World of Warships – A Guide To Not Giving a F#ck

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In which we take a look at a collection of battles where no fucks were given. None. Promise.

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  1. FailedTo InstallTaco

    Guide not clear. Adopted World of Warships as my own son, and he is in college now! I’m so proud son I love you

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  3. WoWs is the new WoT… still better than Gaijooooobles

  4. Thanks for the feature koala, great vid as always! Love to see your wows content!

  5. LOSS clan, lets go boiiiss

  6. Jimmiar Reltherford

    Loving how Koala sounds like a Scottish Jingles XDXD hilarious video!!!

  7. Holy Shite dat is one strung skootish acxent

  8. Your ‘Jingles Laugh’ is coming along nicely

  9. Oh my… JIngles! The Scottish are not gonna be happy with you, making fun of their accent like this! 😮

  10. I got a new top level of the “Stupid but it works” recent tier 8 1v1 ranked… equip ramming flag on bismarck and shoved my way to rank 1

  11. I find it so funny how bias Wargaming is in both WOW and WOT lol. Not only does Russia have more paper ships than anyone, they couldn’t build any of those battleships if they wanted to because they didn’t have the resources, know how and technology! The last REAL battleship Russia built was dreadnought named Imperator Nikolai l in 1915!!!! During the 1930’s they tried to build some more battleships but was only got as far as laying down the hulls. At that time Russia didn’t have the manpower or technology to produce a modern battleship. So the paper battleships you see in WOW would not have been ANYWHERE as good as they are in the game!

    • That’s why it’s a game and not real life. Not that they’re balanced, but every line in wows has paper ships. The Montana, GK, Alsace, Venezia, Izumo, were all paper, or at best also had hulls laid down

    • Sabastian Wargny – You must not have understood what I was saying. Of course there are paper ships in every line but the Russian line is just about all PAPER! Also the US could actually build it’s paper ship Montana, unlike Russia with it’s high tier ships! There is no way Russia would have been able to build a Kremlin, at least not to the specs in the game. It would have been much weaker in compared to the US Montana. But in WOW Russia seems to be able to have all these overpowered paper ships.

    • Had it not been for ww2 they could have completed them. They had italian naval help. Hence the pugliese system(the russians fucked up making it but still). They had know how and then post war had the giulio cesare ofc it “wasn’t” sunk by italian frogmen post war. So they could have copied the italian designs built for them tashkent kirov giulio and the up ship design.

  12. What did you hit with those 3 torps in the emerald?

  13. lol nice hes that evil bear that jumps down on you out of the tree!!

  14. Odd how everyone appears to loathe the Emerald. Me? Love that ship. She’s a nippy little bugger compared to the other tier 5 CLs (Top speed? meh. Turning circle? Respectable. Acceleration and speed retained in the turn? Oh aye!), strong consumables and the torpedoes – oh the torpedoes! Single fire custom spreads, use the first two to bait them and then follow up with the rest.
    On the topic of dumb things that somehow work – DD hunting in a secondary specced Bayern. Everyone else runs from the DDs, I get in secondary range as well as loading HE. Fun times 🙂

  15. That mischievous cadence… THAT DAMN TONE

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