World of Warships: a Look at Black Friday Ships

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What the Black ships look like that are sold during Black Friday. The ships with a Black version are: Graf Zeppelin, Scharnhorst, Sims, Alaska, Massachusetts, Asashio, Atago, and Tirpitz.
These Black ships were given to me by Wargaming.


  1. RNGesus blessed me and I got all 4 in 13 crates.

  2. 10 crates nothing but camo and premium time ? always my luck

  3. Literally, the only premium ship I want is the Graf Zeppelin ever…

  4. I waited for the nice black Friday discount on the Alaska B to save my free xp. Then it shows up as a whopping 15% discount hahahaha. No thanks, Wargaming.

  5. these ships stole my bike

  6. Tirpitz B has her secondaries replaced with drive-by ready Dodge Chargers

  7. Sons of Odin World of warships

    The Graf Zeppelin camo is as sexy as Hell! Glad I have her

  8. MackDye Transformers

    Just the video i was looking for. Thanks for showing off the in game look of the black ships.

  9. Wait, GZ no longer has Hydro?

  10. Once Aerroon went black, he never went bacc

  11. Nice review but please use new york port instead for the best and optimal lightning and ship visibility

  12. open container video please! :O

    • Ehh, I think I only have a few black friday containers. Most of them are just regular containers that I just can’t be bothered to open.

  13. What if they added Saratoga premium and made it carry the 8 inch guns

  14. …why in Hell did they leave out the curvy patterns on the GZ planes? Flying pitch black darts is so boring, silver inlay patterns on the other hand.. HNNNNNG!

  15. *Sigh* i was expecting VG to release a Black black this season.

  16. I love that I used the Graf Zepplin N as an offensive 2ndary platform lol. I’m hoping the GZB’s sweet paint job will lure in unsuspecting prey. I wish the planet’s armaments were silver like the boat’s trim.

  17. Mr Gibbins made secondary double kill on Graff Z yesterday on stream ?

  18. I Got 2 ships in a 5 container buy. 🙂

  19. If the ships looks Awesome it makes them 10x time better!!! True Fact.

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