World of Warships – A Game of Throws

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When two teams are trying to throw as hard as they possibly can, the outcome will be decided only by which team sucks at throwing less.

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  1. The very definition of you throw enough shit at the wall , some of it is going to stick with 16 shells in each salvo

  2. Geoffrey Richardson

    These guys shoulders must be dislocated from all the throwing, lol

  3. This is why I don’t play random battles. I would be so bad Jingles would make fun of me.

  4. Its impressive the amount of gaming stupidity contained in a single match! XD

  5. Watching games like these make me more sure than ever that completely quitting was the right choice

  6. A Game of Throws LOL this really Should be a Series Jingles. You could use it for Tanks as well. After good series do spawn spin-offs

  7. It seems its getting more common place for teams to throw games, recently on the EU servers it gotten alot worse for the teams just to sail all to one side of the map and die in a big long conga line one after another. I don’t know if there has been a big influx of new players that have bought a brand new T8 or above ship and they just go sailing by without a care in the world but given they way they preform and have no idea how to support each other, it would seem this is the case.

    • @Sparzethin from what I’ve heard, a good amount of those youtubers pretty much depend on the views their WoWS content gives them (combined with the codes they offer if they’re part of the CC program). So, while they don’t like WGs behavior, it would be “biting the hand that feeds”.

      Of course, you can make a case that they’re exchanging that for their integrity, but that’s another whole matter.

    • yes, all the old experienced players got pissed with wargambeling and quitted. al that you see now are new players.

    • @Sparzethin Same here.

    • Its carriers, mostly. Player stupidity is also a big factor, but mostly its carriers.
      Im mostly playing zao and there have been many times that ive been forced out of a flank that has less than 5-4 ships, because i see that the carrier has focused it and im a very good target due to poor AA.
      Carriers force people to play in groups, the bigger the better, more concentrated AA.

  8. Well easiest recipe to get afk players and rest rly not even caring about win, is ofc combination tier10 carrierscum and the increbly shitty game mode epicenter.

  9. This had to be a weekend game. The window licking was strong in this.

    • The “weekend game” concept is interesting. People who are busy during the week and can only play for a few hours on weekends are seen as what brings the game quality down

  10. Seems to me the two teams were swapping the braincell back and forth.

  11. i had a worse game than this for throwing the other day, all we had to do was grab a cap….so 4 ships with 2 minutes to go ignored the caps and started to chase the sole surviving enemy cv down…. a lucky salvo killed it with 20 seconds to go

  12. hey Jingles, that would be a nice series here on this channel xD S1E1 Game of Throws 🙂 waiting for Ep2 🙂

  13. Game of Throws should be a new season for the all mighty gnome lord. It’s like a new spin for the good the bad and the ugly, but you’ll never run out of content!

  14. Jingles, you gotta remember mate, common sense ain’t that common anymore. It’s a high rarity loot box drop nowadays

  15. This Yamato player is in a questionable state of brainfreeze. If only he would have an urge to learn the mechanics of the game!!

  16. I absolutely will show broadside in order to get all gus in play, IF I know I’m dead anyway.

  17. Jingles: *Shows a Ohio shooting at an angled Thunderer*
    Also Jingles: “Desperately trying to throw the game as hard as he possibly can, only saved by RNG.”

  18. The mistake I don’t make anymore is playing the game. Learned that one the hard way.

  19. Hello! I’m the Shima captain. This game was frustrating! I was 0.8 seconds from capping the middle the first time and was trying to flood channels with torps to catch DDs or anyone else trying to be sneaky. I kept spotting ships but with the glue sniffers on the island I didn’t get too much support. Honestly, this game would have gone wildly different had their CV focused me but, for some bizarre reason he never came after me. Instead I was caught by the Daring’s hydro and forced out from crossfire. The Stali radar I’m pretty sure never caught any DD in range from that far back.

  20. For a tier X BB with “weak guns for T6”, this guy sure is landing a lot of angled 10K+ salvos on other tier X BB’s and cruisers.

  21. You’re always showing broadside to someone. I’ve been biffed so many times in a cruiser when I thought I was safe thanks to some jerkface in a BB 25km away that I can’t even see is there, thanks to my crappy team’s spotting. Seems to me people either go way wide to the outside of the map or sit and hide behind islands.

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