World of Warships – A Game of Throws Season Two Episode Nine

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Todays’ throw is pretty spectacular even by the standards of this series. Just wait for the cliffhanger at the end, it’s going to be worth it.

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  1. Feels like last week the first episode of game of throws was uploaded. Time flies when you’re having rum

  2. An interesting match to say the least. Leaving us on a Cliff-Hanger of who won and lost though is quite agitating! Burning!

  3. Gunther Ultrabolt Novacrunch

    3:43 “Now the assashio is going to lose a gun fight with a Benson” A L S 0 3:51 ” But a sustained gunfight the assashio is always going to win”

  4. I feel with an ending like that a question mark should be somewhere in the title.
    Also it’s clear DAKINGINDANORF hasn’t watched all the Jingles videos faturing the Benson, otherwise he might have predicted that before it happened.

  5. I feel like that match ended with twelve people screaming at their monitor simultaneously.


    If it was anyone else, I’d call this mean spirited! Well done, Old Man. =D

  7. Concorde the Snake

    Should have drawn us one of your special end screens. With both ships opposite each other but with a shaking hands emoji in between them. The “my man” meme if you will….

  8. This series is better than 99% of the shit Hollywood puts iut

  9. the sheer comic chance that this game was played during the no result screen in replays era

  10. It just seems as if it was me playing, undecisively trying to do everything at the same time and failing at it. Yet, I rarely get the throwing teams as enemies…
    The first team to lose every ships loses, regardless of the score, even if the other dies as well a fraction of a second later.

  11. Well, Jingles doesn’t know either. The King of the North didn’t mention.

  12. What does he actually mean by that ?

  13. @Conny Container in ranked games, you must perform well (for the most part, highest score) on your team or win the match to progress to the next “tier”. It appeared that our stars team was going to lose, hence why the team mate was asking if the enemy team was trying to help him “save his star” by feeding him damage/kills (Thus becoming the best performing player on his team, even if he lost, he’d still make progress to the next tier of ranked battles)

  14. Of all people, I didn’t expect Jingles to blue ball me this morning.

  15. That was one of the most incredible throws I’ve seen.

  16. You know, I was absolutely convinced Jingles is joking about not knowing who won… Until the video ended xD

  17. @dzello your thinking is rather shallow. Things _never_ go as expected.

  18. Everytime Jingles points out that the replay is bugged, I try to guess what ships are on the enemy team by looking at the silhouettes. Not the best go around this time, as I thought the Tirpitz was something British; but I was correct on there being a Benson as well as a Japanese DD, CA and BB even if I did pick the wrong ones

  19. @cvillefarmer thank you

  20. @RySLz The guy is trolling on every jingles video and judging by what he is saying, he might as well be a Wg employee.

  21. It is wows and after what you have just seen you think people could handle such advanced tactics? 😀

  22. Not in favor. We’re already getting screwed by subs, CVs and anything two tiers higher than us (usually), and this isn’t a run/n/gun CoD. If I’m in a Gadjah in a T9 battle, strategy and tactics are imperative to any kind of decent game.

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