World of warships – A good tier 7 Battleship

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I already know there’s gonna be a A LOT ppl saying “OMG you call THIS a good battleships, are you drunk?”
Well yes I do, I do call this a good cause that’s what it is. It’s with the main guns is not the best….quite far away from best. The main guns troll but it’s a baby Tirpitz, and I love Tirpitz. This thing has 1 turret less but it had HP, armor, caliber of guns, torps, AA… has everything besides (sometimes) and not too many guns.
Now you may be thinking what about Lyon? It has 16 guns. Yes it does but it’s accuracy is also crap and it’s caliber of guns are 40mm smaller.

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  1. Tier V ships aren’t all shit…
    I mean the Kirov is great, Furutaka is also very good.
    The Iron Duke straight up shits on the New York, and I’ve been able to make the Minekaze/Mutsuki classes work quite well

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

      Willem_vdS But like Shimakaze – Minekaza is nothing more than a ghost of her formidable self.

    • Yeah but I spent too much time in tier 5 back in the day when tier 5 was my only premium ship so I don’t like playing tier 5 anymore 😉

    • And then there’s Emerald…

    • Impossible Jonathan

      Why does no one mention the Königsberg when it comes to good tier V ships?
      I had so much fun playing this ship back in the day. With your hydro and your very fast rudder you shit on DDs, and it got a lot of range.
      Also your rear turrets can turn 360° and the odd turret setup means you can get 6 guns on every target to your front while remaining well angled.
      I really loved this ship.

  2. I like the Gneisenau… but the Shineyhorse is better. Or maybe RNGesus just hates me because I could never get any decent results with the main guns.

  3. I never liked the Gneisenau it was my least favourite German BB of the line with 6 guns and the german dispersion you feel outgunned often, Scharnhorst is the better T7 German BB in my eyes

    • I love the gneisenau. It’s my go to ship for when I am not getting any good matches. I have the schrahorst as well, but prefer the gneisenau in a lot of cases (good luck fighting t9’s in the schrahorst 😉

    • In my experience, the Bayern literally had worse accuracy than the Gneisenau. The only German BB I did not like was the Bayern.

    • Max Saviano I thought the Bayern was supposed to have one of the best sigma…

    • Strange that you think that the Gneisenau is the worst ship in the line, I loved every single ship in the German BB line except one. The terrible F. Der Grobe. I really don’t know why, but I absolutely hated that thing. As soon as I researched the Grosser Kurfurst, I sold it. I don’t plan on getting it back.

    • @Max Saviano I just got the Gneisenau and I found this to be the same as well. I get more reliable hits at mid range despite the lesser number of guns

  4. Emile Bertin is amazing T5 cruiser…

  5. Destroyer Inazuma

    Good game! the Germans are cool. off topic I like the nickname “Sharu” because it reminds me of the only good character in one below average harem anime.

  6. skeletaur skull night

    A lots of if you say ? But argentina won ! Et aller la France ! !!!!!

  7. I liked this ship

    • One of my favourite T7s as well. Pretty small in size (Somehow has less concealment the the much larger american BBs, but eh). It’s quite nimble when it gets going, decent armour, gets the 50% benefit of manual secondaries.

    • Me aswell. Its either you love her or you hate her. My brother hated her 😉
      Ill never forget my first match ever with the Gnei, because i scored a kraken.

    • The only ship I skipped in the german line after 10 games. Its not garbage but if dispersion fucks u over u have almost no fun if u cant get close and use your torps. Scharnhorst is soo much better in that regard.

    • AtotheK 101


    • She can be a troll, but she’s still a fine ship to run if you enjoy hunting cruisers or shredding planes.

  8. Gneisenau would prolly be my favourite tier 7 but with proper guns…ofc they had to give it three Bismarck turrets because Scharn is premium and must be somewhat unique ingame >.<

    • Those exact guns _were_ intended to be mounted during a future rift, so it’s not as much a “what if” as other ships in the game.

    • Well, it was a planned upgrade for both ships and the guns and turrets were in production, too. The 38cm turrets for those two ships ended up in Norway as shore battery.

