Season Three Episode Nine

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My favourite type of throw, where you don’t know which team’s going to do it until the last second!
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  1. Love ya jingles! Just got out of the military and moved west coast to east coast! Now im blessed with a 5am video to wake up to vs a 2 am red eye hahaha love you old man!

  2. Grau’s ship, the Huascar, remains on display in Chile.

  3. Looks to me like he could have made it into B, right after the double strike and then to C. Wouldn’t C have been enough anyway ?

    • My thoughts exactly… and had the advantage of the timer…. I was screaming don’t shoot! Just cap!

    • Looking at his concealment ring, I’m not sure there’s anywhere in B I’d feel safe from the Tirpitz once it’s in the A cap. Stats was still a decent distance from B as it was and was actually heading straight for it until the Tirpitz was spotted also heading towards him/A. At best I think they might have entered caps at the same time, but considering how close to being spotted Stats is at 14:50 while still being quite far from the Cap, he’d 100% be spotted in the cap and surely just die in a gunfight. Resetting the capture of A was necessary I’d wager, considering how close the points were at the end. I think it was a major mistake not resetting the Tirpitz one last time and cutting line of sight. It looked like he was trying but left it far too late. Had he managed the reset, either the Tirpitz stays in A and Stats is free to cap C uncontested with the Tirpitz too far away to do anything, or the Tirpitz follows like he did, but the points difference would mean stats wouldn’t have to risk anything in the end.

  4. Damn this was a close game wish I had one of these

  5. My father served on this ship when it was the Dutch de Ruijter light cruiser. He served on more ships but has the fondest memories from his time on the de Ruijter.

  6. Diving up with a brit DD = Awesome

  7. To be fair, the Tirpitz may not have known doing nothing would win him the game. When it’s this close, it’s hard to judge and he probably thought he needed to kill Stats because he would fall short otherwise.

    • I would realy like to see the enemy chat right now 😅

    • Well there is no way around KNOWING that when you occupy an enemy’s cap circle, they don’t get any points from that anymore. So yeah, he absolutely should have been aware that staying in the cap at any price, plus the point accumulating from his own caps, would have won him the game.

    • ​@AllAhabNoMoby You’re saying as if this happened in the middle of the match, but it was only a minute left. If you can’t do the math, let me do this for you.

      The point difference at the end of the match would have been 6 points if Tirpitz didn’t leave the cap C: Green had 950 points when Tirpitz entered the C cap, and at the end of the match, Red had 956 points. The red team was accumulating 4 points per 3 seconds. This means, there was only 6 seconds of margin. If the Tirpitz entered the C cap 6 seconds late (which could have happened if the ship was a slightly slower one), it would not be able to win on points. How can you be sure if he entered the cap early enough with that small margin, unless you have some mod installed?

      Yeah, so, there was absolutely no way of knowing “that staying in the cap at any price, plus the point accumulating from his own caps, would have won him the game” unless you have installed a mod or you’re a math savant.

    • @CuCen Regardless, moving out of the cap would not ensure a kill either. Stopping and turn broadside for maximizing damage, sure, but there was no way that he would have enough time to catch up to the cruiser behind the island.

      If the Tirpitz thought he needed the kill to win, there was no additional benefit to leaving the capture point.
      If the Tirpitz was unsure if he had enough points to win, leaving the cap would make it even less likely.
      There is no scenario where leaving the cap would increase the chance of a win compared to staying.

    • @music duck based on my experiences in this game, if there was anyone left talking in the chat to him they were probably giving mixed advice at best or just yelling at him at worst.

  8. An Olympic javelin record of a throw there. Loved it

  9. Well can’t really blame the Tirpitz. In the heat of the moment he probably overlooked the time. It wasn’t a colossal throw it was just a simple mistake^^

  10. Definitely a worthy throw. I do feel for the Tirpitz tho. He probably didn’t realise in the heat of battle what the score and timer was on. Sure, he should have checked while he was closing the distance and had nothing better to do but still…

  11. Sadly, I couldn’t manage to get De Zeven Provinciën when the Dutch cruiser event happened. But I was able to get the Almirante Grau however. It’s a great ship, does well in most scenario’s. It doesn’t like being focused on but if you play it like Stats does here, it can be terrifying. Especially for DDs and light cruisers, since there’s a lot of shells in the air and the Almirante Grau can citadel. Fire chance is quite decent, easily 12% (can’t remember the exact number).

    • I’m biased, but I think D7P / Almirante Grau are such beautiful ships. However in a game like this, I think Almirante Grau has the benefit. The fire boost really helps to stack the somewhat lackluster DPM gimmick of D7P when you end up alone (which has a slower reload anyways). Lacking D7Ps speedboost would really have helped in the late game, but the fire bursts that Stat was able to made really kept his team as long in the game as possible, and having those extra targets for the enemy to shoot at is more usefull than a few heals.
      In my opinion, the biggest advantage D7P & AG bring is are the 360 deg. turrets, which benefit AG more during salvo firing.

  12. Jingles because you explain the Almte. Grau’s history, I would like to have this ship in my port. This is why these ships are worthy in collecting in WoWS.

  13. Grau sounds like the kindest badass ever. No wonder Peru is so proud of him that they locked his name onto their flagship forever.

  14. Well played game. Close until the end. That with Jingles and morning coffee starts the day!

  15. I remember seeing her when we made a port call in Callao back in ’04. We anchored out, but we weren’t that far from the Peruvian naval base. Lovely ship, even after all that time.

  16. The story about the Peruvian admiral was really wholesome. He’s a hero.

  17. Intelligent Home Online

    That’s a great battle. Like a very well told story. Thanks Jingles.

  18. “to say you very very nearly lost is just a fanciful way of saying you lost”
    thank you jingles for your daily dose of burns

  19. Stats is in a category of it’s own. Lots of experience with ships obviously counts. Well done.

  20. Wonderful history lesson this episode! Thanks Jingles!

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