World of Warships- A Hybrid American Battleship Split Line, & Full Release Of Subs Are Coming Soon

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Hey guys, today we take a look at the news coming out of the Roadmap announcement today, and…

Waterline Article:

Ross Rowley:

Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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Music: Stranger Think- C418
Ross Rowley:

Music: Stranger Think- C418
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0:00 Video Intro
1:37 Submarines Full Release
6:26 US Hybrid BB Split
11:53 European DD Split
12:47 Closing Thoughts


  1. I feel like Kearsarge actually looks nice compared to what was in the Waterline. But like Kearsarge, I’d say that line will actually take some skill to pull off, seriously a good Kearsarge is just oppressive, but bad ones are just stat pads.

    As for subs, I really believe that they should wait longer and see how the Ping + Streak will affect them and other classes before implementing. Right away next update is…… questionable at best?

    • I mean that logic works for every ship

    • Next up… Carrier Subs.
      u know… so sub captains will have something to do, while they are undetected by everything.

    • Players won’t do well in that ship unless they’re already proficient in playing CVs.

    • Problem with Kearsarge players, a lot of them, is that they play it like a CV, you see them way in the back, just launching planes, they don’t move, they don’t shoot their guns, anything, they just launch planes, and I find these kind of players in like a 8/10 ratio.

  2. This madness will hopefully at least prove to be entertaining for a short while. I know someone who is very excited at the thought of tech tree hybrids.

    • I don’t think much is gonna change compared what it’s now, also more likely there’s fewer subs. For a long time now, everyone’s had free rental subs. There have been combat mission promoting people to play subs. At least now people who wanna play subs will have to grind them. I would assume this means less players playing subs. But I really don’t see there be more subs than what’s already in randoms right now.

  3. *Looks at hybrid ships*
    “Their Developers were so preoccupied with if they could, they didn’t stop to think if they SHOULD…”

  4. The best thing about this news update is the legendary Pan-Asian commander coming for the Lunar New Year. I feel like people focus too much on the American hybrid battlecarriers and the submarines, that was to be expected. Even the Pan-European destroyers which they gave little information about are too vague to be hyped for.

    • Despite the vagueness, I’d say the Pan-Euro DDs turned out well. (admission up front, I am a newbie. Three months playing, maybe.) I chose to start with them because they force you to learn DD positioning, and thus far, they’re my favorite tech tree line. The IJN has better ability to shotgun, but I live much longer in the pan-euros than I do the IJN torpedo boats.

      Admittedly, this is because I tend to forget that the IJN torpedo boats 1) have horrible guns, 2) have smokes, and 3) don’t have heals. In other words, I try to play them like Pan-Euros and get punished for it, as I should.

    • @NiveusLuna My guy, I’m not talking about the Halland line… I’m talking about the new Pan-European destroyer line with up to 140mm guns that was announced.

    • @dzello ah. My mistake.

  5. Widespread submarines may be the final kick I need to drop WoWS. Depends on how it works out.

    • If cvs weren’t enough of a game killer they want to introduce yet another class that is all but immune to attack if it’s played right. Just the other day I was chased by a sub and there was nothing I could do about it but slowly die from repeated pings and homing torps every 20 seconds from invisible and invincible subs. Unless you have someone to spot a sub for you you can’t do a damn thing about them but die from their ABSURD homing ping bs. Just as bad as cvs.

    • Life gets so much happier once you drop this toxic relationship disguised as a game lol.

    • @DonOsprey I’m sure I can find better uses for the money spent in this game.

    • I could understand it. Subs are broken. I don’t remember how many times was shotguned by one in the last year. Disgusting.

    • I did a while ago. Best decision I ever made.

  6. The amount of ships people request everyday to be put into the game is kinda absurd. There are plenty of ships, historical and fake, that WG could add to the game and I’m fairly certain that WoWs won’t be running out of ships anytime soon. In my opinion, the hybrid line was born because hybrids as a concept was so successful for selling premiums; people bought it and WG is happy to deliver more. It’s less that WG is running out of ideas and more that WG is actually listening to player base.

  7. well subs have to have something to farm. Remember hybrids have no ASW

  8. Submarines coming was never a question after they started testing. Doesn’t matter what the community thinks, once they put that much effort in we were getting them no matter what.

    • More sunk cost is sinking the game experience.

    • I anticipate sooo many premium subs coming down the pike. The British sub line pretty much confirms gunboat subs will be a thing. M1 for starters, probably followed by Surcouf. Then, ze Germans will get the Type XI and of course there will have to be some sort of Soviet paper monstrosity for “Balans”.

      And more hybrid surface ships almost guarantees the much anticipated arrival of I-400 and every other sub-carrier concept you can think of. Like there was any real doubt before.

