World of warships – A good tier 7 cruiser

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I decided to play some tier 7 and tier 6 ships that I think are good but I didn’t play in a long time so expect few vids coming out on some tier 6 and 7 ships that I would recommend you give a go 😉
Here is in my opinion a GOOD tier 7 cruiser and quite possibly one of the best, especially considering it’s NOT a premium so it is available to everyone with a bit of grind.


  1. Cyka is not rasha ship this is wrong only rasha ships good ships

  2. you dirty seal clubber…

  3. I have an idea! What about smoke that takes away halve the radar range. Kind of a radar jaming smoke screen. The thing would be one would have to unlock it.

    • They said they’re working on some sort of radar jammers

    • Thats good news. Even as a BB and heavy cruiser kind of person im greatful to see a fix in bound for our DDs.

    • All they have to do to balance radar, is to make it not work through islands.
      Would make DDs lives a lot simpler if they had to put their ship in the line of fire if they want to radar you.

    • I prefer not to over cook the matter. Simple fix is the best fix.

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

      That wouldn’t make sense Alexis Spoor…
      The USN Navy – utilised Smoke to hide their fleet – so that their opponents would be unable to see them… In return they used Radar fire control systems to detect and shoot their opponents…
      Sadly the firing in smoke stealth bloom nerf – prevents this from happening.

      But – honestly they should just fix radar, hydro and AA going through islands – it would solve allot of the game’s meta. AKA hide behind island and pop radar/hydro/def aa – to spot enemies and slaughter planes trying to drop you, next to islands.

  4. Bran Tse Mallory

    Thanks for posting this. T10 matches are so boring due to every CC posting more or less nothing else.

  5. Fiji is a beast, I just wish it had atleast 4 torps :/ regardless I enjoy it so much

  6. Sir Raint, Knight of Silverwing

    Fiji is the most forgiving for a tier 7 cruiser. Her only drawbacks are rather similar to her peers, BB shells must be avoided at all cost. Her lack of HE shells means that destroyers can bounce Fiji’s shots given the proper angling of the targeted destroyers.

  7. Sooo what happened to WG saying that Heal Party is a tier 9 perk and they won’t change that but British cruisers get both smoke and heal? I knew they had smoke but didn’t know they had heal at tier 7. Meanwhile I’m suffering having to hide and play safe grinding to tier 9. Ugh, such a pain to play tier 8 cruisers with no heal against tier 10

    • they have heal all the way up the line and even with that it’s easy to kill them

    • Brit cruisers are also a citadel waiting to happen (even more than most cruisers).Also the non-prem ones don’t get HE.  Basically no one would play them if they didn’t get heal.

    • Well no one wants to play the US or IJN cruisers because they have no heal and are also easy to citadel (not as easy as RN I agree) but still. They need more armor or a heal. The tier 9 consumable excuse is not enough. RN has smoke to make up for the ultra light armor

    • +MrSpud “…no one wants to play USN and IJN cruisers…” are you high, or what?

    • Umm… The tier 3 british cruiser, the Caledon, has a heal.

  8. I really enjoyed the Yorck as well even tho before getting it everyone kept telling me it’s shit. Try that one out maybe?

    • ^IJNs fire at a slower rate but they’re still rather popular. My only problem with Yorck is that it’s hard to use her AP at mid-long range so you’re pretty much stuck with HE, and we all know how german HE performs with less guns firing them per salvo. The 1/4 pen helps a lot tho but the alpha is still not there

    • I think it works best as a support early game but is a beast in mid-late. At the start it’s range is it’s saving grace and coupled with a decent rudder shift time means that you can dodge most incoming fire (unless you’re unlucky/don’t pay attention). So you HE support at the start and come closer once the herd is thinned out a bit to utilize that AP and maybe even that 4 torp launchers. Also you can afford to be more aggressive because of your health pool and armor

    • I think so too, but it’s just that some other cruisers can do it better. And her HP pool is actually the 3rd worst out of her T7 colleague, only several hundreds better than Shchors and Abruzzi. Fiji is out of the equation because of heal

    • I just realized that she’s really not up there with her health pool, interesting how, for me at least, neither Myoko nor New Orleans seem to live as long as the Yorck does in spite of having a considerable larger HP pool. Probably due to the armor, and being at longer range, dunno. It just suited me more, I felt confident in it

    • I feel you on the HE thing. It was a huge change for me to switch to HE spamming in a German boat but it works out well. The HE on the Yorck absolutely crushes DD’s if they get close and the fire chance is decent enough for pelting BB’s early on. If cruisers get <10km away your AP will shred them. Just gotta remember not to stay broadside while you wait for that reload.

  9. Is Hans on holiday…I haven’t seen him collecting papers from anybody in a while…

  10. Fiji is so powerful. I LOVED playing her, one of my favorites of the line.

  11. I actually like the Fiji more than the Belfast! Great game!

  12. I wanna see Flambass play a game with the Omaha or Phoenix (my least favorite ships that I have played so far)

  13. [puts geek glasses on the nose] Actually… Algerie is a really decent cruiser that can take a LOT of beating when used properly. It has the range, it has the speed (with boost) and it has a really decent front armor to bounce quite a few shells. It certainly can take more beating than most T8 cruisers despite not having the heal. And of course it has 3 9km torps each side.

  14. Controversial opinion: I think the Fiji is more powerful than the Belfast. The torps make pushing her dangerous and the heal allows you to play more aggressively.

  15. Fiji is a really strong T7 cruiser. However, I do even better with Shchors. IFHE plus extended duration spotter plane to extend range out to 20 km makes it work. Then of course there’s Belfast.

  16. Flambass, I’m having some trouble with the Königsberg. What do you recommend me to do?

    • Ships that have more firepower in their ass usual work like this: you engage enemy and start running away , staying on max range and kiting. You have 2/3 of your firepower there. When you see them giving up you turn in again and start engaging, repeat until targets are dead or you are 😉

    • Flambass Thanks!

    • And use those beautiful foreward gun and torp angles. As the turrets can Turn 360° you can wiggle a lot while chasing the enemy and use all your guns. I loved her pretty much. Nürnberg is a downgrade after Königsberg imO

  17. Fiji definitely seems to be a keeper in my line-up, what are the crew-skills you got?

  18. Why sound in your video is that much better than my ingame sound? I mean, didn’t I just playd it on litterally same rig?! Or youtube is a better game engine than WG’s game engine?!

  19. Finally a Fiji match! I just got mine yesterday and I’m already 40k from the Edinburgh… Fiji is a brilliant ship!

  20. Fiji – one of my favorite ships in the line. Too bad i was done with her so quickly – now at T8 and love the Endinburgh as well.

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