World of Warships – A Game Of Throws Season Three Episode Ten

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When your back’s up against the wall and all hope is lost, sometimes the only thing you can rely on is the enemy being too smart for their own good.

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  1. Hi Jingles! Nice treat for the morning.

  2. When I can’t sleep and staring at the screen has become depressing, seeing a fresh Jingles post IMMEDIATELY lifts me back into a better mood.
    Thank-you from across the pond, Jingles.

    • Alexander Rothschild

      I watch his let’s plays his voice is pure Serotonin, it helps when l am wound up from work and just can’t relax and go to sleep,kinda wish he did more cold water

    • @Alexander Rothschild Agreed. No matter what he does – its a joy to listen.

    • His voice is a calming tonic in a sea of screaming youtubers.

    • @Alexander Rothschild Cold Waters has so much “ nothing much happening time” that it’s either tedious to watch or requires hours of gameplay for 20 minutes of interesting viewing.

    • Alexander Rothschild

      @Ursa Major l know but he even makes the nothing missions (ie, that mission to drop off the soldiers) he made it a joy to listen too

  3. 1:30 Well actually Jingles, the british battlecruisers blew up because of very unsafe ammunition handling (storing more shells in the turrets, removing flash protection, …). But well if their turrets where never penetrated then they would have survived so I guess you got that one right.

    • well, Indefatigable was terribly armored, potentially being able to be detoed by ships like Von Spee’s Scharnhorsts, and Invincible was poorly armored (but still able to handle the aforementioned cruisers easily), but both of those were not quite true battlecruisers, but as Fisher put it, “Dreadnought Armored Cruisers” and I do believe Invincible did have her flash protection back in place, she was just in a fight she was never designed to be in (unlike the 13.5″ BCs that were designed to be able to deal with the German BCs)

  4. Yugumo might have had the right idea had they actually brought smoke this game instead of torp reload booster, or maybe if they stopped after the first reset. Perhaps they didn’t think Stein could kill them so easily from that range, or maybe they themselves forgot they didn’t bring smoke. Their other team members couldn’t hit him once behind the island anyway I wager and if none of them were close to the last cap, the Yugumo might have been the only one who could save the game, if it needed saving at all. I can’t be bothered to do the math on the points, but when they’re that close, you don’t want to leave it to chance or bad maths.

  5. Yugumo used a TRB at the start so he doesn’t have a smokescreen. Also he didn’t need to reset in the end. They would have won even with only 1 cap.

  6. The new patch changed the secondaries so that they also have a visibility penalty – so while my Schroder has 12Km secondaries and 11.3KM concealment…WG made sure that stealth fire secondaries are no longer remotely possible.

  7. A worthy episode!

  8. That ship is a machine gun with it’s secondaries. Love it.

  9. This game illustrates why the time to win timer is such a good mod. At a glance you can tell whether or not you need to act or not.

  10. You should be able to direst your spotter plane like we use to able to do in NavyField and CVs can do. We need specialize AA ships and torpeo ships to deal with subs. While I’m at it, we need mine layers to block subs and ship breaking through gaps in islands.

  11. the bit about the Prinz Ruprechts secondaries…… reminds me of something Winston Churchill said when he was 1st Sea Lord back in like 1910 or something, the Navy wanted 6, the government wanted 3, we compromised on 8, and this was referring to Capitol Ship building in the UK at the time in the run up to WWI.

  12. Well, if you’re kiting a 25knot target and your secondary shells take about 8 seconds to reach target at max range, you actually get another 100m of wiggle-room. I think secondaries can engage outside of max range if the target is sailing towards you.

  13. Rupprecht is such a blast for T9 ranked. Imo the very best ship for it next to some carry DDs.
    Couple of days ago i did 239k but it was a loss. Even the best ships cant carry some teams 😀

  14. Actually Jingles, the Yugumo’s first mistake was focusing on the Prinz Rupprecht instead of capping C. The PR was so far out of position and it took him so long to get back to A, that the enemy team could have completely ignored him for the rest of the match and they still would have won.

    • I honestly thought that was what the Yugumo would do. Only two reasonable courses of action there are screening A or taking C. If the PR wants to keep running, LET HIM!

  15. Last evening I watched a Daring video from a year ago. Similar battle, but now I see the other side, watch (or, not watching) the Yugumo frustrate the opponents. Very educational.

  16. Alfredo Maria Sammartino

    Just got home from school and our gnome overlord releases this video. A blessing from the Lord!

  17. By the amount of torp spam at the start the Yugumo had the TRB not a smoke

  18. When the Yugumo was to the East of him (as Jingles noted from the torpedos at 13:20), I was sure he was going to break off and flip C which would have definitely won the game for his team… his decision to continue pursuit of the P Rupprecht is why this turned out to be a game of throws

  19. Yugumo: Playing chess most of the match.
    Yugumo: Starts playing checkers in the last minute.

  20. Throws and strategy, all in one game.

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