World of Warships- A Look Back At The Hood

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Hey guys, today we’re gonna take a look back at the Hood and how she has aged, enjoy!

Music: Stranger Think- C418

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  1. Thunderer has DF as well.

  2. The Duke of York has a hydro

  3. I could personally never take out the Hood because I find the Nelson at the same tier a more enjoyable experience

  4. The best thing to happend in game with the hood its to get detonated by Bismarck
    history repeats itself

    • Or vice versa because of the reverse uno card lol

    • Too bad Rodney not in the game, or at least Nelson doesn’t have its torpedo
      I want to see “the only BB in the war (well in history) to torpedo and hit other BB” history repeat itself

    • If you get detonated you should put the detonation flag on your hood so you don’t get to be a one hit wonder

  5. Vanguard video next?

  6. I actually planned to buy Hood back in 2018, but ended up buying Vanguard instead (because Vanguard was my awaited Prems back then). I really hope that WG put DFAA on Vanguard too

    • You know you can just ask support for your Hood back right? Once per year they just discount the credits from you…

    • @Steve Franchise i didn’t say that i accidentally bought Vanguard instead of Hood, but I just liked Vanguard more (even though she’s not as historical as Hood). No worries, i can always get Hood later this year.

    • Wal Asri Fair enough the double meaning got me sorry.

  7. Hi Sea Lord.
    Do you think you could do video about the T9-10 Premium ships that are in danger of being removed (Just like Musashi, Kronsthad or Missouri).
    I ask because we are aproching that time of the year when they announce which ships are being removed. I know it would be just speculations, but it would help to which ship safe coal and steel for.

    • I think the Smolensk is a ship that might get removed in the future

    • SMOL and thunderer are most likely. smol for obvious reasons. but thunderer because shes secretly the second coming of Pobeda. steel ships should be safe. they’ve stood the test of time. Alaska might be next. After this PR fiasco, they might get salty and remove Alaska. LOL

  8. Bismark wants to:

    *Know your location*

  9. I appreciate that small smolensk roast hehe

  10. I remember my very first ever round in Hood….. Got mag detonated by a Bismarck… Not even kidding…

  11. the great book of grudges

    Freaking HOOD dude!!!

  12. Thunderer gets defensive AA

  13. Since i can’t remember you said you can play on the tst submarine server, I would give you mine, so you can test them and make vids etc.

    Just respond to this comment or message me on discord and I’ll give it to you. My Discord nickname is Streambotnt#9931 soo yeah

    I could also Email it to you given you want it like that.

    Have a nice day

  14. Nice vid Sea Lord, still aiming to get Hood someday.

  15. Its an awefull awefull ships with terible Dispertion. Its the purchase i regret the most in WoW.

  16. I have the Hood, had to get one. She’s a good ship in scenario, but her guns are some of the slowest loading and her turrets are slow to rotate. But still, not a bad ship.

  17. The thunderer also has Defensive AA as well much like the hood as well

  18. I’ve had more good games in HMS Hood than not, and I appreciate her historical significance. I need to be in the mood to play her though… as she does try my patience from time-to-time, particularly when up-tiered. Still it is fun to sink Bismarck with Hood… or to sink Ark Royal with Bismarck for that matter.

  19. What was the ship that flashed on the screen that was never built

  20. I’ve had the Hood for a while, I enjoyed the buff they gave her to her sigma values

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