World of Warships- A Look Back At Vanguard

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Hey guys, new instillation in an old series. Today we take a look at the Tier VIII Premium British Battleship, Vanguard. Enjoy!

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  1. Sea Lord can you please do Replay analysis videos?

  2. Would love to see a Kii look back. She’s a decent ship. And just like Vanguard no one talks about her anymore.

    • The only time I see Kii brought up is when credit grinding is mentioned, since the Kobayashi camo she has makes her the second best earner in the game, tied with Roma. I love Kii though. She’s my favorite Japanese battleship at the moment.

    • @Steve Martiniussen Thanks, but I don’t think I will buy another Japanese BB Premium, especially not since I’m almost done with the Hizen grind.

      I was almost ready to give up on the Japanese BB line when I unlocked Nagato.
      The whole time, grinding through tier 4, 5 and 6, I was hoping I would finally get some good armor from Nagato upwards, because that too is something old reviews promised me. Then it turned out, Nagato was a squishy pinata and people told me Amagi isn’t any better.

      My experiences with Ashitaka, which is supposed to be like a stock version of Amagi, supported that gloomy prediction, so I was close to giving up because I was sick of playing BB without armor and getting citadelled through the bow and stern in every battle.

      But then I unlocked Amagi and it turned out, even with the first hull, she is surprisingly tough and survivable. Angling finally does something.
      There is absolutely no comparison to Ashitaka. The main armament is the only thing those two have in common, but the armor and survivability is a totally different experience.
      In Ashitaka I would get citadelled from all sides, even by tier 5 and 6 BB and beefy HE salvos did almost as much damage as if I would have been citadelled.
      In Amagi I even sometimes bounce broadside hits from higher tier BB. Her stern and bow are solid and reliable and her sides are trollish.

      I like Amagi and it reinvigorated my determination to get the Izumo and Yamato.

      If Kii is a Amagi with torpedoes, as many people say, that sounds good to me, but I don’t think I will spend the money on another Japanese BB Premium.

    • @Steve Martiniussen good AA is a plus for sure, but being coated in 32mm with practically no torpedo belt, her secondaries are not worth investing into and torps are a gimmick, because realistically speaking you can rarely get close in a practical way to use your secondaries/torps without dying and not making a meaningful impact. She’s a rare ship because she’s a bad ship, stats wise at least.

    • @TrangleC Amagi it’s for sure my favorite ship in the game and i have a LOT of ships, i bought the KII this week and it’s has been super fun for me

    • Steve Martiniussen

      @Yichen Wu I dont play a ship based on stats, I make it perform

  3. It’s weird playing legends because this is a tech line ship.

  4. Fun fact: people will read the full comment if you put a fun fact infront of it.

    Also fun fact: Vanguard is the last battleship to be laid down but not the last to be completed, that honor goes to Jean Bart

  5. For any BB players interested in perhaps getting Vanguard as a premium ship for reasons (e.g. doubloons discount with coupon, historical bias, etc.), PLEASE DON’T. It has way too many cons that offset any pros, especially with its position with tier VIII matchmaking. Same goes for ships like Kii and Gascogne. This is a personal opinion: these ships are a waste of your doubloons – you might personally enjoy them in some way but objectively speaking they are not worth your money and time.

    • imo Vanguard rewards good players who play to her few strengths a lot, unlike a lot of other bbs at tier 8. You have to know what youre doing when you buy this ship, but if you do, shes definetly worth it.

  6. Please bring back the “look back” series, its such a nice help for people looking to buy older premiums

  7. what makes her special……..she prwettty

  8. Battle of warship Anas

    Please give the franch cruisers a try.

  9. Tamás Kerecsényi

    What i don’t like is that there is a physically modelled additional waterline armor at the aft just like at the bow, but the armor thickness is not added it’s only 32mm just as elsewhere meanwhile at the bow it’s 64mm. I raised a ticket at WG but they just said it’s nothing wrong, balance reasons, they might revisit at some point later and bla bla bla….

  10. 2:15 regarding the heal, it has the exact same heal as Thunderer, 60 secs cooldown (instead of 80) and 0,6% hp/sec healing, and with heal flag it’s like 0.72%. And no, it’s pretty far from being short of the drydock heal, which restored 2% hp/sec, 2,4 with the flag, so…

  11. When you look at the stats and specs of the real Vanguard, you’ll notice that they are pretty much identical to those of Bismarck. Dimensions, weight, engine power, armament, Vanguard was kind of a British copy of the Bismarck class.
    So it is quite correct if in game, it kind of feels like a mix between a British and a German BB, in some regards.
    I guess they didn’t want to make her play style and character too redundant, so they made her easy to citadel, but gave her a huge health pool and a decent heal.

  12. “battleship should use ap”. Laughs in Thunderer

  13. I got this out of a crate recently. I really like it! Sometimes I farm more money per match than I do with my Jean Bart B. I recommend buying it but learn how to play to its strengths.

  14. “I don’t play her super close to the enemy” *Is less than 1km away from a New Mexico* lmao.

  15. Console version has reload booster waterline citidel and the enhanced secondary gun targeting consumiable at the cost of a 16.7sec rudder shift

  16. At 3:43 look at the incoming hits and the resulting fires caused. lol

  17. AA wise WG gave her 5.25″ guns the performance of the 5.25″ mounts on KGV despite Vanguard in reality having a revised mount with much higher rate of fire.

  18. 4:32 reminder that Jean Bart is a thing, vanguard was the last to be launched iirc

  19. also can you make a vid on your reaction and thoughts on the upcoming additions mentioned in the waterline vid wg just released?

  20. What is the difference between “hard to play” and “challenging to play”?

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