      Still, I feel that BB with 6 guns, like the Gneisenau and Myogi, should get a slight improvement to their dispersion, as to not be as frustrating to play at times. It really is a crapshoot with just 6 guns each time you pull the trigger. With the 16 shells of the Lyon, however, no matter the dispersion, you are almost guaranteed to have at least one or two shells land on the target.

    • Gme the 380’s I like doing massive pen damage thanks.

  9. I thought I hate the Nagato most of all BBs… until I played Gneisenau. It takes damage like nothing else, and it will put RN cruisers to shame with how fragile it is. No matter the angle, distance or what is shooting at you, you WILL take damage and quite a lot of it. The gun accuracy couldn’t be more retarded even if it tried. If a Lyon spots You it’s game over, 3 max 4 salvos and you are in port. I first got the Gneisenau when there was still this bug in the game where the aiming module was DECREASING your accuracy instead of increasing it so you can just imagine my frustration and how bad it was. But I sort of understand what people see in this ship, I on the other hand will take Lyon over Gneisenau every single day.

    • Well Lyon has still the choice of burning u to a crisp. Getting up close without dying unnecessarily is quite hard nowadays.

    • Elevenms meh it cant do shit against bbs that know how to play

    • if you’re complaining about lack of guns and shitty dispersion, i agree with you. but taking alot of damage from a rn bb? yea sure that applies to everything

    • That applies to every ship in the game maybe except for the Conqueror.

    • You can say that about any ship that can fire HE. That’s about the only thing the Lyon can reliably do to hurt a gneis. There is always going to be BBLife RNG but outside of getting lucky all it can do is tickle a gneis unless it resorts to long range HE spam.

  10. Commander Nightingale

    Well Flambass, there is are a few decent tier5 ships…Giulio Cesare/revolution..Kirov,Furutaka and Emile Bertin for cruisers and I have heard that Nicholas is decent…

    • Yeah but I personally don’t play tier 5 anymore. I spent a lot of time in tier 5 back in the day when only premium I had was tier 5 😉

    • Commander Nightingale

      Flambass : So I heard you say :3 I’m just saying that despite your opinion there are some good tier 5’s :p

    • I agree with flambass t5 is just agony and I never play it. But your pick the Giulio Cesare and Emile bertins are extremely strong in T5. Both are known for their speed. The Cesare I played a few games in last month had a teammate grinding the American DD line So he was on Nicholas I picked Cesare and omg was that and epic game. I got a kraken and did 143k damage in that ship which is unheard of in t5s But the real impressive part was just the amount of torps I dodged had to be over 30. That ship handles like a dream if T5 is your thing and your a bb player then that ship should be your top choice. I think I’m at an 80% win rate in it its just that good.

    • Commander Nightingale

      SithLordmatthew : The first game I ever played in Giulio I did 78k damage, which doesn’t sound impressive until you realize that I hadn’t slept in close to 24 hours at that point and was basically asleep at the wheel..the ships a beast..and I’m hoping He gets even better with a more experienced captain 🙂

  11. Gneisenau is my all-time favourite battleship with Konig, Kongou and Nassau following closely. The problem with Gneisenau isn’t anything on Gneisenau herself. It’s players not understanding that she’s not really a battleship so much as she is a heavily armoured battlecruiser. Play her to those strengths and you’ll have a good time. Just don’t bother BB-dueling with her. Her gun count makes it mostly untenable

    • Dueling isn’t the same as brawling. I mean, despite her decent 19.5km range, the lack of accuracy at anything beyond 12km is not in her favour in the slightest. She brawls beautifully thanks to her torpedoes and secondaries, but she can’t duel.

    • So duel at 10-12km if you insist on dueling. Sitting at these near max ranges in any BB is a massive waste of your HP, armor and firepower. Anyone can sit at long range and farm damage and have zero impact on the match.

    • You’ve missed the point. Gneisenau is _not_ for duel thanks to her low gun count and awful dispersion. You just don’t have the DPM. It’s fine to instigate the duel, but then you need to be able to turn it into a brawl.

    • *shrugs * sounds like a “you” problem.

    • To be fair, i run the rotation module over the accuracy module

  12. The real Gneisenau had 3 guns per torret WOW should fix this !

    • KAD I would still like to try her with 3 guns, mayby the dispersion will be more acceptable.

    • Impossible Jonathan

      KAD Yep. I might have messed something up.
      However the point was that she was almost completed in this configuration you could call the Gneisenau historically accurate as she is.

