World of Warships – A Game of Throws, Season Two Episode Four

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There’s a new Sheriff on the tier 5 block. Well it’s not actually new, this ship’s been around a while but it sounds cool so I’m going with it. DON’T JUDGE ME!

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  1. Based on your Warships videos, one might think that the majority of games are throws

  2. The moment a full documentary about Aurelian ends you upload. This, this is a good existence.

  3. An air defence of sailors standing on the deck shooting at planes with rifles…

  4. I was so scared the real throw was going to be letting the bb ram him

  5. 10 kills, Solo Warrior as well- incredibly good game!

    • Yes , honesly I dont remember when last time I had so much fun watching Jingles wows video , like 80% are same stuff , but that one was special I literally loveing that one , is got all 10 kills , solo warrior that is one great battle and i have sentiment for Agincourt I have played a loot of battles on her , I fly thre T5 brawl , that ship is a beast , but for me that is also bit personal , I have just one solo warrior and 8 kill record , solo warrior I won 2018 after I started playing wows on Richeliey , I did not relized what that is , but since then I came few times close , but still dont have 2nd one , 8 kills are decent , but that was 2019 so I feel like I did not make any progres in that area , my first though is grab Agincourt and have run , but I am not only one there are now a loot of players that play that ship as is easy to play 😉 .

  6. I wish I could have saved the clip, but some years ago I was in my Kongo, a freaking Omaha came around the corner and fired his torps at me and detonated me with a single torp- it had hit between the first and second main gun turrets on my ship

    • I did that to a unavailable beta bb and lets just say chat wasnt friendly. I was in a dd.

    • There was another epic moment when I was playing, which would have fit perfectly here- I was in my New Mexico and the flank I had been on was collapsing on the two brothers map, so I pulled out. I decided to go center and try to solo-cap their base, *and succeeded, despite their carriers best efforts! They still had more than half of their team, and only about half of mine, and yet, *only* the carrier tried to reset the cap!

    • @Nico Ferguson I can better that lol. I was in a dd start of game and obviously rushed to cap middle cap behind a large rock/mountain and smoked up as per usual. Must have upset somebody in a previous battle as the enemy cv cam around the corner into my smoke and rammed me.

    • @cutterbacon what’s funny about mine, is it took something like 6 minutes to cap , as I was hit a couple of times by the carrier dive-bombers (I had far too much experience with torpedobeats in that ship for carrier drops at that point, being shortly before the Graf Zeppelin was super testing)

  7. 12:25 Jingles the lion’s share IS all the attention. The fable goes like this: the lion is going hunting and some animal mates tag along. They get a kill and the mates split it into pieces to share, letting the lion do the distribution. He claims the first as king of the beasts, the middle bits because he’s the bravest, strongest, etc. and the final piece is his because he’ll kill whichever of his mates touches it first. All the shares go to the lion.

  8. Tier 4 and 5 are my absolute favorite. I have always believed they are the perfect tier.

  9. The Brasilian Version is also in the Game. The Rio De Janeiro. She is also fun to play.

  10. I hope he gets the medical attention required after subjecting his back to that much weight.

  11. After all these years, I think i finally know how Jingles exploded on youtube, After all every video we viewers have to correct something he’s said and everyone on the internet LOVES telling somebody they’re wrong and jingles is often wrong at least once if not twice per video!
    This has somehow worked out perfectly because youtube really likes people commenting, If Jingles wasn’t to crap at everything i would imagine this was a sneaky Gnome plot to rise to fame and moderate wealth.

    • The Mighty Jingles

      You may be on to something. If I weren’t so crap I might have thought of it myself.

    • @The Mighty Jingles you’ve weaponised being crap and we love you for it.

    • @The Mighty Jingles I remember reading about some scholars who studied the massive uptick in comments on reddit posts if the post contained obvious factual errors. So yeah…. great business strategy!

    • Given Jingles past history…I highly doubt he is as crap as he believes himself to be.

      Though, from my perspective, it is refreshing to listen to someone who does not have to trumpet their own skill…but is comfortable acknowledging they are not the best and are here for the fun.

  12. HMS Emerald is one ship you don’t want to find waiting for you as you come round the corner of a island.

  13. Jingles: “You can’t REAAALLY be accused of seal clubbing”
    Kamikaze R, Kamikaze, Fujin waving from a corner

  14. Yup…same lol

  15. the only time i’ve been in one of these videos was when I’d accidentally torpedo’d a friendly

  16. While that matchnwas absolutely thrown, it was also, most definately one hell of a carry.

  17. Jingles, when you see an Italian ship whose name starts with a G, followed by an i, prepare your tongue for the English J sound. ‘Giussano’ sounds not like Ghussano or Khussano, it sounds Jewssano, and Julius Caesar wasn’t from Iberia but from Apennines, so ‘Giulio Cesare’ is not Spanish Khoolio, it is Italian Jewli-oh Chezzahreh, with a J, just like the summer month of July named after him 🙂

  18. When I saw 2 GS on the enemy team, when that’s something I’ve been playing a lot of lately (including while drunk…), I immediately rushed to check the usernames. Phew, not me.

  19. Just a point of clarification for me at least. Seal clubbing is when a vastly more experienced player plays with vastly inexperienced players. You can most definitely be a seal clubber in T5 battles as a T5 ship because you’re more likely to run into inexperienced players at lower tiers. Also, make no mistake that a 21 point captain has a considerable effect on the game mechanics, let alone the experience of a player that has played long enough to get the 21 pts.

  20. just making sure I’m not that guy? LOL.

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