    • @joe pacak not looking forward to it myself. The gun boat subs alone pumps up the lack of realism. Deck guns are fine when you are attacking a merchant vessel, but one hit from a warship and submerging becomes permanent.

    • @drcruelty Surcouf was a thing.

    • KaiserWilhelmShatner

      At least WoT stopped with the wheelies after one line.
      Ships is going full speed ahead icebergs be damned!

  9. They could’ve done a Spanish cruiser line, Spanish DD line, South American cruiser line, South American DD line, and a US DD split. These would have a mix of copy paste ships and paper ships yes but they would at least be mostly historical and not this bs.

    • Actually a Pan Am DD can be done to T10 using ships that were actually scratch built and served for navies of Chile and Columbia. Look up 7 de Agosto and Almirante Williams .

    • Or canadian dd line with crawl smoke

    • Hybrids for the USN were planned in the 60s I think, but if they were so adamant about jamming more planes into this dumbed down game, they could have let the Japanese have the first hybrid tech tree.

    • They need to do the Japanese fast battleship line, Amagi will be the starting point with the Tosa class replacing her on slow battleship line and either make an improved version of the Kii class at tier 9 or have the Number 13 class at tier 9 with 8 18 inch guns and a tier 10 with 9 18inch guns.

  10. add rhs averof (armored cruiser) too

  11. it would have been more appropriate to use the IJN CL/CA split to play with a dedicated hybrid branch, as this nation had them…Oyodo still missing, and Tone could do with/requires a buff in reload speed for its nimble and fragile float planes…in a bit disappointed…

  12. Would love if they added Piorun. Might actually come back just to get her.

  13. If WG is looking to keep player interest, it must be easier for them to add crazy new ship lines rather than new game modes. I would rather have new game modes, but probably they are afraid they mode might fail and that would be too much sunk resources.

  14. Sounds like a great time for everyone to play Worcester! No carrier tortures a Worcester.

    … I’ll see myself out.

  15. Wouldn’t this have made more sense in the Japanese tree? The only country to ever actually use hybrid ships?

  16. There is simply no way WG could actually be running out of ideas. The player base has been clamoring since day 1 for more historically important ships to make their appearance (Laffey, Johnston, Washington, New Jersey spring to my mind in the 30 seconds it took me to write this). Easy to add (most as sister ships of those already in game), easy to balance, and a pretty easy paycheck for WG. Instead they go out of their way to add game-killing stupidity.

    • All of those ships would make great premiums, but it’s harder to make a whole tech tree branch out of cool interesting famous historical ships.

  17. The prospect of facing more subs and more planes in randoms kind of affirms my inclination to just play Ops in the new format – which has been really fun so far.

  18. I enjoyed the video. One thought: “Naval engineers going crazy at WG HQ?” Try “Bean counters going crazy at WG HQ!” I think the naval engineers were kicked out faster than Amazon kicked their Tolkien expert off the set of ‘Rings of Power’.

  19. Buddy dont forget that WG is “soviet” company = T10 or 9 might be one of 4 Polish destroyers that was in Polish nave after ww2 … but as a Pole I say that is BULLSHIT , Poland had own Polish tree ! , but they moved in to European that is basically Swedish , Poland had enough destroyers to have own T1-T10 line + side line T8-T10 then Poland also used Denae cruisers ORP Dragon & Condrad , Dragon in in game … Denae , there are more possibilites even for BB line there where pland to transfer 6 US battleships after ww2 , and in ww2 Poland also had option to get Franch battleship Paris = sister ship of T4 Coubert , and on paper side if WG need CV in Polish line , well Poland own a CV … Graff Zepplin that is in Polish waters and is property of Poland (is not war grave = is Polish) , so Poland kinda own CV (I should not write that because someone from WG might read that ) … but soviet minded wont do that because of russian pathetic mindset.

  20. Hybrids coming full swing into WoWS doesn’t really surprise me… not much that wg does surprises me actually. Kearsarge was a knock at the door… as well as Ise and Tone for the hybrid idea. Paper and real life ships so there is some precedent.

    Anybody familiar with the series of games: warship gunner, warship commander? Way back on PS2… hybrids were in that game too.

  21. Not lying, they can actually do that to Illinois or Kentucky, the two cancelled from the class.

  22. At least we have more gun which is okay.

  23. I’m happy as a clam to finally have the subs in the tech trees. Hopefully we start seeing some dope premiums like the Surcouf, or maybe the I-400 keeping with the hybrid idea

    • Imagine a Typhoon sending missiles to obliterate the other team while they are still in port deciding between AB, or CD, etc. Realism.

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