World of Warships – A Game of Throws Season Two Episode Five

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The throws just keep on coming.

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  1. It has been over 3 years since I came here, ah the good times are back (for me) 😁

  2. Me: *At work*

    Jingles: *uploads video*

    Me: “Damn it Jingles.”

  3. I’m but a simple salt miner, I see our Gnome Overlord post;
    I click the post… getting the shovels and carts ready

  4. I have for as long as I watch Jingles that I give the new video a thumbs up and enlarge it to full then sit back and enjoy things, and it helps the day when I am still awake.

  5. When the enemy team with superior numbers and a health and points advantage all start sniffing glue and licking windows at the same time.

  6. Game of Throws is the kind of show where the ending is entierly predictable, but the journey there is all that matters

  7. Well past time for another Home with the Gnome episode.

  8. Jingles pls realise that the Iwami has torpedoes, the torpedoes were from the Iwami cuz the Yudachi was capping the base, and yes the Iwami has torpedoes 4 on each side.

  9. Actually, Jingles….

    Friesland and Groningen are completely different provinces, and if you tell someone he/she is from the other province, you get a reaction like telling a Scotsman he’s English….

  10. The Colorado was THE ONLY ONE who had ran away, but realized when people on his team had stayed and was getting killed, he was forced to turn around and try to fight.

    • Yeah.. quite sure there were some shouting in the chat: “NOOB COLORADO!! REPORT FOR NO SUPPORT!!” LOL

    • @andreas pedersen So much this. I hate the wows playerbase, I truly do. Most of the potatoes think that pushing in is how you play the game. It isnt, this game favours the defender, and the absolute majority of the playerbase keep repeating such utter nonsense shit like “BBs need to push” (or any other class for that matter). Just take up a good defensive position, kite when needed, punish potatoes who push like morons, and enjoy your new 55% WR.

    • “Running” in Colorado… lol.

    • @Kent Lindal Zombie shuffle sounds more fitting, doesn’t it? =P

    • @Kent Lindal HEY!! I didnt say fast!!!

  11. We’re already at episode 5? Has been a good season so far.

  12. the Dragon is not a light cruiser (6″ish guns or smaller), she is a heavy cruiser (8″ guns), more accurately she is a Myoko Clone

    • I know Wargaming have done it for years and it’s a bit of a nitpick but please don’t forget that both vowels are long. So unless you want to find a macron on your keyboard (I don’t.) just write Myoukou.

  13. My favorite Jingles line ” as useful as a screen door on a submarine”

  14. As a History major who is about to graduate and have a taste of the cruelty of life, I feel personally attacked by UmeployedHistoryMajor and this video.

  15. Say, Jingles, I do wonder: aren‘t the Friesland and the Groningen actually exactly the same ship – just spelled differently?

  16. You forget the schroder when secondary specced, does INSANE damage and unlike the main guns the secondaries don’t incur the shooting in a smokescreen penalty. I have won brawls against classic secondary battleships in my schroder.

  17. There’s nothing creative in that name Jingles, only the peaceful acknowledgement of a very sad reality. – A history major

  18. One of my golden Warships moments was chasing a pair of Freislands in my full secondary build Georgia. I had to slow down to 3/4 speed 🤣

  19. If you’re looking to get drunk, take a drink every time Jingles tells us that the Friesland and Gronnigen are exactly the same ship.

  20. I don’t know why, but I find it hilarious when Jingles say the enemy “chose violence” whenever they screw up and pick a fight they shouldn’t 🤣

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