World of Warships – A Game of Throws Season Two Episode Eight

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  1. St Vincent looks like what happens when HMS hood gives the sinop the same treatment that caused the creation of Bert the avenger. I belive jingles once caused it a sneaky rogering

    • Ironically the tier 9 Duncan was actually planned and laid down in 1920 as it was an N3 class battle cruiser. This ship seems to be a theoretical upping of that even further.

  2. If your ISP dies you can go pink for abandoning the battle.

  3. You can go pink for being AFK/con drops I think? It’s not always friendly fire.

  4. ok should we do a count on how many times jingles uses the word clapped in these videos?

  5. Splatoonist Productions

    I really love listening to your voice jingles, it honestly is calming

  6. Someone please send Jingles a Thesaurus so he can look up alternative words to CLAP.

  7. I got turned pink when we had a power cut and I disconnected out of a game. When I eventually got power back and logged back in, a ‘Poor sportsmanlike behaviour’ message was waiting for me and I was now pink. So you don’t even need to shoot someone to get turned pink.

  8. Ssshhhh, don’t point out the obvious.

  9. I watched this game live and it was hilarious!

  10. “The laugh is fake, but the tears were real”

  11. I’ve turned into a color for leaving the battle too early, I did see the loading screen, but the game didn’t load up. so I saw the list of ships and even saw witch ones have died and wasn’t able to do anything about it. After two times this little error, Wargaming gave me a nice color too !!!

  12. Was wondering about the pink too.

    I always liked friendly fire as it tought you be be mindful of your teammates assuming they were not arses and just out for team kills

  13. St. Vincent is actually *very* hard to citadel, its citadel is water line is not only waterline, but also behind a turtleback AND spaced armor

    And the AP is also *very* effective against BBs as well, not just cruisers, I generally try to stick to the AP in her, and HE against angled ships.

    The guns are so consistent you can slap people around with AP very easily

  14. RIP Gremlin cat Kristalin. Condolences to Rita if you’re reading this and Jingles take care of your friend in this time of hardship and grief… Loosing a pet is never easy.

  15. 10:05 Is it just me or did those “skip bombs” look more like water activated missiles with how they accelerated into the side of his ship?

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