World of Warships – A Man Called Dave

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In which Dave (not his actual name) scores a frankly unlikely amount of damage against an enemy team in what is arguably the worst cruiser in World of Warships. And yes, I say that knowing that the Krasny Krym exists.

With apologies to thoreltrolazo007, but let’s be honest here, with a name like that you were kinda asking for it!

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  1. Being a man called Dave I feel compelled to watch this.

  2. Ah Dave, I was wondering when he would show up again.

  3. I understand if a man just wants to sit on his ass for a week and just play world of Warcraft, but damn it’s good to watch a Wows video again:)

  4. Darkness Nighthingale

    Arilos & Dave return at once!
    Oh Jingles, you spoil us far too much.

  5. Ah, another Warships Video… Notification Squad, Grab some popcorn!!

  6. In the Soviet union everybody is equal, that is why only premium ship get good russian torpedo.

    There is another ship near tier VI with good russian torpedoes. It is the Murmansk, that has better torpedoes than both its american sister ship the Omaha and its russian tech tree cruiser and destroyer counterparts.

  7. Jingles, when are you going to admit that you are in Dave’s pockets? So many replays from him…

  8. Carrier should have used rocket planes instead of torpedoes

  9. Ah the Huanghue. The only ship i eaened inside a supercontainer ¯_(ツ)_/¯

    • @David Ferguson Krispy Kreme is actually better, after it got its buffs, it’s not that bad. Huanghe would be a better fit at tier 5…

    • I got a Saipan from a super container and only have 2 CV matches under my belt lol

    • Ouch.
      I’ve gotten Guillo Cesare (before it was banned) Mutsu and Prinz Eugen.

      And I’ve NEVER used Prinz Eugen or Guillo Cesare. I’ve used Mutsu like once or twice.

    • The only one I earned in a super container was the Varyag t3 lol.
      I bought the huanghe by steam for less than 4€ if I remember well (nice promotions on steam sometimes for WoWS, very cheap ships).

      …But still, always have faith ! Lol
      Who knows, may next time I will get a Missouri ? ? (….maybe……or not… lol) ?

    • @GenralMajors Cesare is actually quite good. Eugen is trash

  10. Arnon Lokitsataporn

    all the carrier had to do was bring rocket plane instead… *faceplant*

    • @ainumahtar Exactly! The Leander is way too nimble to be taken out with torps. Rocket planes would have smashed him to bits.

    • Joseph Oberlander

      The fashionable thing to do is to blame the carrier. But in this case, yeah, it is his fault.

    • Assuming he had surviving rocket planes and they were available, yes.

    • Arnon Lokitsataporn

      @Ursa Major no need to assume, it was 7 minutes since he last used rocket plane, his last use of rocket was on a DD. You know the rest

    • yup when you’re a carrier always use rocket planes near the end of the game. They are faster than the other planes, have much better survivability than other planes, and are really good at sinking low hp ships because they have the lowest chance of missing their target.

  11. Can we all just take a moment to congratulate Gedzilla in the Leander on the Victory, and Solo Warrior Award?

    • Gedzilla should have run and hid, but yes, there is two sides to every story, every game and Gedzilla delivered. Well done by him.

    • @Ursa Major , what Gedzilla did was keep himself in position to prevent the Gnveny from attempting to cap B with 8 minutes left in the match. That positioning is likely what made the Gnveny choose not to attempt the cap once it lost the QE escort.

  12. I think the loss goes to the 2 BBs that hung back instead of pushing B. They barely moved from spawn the entire game.

    • @A Deluded Potato Nah, sometimes I go have fun with Furutaka or Clemson and I do meet BB players who actually watch Jingles videos 😀

    • @A Deluded Potato You are, methinks, mistaken here: “competence” as per Terror’s intention was referring to the BB’s captains.

