World of Warships – A Game of Throws Season Two Episode Three

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The return of the series that just keeps giving. Giving headaches, backaches and the sudden urge to throw up in your mouth.

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  1. everyone: Don’t give Wargamming any money until they fix our game!
    Also everyone: New ship?!?!?!?! $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  2. I’m surprised they haven’t given carriers an infinite automatic hull regen that heals for 10,000 hit points a second.

    • @jbepsilon Or HMS Habakkuk as the next CV in game?

    • Don’t give them any ideas

    • @VorTheRhino next they set the CV “outside of the map” and invulnerable to make it more “realist”

    • Also new CV players are set to play coop to gain proficiency before random battles.

    • @Antony Duhamel carriers were a big part of battleship obsoletion, but they were not all of it. The advancement of accurate long range weapons such as missiles and superior torpedo technology also played a massive role, as they just couldn’t stay concealed from, yet another advancement, radar as easily as smaller ships, nor could they avoid hits

  3. But, but, Jingles….”carriers don’t move. They have planes!”

  4. I remember building the Tirpitz model kit as a kid, good times.

  5. Game of Throws… best series ever. Love every episode.

  6. Thank you so much for featuring me on your channel Jingles! I’m quite excited that you got to see it. This is the best battle I’ve had in this ship, and I’m glad you thought it was good enough!


  7. “is it going to be just the one torpedo?”…..two clearly distinct hits later “yes it is just the one torpedo strike”

    • It wouldn’t be a Jingles video of that sort of thing didn’t happen .. it’s like a watermark or badge of authenticity by now.

  8. Do you ever wonder if maybe sometimes other players deliberately throw in order to be featured on Jingles?

  9. What hurts more than the moronic friendly CV is that the enemy CV got more experience than 21 other players in the game. In a CV which is basically the equivalent of repeatedly punching the ‘2’ key in World of Tanks.

    • Yeah, that’s what happens when enemy ships are repeatedly in your most optimal attack zone. And if you think the Pobeda is easy mode, you should try it. 😉

  10. True mate. Swearing is just a way of life here

  11. Jingles. The agony you have caused me today. Is immeasurable.

    • The fact that we battled so hard, fought our way out of certain loss to an easy victory through immense effort, only to be ruined short by some fuckhead in a carrier who has no business playing above tier 2 (that way it is impossible for them to run into CVs naturally) to throw? Now that, THAT was agony. Our Akizuki’s incredible marksmanship was also agonizing lol, but hey, it got me a featured replay, so it was worth the display of idiocracy.

  12. I was just on the verge of curing my headache that had been building up ever since I got out of bed this morning. And then came this video. Yeah, thanks a lot.

    There should be a warning message before videos like this.

  13. That ending is just agonizing….

  14. That ending is one of the reason why I left the game. So many games can be win easily but failed because someone at the critical moment being oblivious to the situation. It’s not who have the best team, it’s about who have the least dumb team. Oh the agony.

  15. Wow, this is the first time I saw two people on the losing team got more exp than anyone on the winning team.

  16. You can rest knowing you’ve been immortalized in a Game of Throws episode; kudos to both of you for carrying a sack full of potato teammates that entire time on your backs.

  17. @BreadBug oh mate, I was looking at that minimap so often, I saw 11/12 on C, 4 idiots in A doing nothing, and then those same 4 players throwing their ships away.

    I hated this match, but I had fun…. ish.

  18. This replay made me angry, I can only imagine how pissed off you were.

  19. Just by watching this battle I already have the urge to spite. I can’t imagine the rage you both felt.

  20. To everyone commenting, yes, the rage afterwards was epic. I’m glad you all enjoyed this fine work of art we could produce of you. This was the very definition of what bfk calls “The Creature” when he pelt collects.

  21. Actually, I got a 24 hour chat ban in Blitz for reasonably using that word. Now my soul was saved, and I clearly am a better human being.

  22. 9:15 At that point the CV can’t run, they aren’t small ships and giving 3/4ths of the other team your broadside in a CV at mid to close range is a quick way to die. It’s honestly better to stay bow in and maybe reverse just so you give a slightly smaller profile.

    This isn’t to say the CV shouldn’t have moved already, he most certainty should have. At that point he should be well over by C in around the islands. Possibly making his way for the island south east of B.

    I also can’t give a German CV to much shit for not going after a DD. There is no real reward for him spotting the DD, and he has no reliable way to deal damage to a competent DD player. His only effective weapon against DDs is his AP rockets, AP rockets that are going to deal in the range of 235 damage each hit before damage saturation. As lets not forget over pens are 10% max damage. So while yes, for winning the game the CV is best used to spot the DD, but for progressing in your CV dealing damage is all that matters, and his AP rockets can citadel the other CV. So while yes, it’s frustrating to have a CV not spot, it’s also how he is encouraged to play by the game mechanics. Damager equals XP and XP equals progression, and he has the longest time to progress of any ship class to get to the next tier.

    This could be fixed if Wargaming made spotting damage worth something, and brought back odd tier CVs so the grind could be made easier, but it’s unlikely they will ever do that. So the best solution available to the players is to always div with a CV if you want to be able to rely on your CV. Begging and harassing them in chat doesn’t help. Personally when I’m playing my CVs if my team is being assholes towards me, I will become very selfish and stop supporting them altogether. Is it a dick move? Sure, but at the same time so is harassing your friendly CV because he’s not doing exactly what you want when you want. Though it should also be noted, I play British CVs, red DDs don’t get to live into the late game when I’m around for the most part. You know, unless I’m playing Malta. AP bombs don’t do much to DDs, and spotting them gets me nothing.

    I will say this isn’t to say the CV didn’t cost the game, he did. I’m just trying to explain reasons why he might have done some of the things he did. TLDR: CVs aren’t rewarded for spotting and German CVs have nothing to fight DDs with in the first place.

  23. “The fact that it’s russian is the problem”

    Based Jingles

  24. in Scotland that word is used to describe all your closest mates and anyone who isnt

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