World of Warships – A Game of Throws, Season Two Finale

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Given the standards set by previous videos in this series you’d expect something pretty good for season finale, and you’d be right.

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  1. If you listen very carefully you can hear Flambass crying in the background.

  2. Witnessing Hosho gameplay one must assume that it was piloted by a kid who just started playing this game.

    • Indeed. Can’t aim the planes to save his life, can’t find the enemy, and is HUGGING the map border with the launch end point OUT of the map.

      That last part is what annoys me the most with lower-mid tier CV players. Like DUDE, YOUR SHIP IS THE PLANES SPAWN POINT! No one seems to think about that till they get over the “hide in cornor” phase of being a CV noob.

    • cricketer french

      @Jay Werner
      As of today 383 games played (nothing above tier 6), win rate 46.7% and 8 battles in CVs. So basically he hasn’t a clue and it is rather a pity Jingles didn’t do this basic research before publicly shaming him. In one battle he sank 10 ships so I guess he wishes that video got shown.

  3. This wasn’t a game of throws…

    This was Trebuchet: the League.

  4. The air must have been Royal Blue in Flambass’ studio!

  5. Thomas Kositzki

    Even though this is low-tier I still facepalmed so hard.
    What a SPESHUUUUL Finale! XD

  6. Me before watching: discussess tactics at Guadalcanal with real historians.
    Me after watching: Ftaghn! Ia! Flambass! Jingles! Aieeee!

  7. WG after seeing this: CVs are too underpowered to compete, they will get homing torpedoes now!

  8. Somewhere in Croatia, Flambass is still banging his head against the wall…

  9. Ahnuld Schwarzenegger

    I can’t wait for Season 4 Episode 10. It will be brutal.

  10. Gunther Ultrabolt Novacrunch

    Flambass’s latest thing is to play all his ships to improve their stats. That’s why he’s slumm’n it in tier 3.

  11. Even before the Nassau was spotten, you notice the throw of the Hosho: he sends the dive-bombers to the enemy cap instead of looking for the Nassau…

  12. this was not just train wreck!
    this was a train wreck on top of a train wreck on top of a train wreck besides a train wreck!

  13. @Kv 2 They just kept sending in more trains.

  14. For those that don’t watch Flambass, he is currently going through all his ships trying to improve the stats on them

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