    • Impossible Jonathan yeah you are right. I like the set up. The 3 guns per turret is the schrnhorst with 280 mm guns instead of 380mm. The gneisenau is 2 knots faster because she has less belt armour.

    • Thats called the Sharnhorst in this game

    • No she wasn’t “almost completed in this configuration.” Gneisenau (mounting 3×3 280 main battery at the time) completed the famous “Channel Dash” of January 1942 with only minor damage from a mine hit, but then she was seriously damaged by an aerial bomb while in port in Kiel in February of 1942. It took the Germans until early 1943 to simply repair this damage. By this time, Hitler had had ordered a complete cessation of all new or upgraded captial ship construction. As a result, not a single 380mm turret was ever even partially installed on Gneisenau. Instead, in 1943 all of her primary and secondary battery armament was removed and used in shore batteries, and she remained a disarmed hulk for the rest of the war..

  13. That dispersion made me sell it. Otherwise it is a decent ship, good armor, good mobility, torps.

  14. flambass, T-22 at tier 5. i found it to be amazing

  15. In tier 5 play Giulio Cesare, that’s a fast BB.

  16. Stream WC2018 maybe ?

    Thx Croatia for removing Iceland

  17. Achim Hanischdörfer

    The funny thing about Gneisenau, Like Bismark, Friedrich and KG is, that the dispersion is MUCH tighter at range. So even though they have good secondaries and such, pushing isn’t always the best idea.
    I don’t know if that is by WGs design choice or an artifact of the game mechanics and the German BB shell weight and muzzle velocity.

    • You must be the 1st ever to state such a thing xD

    • Achim Hanischdörfer

      It is my perception. But when I played through Bismarck and Friedrich I regularly got 15+k at ranges between 18km and 21km.
      I don’t understand either. When brawling, they are the worst shotguns.
      And for some reason, the 420mm guns on Kurfürst are more precise at close ranges, the 406s at long ranges, but the 406mm by their reload are better suited for brawling, and the 420 better suited for long range.

      German BBs are not logical

  18. The problem with Gneiss is that this ship needs to be played really aggresively which is something most people aren’t used to in a BB. Yes, it has shitty guns but that’s why you don’t really on them until you get midrange (<12km). Instead, you make full secondary build and try to take enemy by surprise. I was often getting Krakens thanks to the godlike secondaries, high speed, turtleback armour and torp launchers. Most BBs are helpless if you get close to them, same with cruisers (most people fail with torps on cruisers). Tier 7 is probably the last tier which is fun to do suicidal rushes like that and still gives you rewards for such behaviour. Bismarck doesn't encourage similar gameplay, especially with TX DDs in sight. Remember, brawling is the way for ze Germans!
    PS. Gneiss is my most favourite brawling ship alongside with Konig, the best T5 BB (not hard when you look at the competition) in game, with high accuracy, good AA, godlike handling and armour and best in tier secondaries. On the other hand, Bayern is probably the worst experience I had in this game and the only free exp skip after a painful 20 losing streak. Gneiss is a sniper compared to Bayern which has Mikasa's level of accuracy.

    • I wasn’t even secondary speced here, it’s the old Tirpitz AA + survivabilty build 😉

    • @Flambass
      AA builds are partially secondaries so hey! 😀 BTW, on Gneiss I like to NOT pick Manual Secs for my captain to have them firing on both sides at the same time. I often run into brawling situations when I rush between two enemy BBs that eat shit before and after they get torp’d. Most BaBies are too slugish to react with ramming or shoot you on the side (which doesn’t work anyway, thanks to the armour scheme).

    • DrAhzek

      Try out a full AA build Gneisenau ( AFT+BFT+ MAA+ AA range Upgrade + the Upgrade wich gives you secondarys and AA Guns more HP ) and then div up with a good Kaga Player and you both add each other VERY WELL you can have 7.5km with 360DPM long range AA and some nice short + mid range. … that on a tanky and fast bb with unbreakable AA/SECs is a very nasty monster

  19. Don’t really follow the WC but isn’t the rule that if England loses, riot; England wins, riot?

  20. Aim? In a German BB? Pfffffffffffffffft who needs aiming, aiming lowers your DPM…

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