World of Warships – A Game of Throws Season Two Episode Two

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I’m not really sure this one belongs in an episode of A Game of Throws. I mean, it’s definitely a throw, but… well, you’ll see.

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  1. Love the videos jingles keep it up your amazing and never fail to make my day

  2. After a 12 hr shift and dinner with the family i sat on the pc to enjoy a a cup of tea. Jingles showing up with impeccable timing

  3. I love how he didn’t even bother to use DFAAs mostly because we’re all know why

    • I was just causally scrolling though the comments and saw this just as he commented on four ships using their DFAA to defend against the Malta.

    • @Shotgun02 they didn’t tho lol. Also he keeps calling it defensive cooldown? Idk

    • Some ships have actually good AA and DFAA. The Halland and Salland though need the captain to shine. The Elbing is a bit of a sleeper though, it’s counter intuitive with it’s 6.9 km range but if you catch a CV with your DFAA at that range you tend to swat the strike group.

    • DFAA is actually very effective on F. Sherman. I was surprised he wasnt using it.

  4. Still find it funny how JUST AFTER this ship came out WG introduced the “semi homing torpedos” which allow ships with otherwise highly restricted Torpedo angles to have surprisingly wide torpedo angles. And of course WG will NEVER go back and buff any of their old content with this new useful mechanic no matter how much of a BOOST it would be.

    And its not like the Forrest Shermen would benefit TOO much from it ether, its only got 2 torps per side after all and is VERY CLEARLY a Gunboat. I just wish it did have them cus GOD those torpedo angles are POINTLESS!

    • Honestly, this was the final straw for me playing WoWs regularly. WG does a lot of screwy stuff, but making sure BBs have free torpedo angles over a destroyer that actually has them instead of fixed launchers really took the wind out of my sails.

    • @Michel Javert Be like me, stopped playing since last year. I gave WG chance after CV rework but they failed. And now look at the game after I left, my best decision ever. My stress significantly lowered since I stopped playing.

    • What ships received semi homing torpedos? British battlecruisers?

  5. Having your bladder wake you up at 3:00 am… negative point, stubbing your toe on the door frame before you can turn on the light… negative point, laying back down and getting comfortable, but then become thirsty… negative point, while getting glass of water, hearing notification of a new Jingles Video… positive points 10!! Morning outcome: +7!

  6. It’s always nice to open up your computer to a new Jingles video, especially to a new Game of Throws episode

  7. Nah, this throw was a team effort – Shima was just the ship that made the last mistake.

  8. Just started my 30 min break and a 20 min jingles video. Perfect timing

  9. Jingles confuses the Austin and Sherman a couple times. Never change gnome overlord

  10. My moneys on Hackmister for only opening up on the Zorky as his Venezia died. He had a good 20 seconds of the Zorky being focused on the Venezia!!

    • Also, shooting at the Zorky instead of the Malta. Malta had less HP, is the much easier target, and of course, because planes. Also the Austin having a 20 seconds window of opportunity to shoot at and likely kill the Zorky after reacquiring at 18:30 but trying to… go stealth? This wasn’t on the Shima, who never should have been in that position.

    • @DevSolar I think that was his original intention. But everything went down when Venezia died without killing Zorky (I guess he thought Venezia can handle it somehow). This (in combination with Shima retreating) effectively throwed 4vs2 advantage team had, as instead of fighting together, everybody ended up fighting alone against Zorky and Malta.

  11. I wonder what the outcome would have been if the Sherman fired at the Zorchy before it killed the Venezia.

  12. that was cool.
    looked like it was HackmisterK’s team in the end not paying attention to each other, and going blind one by one.
    making overwhelming numbers into multiple 1VS2 fights.

  13. To be fair to the Shima player i have been in the same situation in my Jervis, my team was ahead i wanted to leave it (And told them to) but the rest of the team went in and i went into help (It was 4 ships on my team and 2 on the enemy) and it did go wrong for my team thanks to the two crusiers broadsiding a battleship (Which went so well let me tell you) leaving the battlship alone with no support against a Destroyer and Battleship combo, they didn’t last long, thankfully for me i was too far away to do anything so i could run away again and run the clock down.

  14. Honestly, I think the Shima just, got the fear/stress got to him, as he was being poked and prodded in chat for BEING far away, and it’s unfair to say he threw when, I know where he was.

    Hackmaster has little excuse for not engaging the Zorkiy while the Venezia was alive, since he and the Venezia could of finished him, or at least forced him to disengage.

    So who really threw?
    The friendly Carrier IMO, because lesson one is to MOVE FROM SPAWN! I don’t even play carriers and I know, DON’T STAY STATIONARY.

    • I think it is also worth mentioning the shima had his AA on which got him found by the CV at the end. and he could have smoked up for the remainder of the battle as soon as his team mates died but still hackmaster threw just as much by getting so paddled at the start for no reason and at the end he and the austin could have nailed the cv together, then the zorkiy has no chance.
      Plus the scrolling in and out hurt my soul.

    • Honestly, this was team throw on many levels, that those individual throws ultimately lead to defeat.

  15. That was a group effort throw. There were multiple instances where minor errors snowballed. Hack lost too much HP in the initial engagement and could have made some better decisions with his AA and dodging of attacks. The Austin was definitely in shooting range of the Zorky at the end and his aim let him down against the CV. Hack should have fired on the zorky when it was engaging the friendly Venezia. The shima should have turned and run immediately upon the Austin dying etc. Of course it’s also unfair to put all the blame on just these players when the rest of the team was already dead. The pressure is much higher when you’re the last ones left.

  16. Sherman had a bit more impact on the “throw” in my opinion. First of all those first minutes, where he basically gave up all his health up for free, where he could easily smoked up stoped reversing in one direction and used def AA (for wtvr good that does) and not take that much damage from shells and rockets. And in the end, instead of fighting zorkyi with that low HP, should’ve focused the CV, basically freeing Austin to hunt zorkyi at will. All in all not a bad game from both teams.

  17. “Where is the shimakaze going?”

    Well Jingles, he’s only taking your oft-given advice to NOT WIN HARDER than you already are. I haven’t finished the video yet lol so we shall see

  18. Definitely can’t say it was just the Shima. The last four ships *all* made a series of actually mostly innocuous decisions (i.e. shooting at the Malta vs the Zorky) that nonetheless had dire consequences. I wouldn’t even say most of it was a result of bad decision making under pressure. Sometimes it’s just really hard to predict how little things are going to butterfly effect you in the long run before it actually happens.

  19. Poor shima, just happened to be the person who made the last mistake, all of the ships chasing those 2 kills to win harder was by far the biggest and first mistake

  20. This was a classic example of ” must win harder”; sometimes you just have to ignore the actions of your teammates and take the decision with the lowest risk to secure the win. That Shima was absolutely making the right decision, but was swayed by the rest of the team going “HI HO SILVER! GIVE ME MORE DAMAGE!”

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