World of Warships – A Game of Throws Season Three Episode Seven

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Go to and use code MIGHTYJINGLES to save 25% off today. Thanks to Curiosity Stream for sponsoring today’s video.


  1. The Mighty Jingles

    Go to and use code MIGHTYJINGLES to save 25% off today. Thanks to Curiosity Stream for sponsoring today’s video.

    • OH Jingles you are aware that mod station in wows exist ? , and majority of Shima player base (in random & ranked) plays 20 km torps I know that because I have installed mod that show range of any ship torps , and Shima is not top of the tech tree , Yamagiri is . o7

  2. Overlord Jingles blessed my breakfast with a game of throws video

  3. 3:29 am its a good time to see a jingles game of trows before go to sleep

  4. You do have a talent, sir.

  5. Starts me day off the right way listening to jingles chuckle 😆

  6. Test account, please ignore

    Blink, and suddenly your 7 ships to their 4 ships turns into your 3 ships against their two ships

  7. man, that Hipper deserves a +1.

  8. 10:10 – thinking HOW on earth this can be an episode of Game of Throws…
    11:10 – Jingles reminding me of the title…
    23:00 – oh

  9. Gotta say, I did like the enemy Hipper’s “clever girl” message in chat after Ruby killed him, always nice to see that there are players of WOWS who can be good natured in chat, I’d have given him a compliment for that alone, but also being a T8 cruiser topping their team.

    • Yeah and I think Ruby is a girl indeed, cause the “idiotka” does suggest that 😅

    • I had to go rewatch…I missed the “clvr girl” message first time

    • One of the best teammates I played with for awhile was an enemy Tirpitz who somehow wrecked my Bismarck with an incredible shot from behind, and we connected over my incredulity and subsequent celebration for his good luck. I mean… even to this day, that was one of the luckiest I’ve seen. I still don’t know how he got so much damage (30k) against an angled same-tier battleship. I remember that he was like 8-10km away, so I’m sure that helped a lot, but I didn’t think Tirpitz 380mm shells could do that!

    • Lonemark | KingOfTypos™

      I think it can also be said to the Kurfurst that ate another set of torps and sinking 😂

    • The funniest example of that was when I needed one more cap for a mission chain and the enemy bb on that flank let me get a cap but I had to pay back the “loan” of my ship with lead. Either shells to him or my entire ship. Sadly, an associate loan shark of his sank me instead of him

  10. And the Hipper still managed to get the kill so good for it

  11. 16:15 “Well done guys we are the winners no matter what” – almost famous last words from that player in game chat. lmao

  12. Kurfürst-Guy even had the “Jolly Roger II” flag for achieving Rank 1 in the old ranked battles format at least twice.
    If he also played like this back in the days, this must have been a lot of matches for him. Like … a LOT

  13. I could be wrong Jingles, but RPF will ONLY point at a Sub that is Surfaces OR Periscope Depth if i recall correctly. It does not work at max depth unfortunately. Still if you love hunting submarines RPF is pretty much a must. Edit: yup according to the wiki it will work at Periscope Depth as well. But since subs will dive to “max” depth (which is now over HALF their dive gauge since they removed operating depth) you will probably only see them on the radio finder briefly.

  14. Early morning game of throws on a Friday, it’s going to be a good day

  15. 13:30 The Buffalo’s “spidey sense” was just good use of his RPF skill that you pointed out later. Ruby first got RPF-detected at 12:25, right at the point where she moved closer to the Buffalo than the Sovietsky Soyuz was. So the Buffalo saw his RPF indicator suddenly swing around, knew there was an unseen ship there at slightly less than his range to the Sov. Soyuz (roughly 10 km), and closing. So the Buffalo waited a few more seconds for the unseen ship to close a bit more, then popped radar knowing that ship would be within range. Good use of skills by the Buffalo.

  16. Had a not a throw battle this morning. Destroyer player was the last survivor on our team, less than 2000 health. One enemy BB left, but its German with murderous secondaries. we have the points advantage and…The DD runs like hell for the edge of the map and hides behind an island, we win on points.

  17. Good video Jingles
    it was fun to watch 🙂

  18. Can you imagine hat would happen to two players on an after school, pick up football game (jumpers for goalposts) if a couple of your team mates played like those two BB players on this team?

    Yep. That’s what I was thinking.

  19. “How can the GK possibly lose this fight?” followed by some of the best laughter I’ve heard since the loli-boat cheeks comment.

    My sides hurt from laughing so much at Jingles laughing at that GK.

  20. It would be nice to see more BB and cruiser games.

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