World of Warships – A Game of Throws Season Two Episode One

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Strap yourselves in because today we’re in for one hell of a ride.

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  1. Morning guys
    “From the mist, a shape, a ship is taking form…”

  2. Love this series. My sense of outrage needs feeding.

  3. massimiliano equitani

    I would like to remind Jingles the shitshows known as Italian battleships that have 15inch guns even at tier 10

  4. Oh the season opener is here!
    I really wonder what happened to Dave after the climax of season 1!

  5. What’s that Jingles? Ten more years in the salt mines? Thank you for your generosity

  6. This one is a clear example on how one has to nail it while it’s possible.

  7. Ett Gammalt Bergtroll

    14:15 Peak German artillery moment.

  8. I’ve just realized it has been 10 years since I started watching this channel & I was still in Highschool back then so cheer’s Jingles.

  9. 13:14 I believe what you meant to say was ‘The Hsengyang down in the south is in an unfair fight as he runs North to escape the Hipper while the Harlem faces down the wounded Hawke from behind the cover of an Island.’ And it was the Hawke that killed the Harlem, not the Hipper. The same Hawke that FastSquirrel citadelled twice.

  10. Barry said “Never underestimate Joes ability to fuck things up.”
    Mabee the old timer likes his boats as well as his shampoo.

  11. Been watching Jingles for 7 years now since I discovered WoWs despite never playing it. Jingles never fails to make my happy once I get back from school and see him in my YT feed

  12. would love to see the hsienyang’s perspective as well, he went on a journey, was nearly completely surrounded at one point and made it to the end game and took out the hipper after he died

  13. The infamous yellow turrets.

  14. My god what a start to a new season, that double-strike ending was glorious!

  15. Absolutely loved the Bismarck when I grinded the german battleship line simply because, despite the “german accuracy”, it is a beast at mid-ranges and is incredibly reliable at its tier. One thing worth mentioning that you didn’t include is that the guns have a fairly fast reload of 26s and the turrets turn quite fast. It was an insanely fun ship to play at tier 8 and is one of my favorites by a lot.

  16. That Hsienyang went across the entire map and even escaped his pursuers. That was quite cool.

  17. What’s an Economic Package?

  18. @MrNicoJac You know about the consumable items that boost credit income, ship xp, captain xp and free xp? Economic Package is an item you can permanently install on a single ship to give it boosts in all those categories that don’t get used up after a match. Some of these packages you can get in the game are already pre-locked to a specific ship (so can only be installed on that one), and others are pre-locked to a specific Tier (so you can decide which of your ships within that Tier may get it, but once it’s installed on a ship, it cannot be transferred to another).

  19. @Th. K.
    Ah, I see 🙂

    I’ve actually _never_ played this game myself, and only watch Jingles’ videos, hahaha.
    So I have no idea how the menus or load outs work, lol.

    But you explained it really well, thanks!

  20. friendly Hsienyang did some serious commando levels of work, would love to see the replay from his percpective.

  21. I came to say this and knew it had already been said. Oh jingles, Never change.

  22. Vinicius Martinelli

    Jingles is the only channel i still watch regularly after 10 years.

  23. At least they both start with the same letter this time.

  24. For your comment I hit dislike

  25. That double kill at the end was truly sticking the landing on a very nice performance. Well done!

  26. Gotta get my daily Jingles fix. Jingles you ever stream your Classic WoW raids?

  27. Subscribed & Glad!

  28. I know the feeling I always watch my scrub overlord

  29. The Hawke was using Hipper camo….see the premium shop secret camo section..

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