World of Warships – A Game of Throws Season Two Episode Six

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You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you may even vomit.

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  1. ACTUALLY jingles, the repulse isn’t an R-class battleship, it’s a renown class battlecruiser, which were both built using resources originally designated for R-class BBs

  2. Yes, I did note Akizuki’s “commentary” in the background there. I must admit, while your workspace is admirably set up for audio recording, I do miss the feline perspective on these battles… 😋

  3. Duke did not stop. He was reversing. I think he tried to play a mind game, hoping that Renown will go for the chase sailing on the opposite side of the island. So he went full reverse in hope of keeping the island in between him and renown. Thing is, Renown went for him instead for going towards the cap. Mindgame fail xD

    • Reality Insights

      If you look at the minimap, they both heading towards the cap side of the island. As soon as they loose contact, they both change direction. The Iron Duke could see where the Renown was heading so changed to go the other way, but the Renown predicted that and changed as well. The Iron Duke failed to predict that the Renown would predict that the Iron Duke would change course, and should have kept going.

    • SimplyComplicated

      @Reality Insights Predict-ception!

    • Reality Insights

      @SimplyComplicated I know, you know that I know, but do I know that you know that I know?

  4. Thank you Jingle, this has been a roller coaster of emotion ranging from suprise, happy, sad, anger, to amuse, and sometimes regret.

  5. The whole time you were talking about the friendly renown holding out while waiting for backup, I was thinking “stop trying to nocapkillall, just sail into the cap and force the issue.

  6. It was great to see Akizuki at the end.

  7. You know everytime i am reading Honor Harrington I can’t help but picture her treecat Nimitz looking like Akizuki.

  8. I ALMOST thought Jingles was “having a laugh” when he titled this a game of throws.

    It wasn’t until I saw the last enemy battleship sitting out in the open like that waiting to throw the game!!

  9. Why does Akizuki look like she’s just been found hiding behind an island? 😊

  10. Cool video. Renown was not an R class battleship though, rather a battlecruiser whose name happened to start with R. 😊 she was the sister-ship of Repulse but their designs diverged over the years.

  11. Geez that Renown sure took his sweet time getting over to join in the final fight. That’s a 32-knot ship, and apparently its captain wanted to take the grand tour of the whole map before finishing off the last enemies.

    • He just had a pleasant little jaunt of the surrounding cliffsides, before manning himself up to fight the 1/4 health bottom tier BB whilst at full health

    • andreas pedersen

      Was thinking the same….
      If he had pushed friendly cap instead of lurking behind islands 15 km from battle on full hp, he would’ve kept both Repulse and Hawkins alive. So if Mad Merlin had died 3 mins earlier, Izmael would for sure go back and help Iron duke or finish capping.
      But i guess the Replay would never end up here, and we would get a confirmation on why the game is about to fail.

  12. Hawkins is having one hidden feature – icebreaker. Yes. I was once pushed by one, aimed at the bow at 3-4km so the shells went where I aimed but… they ricochet. After the battle I checked the armor layout and I was shocked 😂

  13. Petition to have Akizuki at the end of each video!

  14. Listening to Jingles laugh makes me laugh 😂

  15. Iron Duke Player: “So, taking into account the current situation. I have predicted *exactly* what I need to do in order to prevent the enemy from getting me in their sights and winning.”
    30 seconds later…
    Iron Duke Player, leaning on a cane with one arm in a sling and an eyepatch: “I did NOT predict them being a complete idiot however.”

  16. OneBiasedOpinion

    That poor Iron Duke. He did what he could and lost the mind game in the end. Ah well. Good game from both him and the Renown.

    Also, Akizuki is gorgeous as ever!

  17. It was a reverse uno card mind game in the end.
    I thought the Renown chose the wrong way, the Iron Duke was not expecting that move, thinking to outwit the Renown by reversing and boom you get that outcome.
    Nice one.

  18. Lick Kitty Split

    Finally, Akizuki makes an appearance after a severe case of Kitty Hiatus 101. Glad she could make it and let us know everything is A-OK. Great video as always Jingles!

  19. Kingpin Gaming UK

    Jingles, the 1930 London Naval Treaty officially defined what we refer to Light and Heavy Cruisers. Light Cruisers were cruisers armed with guns up to 6.1” (155mm) in caliber whereas Heavy Cruisers had guns up to 8” (203mm). That means that, as according to the 1930 London Naval Treaty, the HMS Hawkins was indeed a Heavy Cruiser.

  20. Thank you for featuring this close game from MadMerlin.
    He may have been better of caping the enemy’s base, but I bet he has been burned before by the enemy starting to cap just a little bit earlier and having no way to reset.
    Given that the enemy had a battlecruiser near home base he may have thought it better to go defend.

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