World of Warships- A Look Back At Conqueror

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Hey guys, today I take a look back at a ship I have had some history with, the Tier X battleship, Conqueror.

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  1. The effects of this ship’s addition can still be seen. Every game I have a BB on my team that is spamming HE, it doesn’t matter if his HE shells suck or not he will spam that shit like there’s no tomorrow.

  2. With all them HE spamming players when i get mad i take my Conq full HE and let them cry on my HE usage and the unreal heal LOL. Look lil HE spamming , rock hugging, smoke concealed, WG’s favorites players, i printed my self a New ship……….

  3. I have a 14% winrate but 155k average damage in my Conq, beat that.

  4. Yep she is much better now

  5. Evangeline Anovilis

    Conqueror does not repair more citadel damage, it repairs more normal pen damage – up to 75% instead of normal 60% of RN BB and 50% of normal BB.

    I don’t like the high tier RN BBs beyond Monarch, because I disagree, their AP is bad. Not because it’s short fuze, but because it’s garbage in so many ways. Accuracy: 1.8 sigma, USN/RN base, so basically among the worst (Germans and Alsace are worse, but they excel elsewhere); Shell velocity: Garbage. Penetration: Among the worst. Like, Germans are inaccurate, but they at least get fast shells, fast reload and have better penetration. USN has slow shells, but they have accuracy and pen. IJN manages to be good to decent in all three areas and Kremlin obviously is good in all three areas. But the RN 406/419 options? They are outright shit. Yes, you can AP blap some ships with them, but only when any other BB could too. Monarch too has accuracy that isn’t great, but at least at its tier, Germans and French are worse in terms of accuracy and Monarch has better reload and is comparable to Bismarck in pen and shell velocity, so while you don’t have the vaunted accuracy of NC, you also don’t get the dreadful shell velocity where most people who pay attention can just dodge.

    Thunderer hopefully can be decent, given the 457s at least have some accuracy and shell velocity over the 419s. But with current version, I wonder: Will the only point of playing Thunderer be because 457 Conqueror is no longer available, when it’s pretty well-known that 457 Conqueror is just not good enough to compete with 419 Conqueror? Because if I had to choose between a Conqueror heal and Thunderer heal, yeah, it’s pretty clear which is better. But we’ll see. They said they upped the accuracy on the Thunderer, which might be nice, though cruisers get slapped into their face once more.

  6. In my today conq game: bow on shoots HE on 18km….30 secs later Yamato detonated me through bow

  7. That’s a good way to look at it, a “rework” vs a “nerf”. And I do agree wholeheartedly. While I don’t use AP enough to warrant taking EL on my captain, I’ve begun to use it a lot more, especially when you can hammer broadside Kurfursts and straight-up delete broadside Kremlins and cruisers. Brawling can be done; not like Warspite where you can take on two or three opponents at once and bleed them white before you get killed, but one on one or maybe 2 against one can be done. And the heal is nice now; torpedoes don’t hurt quite as much, and you last just a bit longer against IFHE spam from Harugumo, Worcester and Smolensk.

  8. I still run the 457s. I think you are incorrect that they are less accurate. I believe it is just the opposite, but you do have four less shells in the air. And when they hit, they hit much harder. In my opinion, the nerfs have made it more of a standoff spammer than before. With the raised citadel, it is no more or less susceptible to plunging fire at a distance than it was before. The exception being, it seems much more vulnerable to AP bombs than before. But with the raised citadel, you can’t really get in close without being instantly deleted. It’s fairly weak armor and low HP have kind of relegated it to a standoff BB. It was always a high damage low WR niche ship, that was fine before. I still play it as it is fun to light up Woosters, Zaos, and Smolys.

    • 457s are know to be worse, look at any youtubers content. All the CCs agree about this. the improved accuracy and harder hitting is not worth the lack of shells in the air

  9. Stop paying this fcking Game . the fcking Russian dont care about the playerbase the only thing what the want from you is your Money and you can see that how unbalanced the game have become . Right now in a MM you have more fcking HE firing cruiser than anything else and the BBs will be sooner or later complett dead in this game. The only good Ships become you as Premuim ship and there is where the Fcking Russian want you to spend your Money

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