      Furthermore, your statement is fallacious. The GC absolutely rocks, the Kaiser and the König are still pretty decent, the Red October is at least useful, the Emperor Nikolai is just deadly, the Nassau will feed on anything but CVs in copious amounts (CV rework was shite, did I mention that?), the Albert will do the same, to an extent, the Bayern is super tough to this day, with okay-ish AA, the Fuso is a very good gun platform. While numerous tier VII BBs are actually let-downs: The Gneisenau is lacking guns, the Colorado is just terribly slow, the Nagato does feel a bit undergunned when compared to the Fuso (unless it hits properly, agreed), the Ashitaka is just a very good target, the DoY is mediocre, the Hood only slightly better, the Nelson very slow. The KGV is competent, from what I can tell, but her and maybe the Russian (a line I have not played) are the only two ships I would label “competent”.

      As usual, actual competence is a direct result of the crew manning the mouse and the asdw keys.

    • terribly sorry for the miscommunication, I was also referring to the captains, not the ships, being incompetent

    • @Ned Ryerson your forgot Mutsu 😀

    • @A Deluded Potato , New Mexico has T4 speed and T6 health, otherwise could easily be a T7 or T8 BB and is a bow tanking champ. I’ve lost count of how many T8 BBs thought they could just punch through my angled armor only to have them switch to HE 4 or 5 shots later. Germany’s entire line is pretty decent if you know how to BB and don’t just sit at the maps edge. In short a bad BB player at low tiers typically doesn’t get any better at higher tiers, while those that don’t suck at low tiers tend to get dangerous in the OP ships that are high tier BBs.

  13. The Enemy team was responsible for this soul crushing defeat for Dave, if their BBs had AP loaded, Dave would have been back to port in a normal defeat in Huang He.

    • In my experience that’s not guaranteed. I’ve found that firing HE at light cruisers at low tier gives more consistent results than AP, because that just overpens and does fuck all

    • @Tigara 12 I have to agree, I have Been using my BB to get them to T 6 and well It has been OP all the way a good solid salvo of HE on a CL will do the Job

  14. Why was the carrier using torpedoes? The leander has crap armor, a rocket squadron would have killed him several times over.

    • @kysz1 yeah, as a ranger and enterprise main, its a catch22, either you just do some scouting and your team calls you worthless, or you pick off isolated targets and the enemy team yells on Reddit “carriers bad plz remov”

    • @cpMetis , good point. The carriers team members were trying to hit the leander. By sending torp planes he was forcing even more unpredictable course changes making the leander even harder to hit. GG to the Furious, mistakes were made.

    • Rembrandt Shadows

      Some people like to challenge themselves.

    • @kysz1 The very reason I refrain from playing them.

    • @Infernos Gaming Seriously? Who the hell cares what ANYBODY yells on Reddit (or Twatter, or Facef*ck, or Instatwat)

  15. 215 shell hits, 19 fires?

    Thats one fire for 11 shell hits, and this ship isnt a Conqueror. Can I have his fire RNG please?

    • The PirateMongoose

      I know, right? I’m lucky to get 4 fires with 215 shell hits in the Mogami.


      Huanghe base fire chance is 12% up to 15% if he has DE and a couple of signals. Considering at this tier it’s likely no one has fire prevention he got unlucky and didn’t set more because often the enemy all ready had fires where he was hitting. At least 25 would be normal.

    • Go play the henri IV, 9 240mm guns firings every 10 seconds with a range of 20km, with the fire flags equipped its has +27% fire chance. With 100 hits i start on average 20-30 fires…. i love that ship to death

  16. ChristianD Torres

    thoreltrolazo007 = Thor el trolazo 007 = spanish for really gay Thor 007, poor james Bond. AKA DAVE

  17. Huanghe is a pretty good ship for operation aegis ^^

  18. To paraphrase Gen. Longstreet when asked why the South lost;
    “Well, I think the Red team had something to do with it.”

  19. Sérgio Vilas Boas

    Bad ship? Not great but I had a few great games in it. People tend to underestimate it…

    • Even bad ships can have good games. I got a solo warrior in a T7 match with an Emerald. If the opposing team is serious about throwing a match, it doesn’t matter what ship you are sailing.

  20. Isn’t the crispy creme worse than the Huanghe? (Krasny krim)

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