World of Warships – A Match Made In Heaven

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So the Matchmaker dumped you at the bottom end of the feeding chain again? You have two options – cry like a girl*, or bite back.

YouTube and Google both respect girls’ rights and have nothing but admiration for their toughness and resilience in the face of adversity. Truth be told, we’re scared of them. Yeah we said it. We’re scared of little girls.

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System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

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  1. Jingles: publishes a new video
    me: ‘Yamatogasm’

    • The Budgie Admiral

      Ara ara…

    • And miss a chance to make a Toto reference in a video title about the Yamato? Never!
      I mean, who wouldn’t want to watch a video called “Yamatoto” about a Yamato called Rosanna that’s struggling to hold the line?

  2. I’m gonna be frank here: if WG don’t put the TOG II in the game as a April Fools special, i’m gonna be disappointed.

    • @Adam Charman he means the tog II into WoWS as a april fools joke… r/whoosh

    • @john love is it really r/whoosh if it’s a real thing they’ve already done? they made world of warships in world of tanks (with the tog as a ship) back in 2018.

    • Calm down, Submarines on the way, but the USN and German ones come first. British submarines come later, so calm down, TOG will come, but not today. 😛

    • @StArShIpEnTeRpRiSe the TOG, only submarine with no torpedo launchers ??

    • @Adam Charman I know about that mate but that was in WOT console and I, and perhaps many others, either didn’t know that WG did that, or didn’t have a console to play on. Besides, WG has a larger audience on PC and they tailor their games as such; all I want is TOG II to sail alongside HMS Warspite and be the most overwhelmingly British thing since King Arthur.

  3. Knew I was gonna watch this again

  4. You know you watch Jingles too much when you’re sitting in bed with your girlfriend and she starts humming along to the intro theme…

  5. wait german BB’s have citadels i thought they were a myth

    • TheWuerstchenwasser

      That however only seems to happen to the GK, I at least had the exact same thing happen to me and went to sell my GK in pure rage. Never received any penetrating citadel hits in any other german BB before

    • @TheWuerstchenwasser From my humble experience: I citadeled a Bismark with Prinz Eugen. Not even a broadside, but from behind. 5km range, and he was sailing away, 4 hits from Pr.E. forward guns, 1 cit, 3 pens

    • I hated Flambass because I though he was German… but he is Slav Craotian brother , so now I like him.

    • @TheWuerstchenwasser GK I think is probably the best in the line, although the Gneisenau and Bismarck are close behind. You take citadels from very few guns (except this case, which is a very very rare occurrence). Basically the only guns capable of it when you are broadside at anything other than very long range are the Kremlin and Yamato, although I’ve also taken a citadel once from a Republique under similar circumstances.

    • From my experience, you gotta either be at extreme range (18+ km) or so close that your gun barrels are kissing their broadside.

  6. if flambass is playing you add to his ship tier +2 😀

  7. Damn it Jingles. You can’t just advertise a video that we’re never gonna see and then expect us to be alright with it.

  8. “You can tell he’s done nothing […] because he’s still alive” 😀

  9. It’s been my experience that the loudest, most toxic, know it all players in team chat usually end up at the very bottom of the xp list at the end of the match.

    • @Seafodder Best comment ever!

    • @Sean Martin If they were indeed played by Trump, all you would get is a bunch of young right-wing judges appointed, a tax cut for the wealthy/corporations, rollbacks of environmental protections, and a big beautiful wall paid for by Mexico (just kidding on that last one). And of course the already mentioned toxic chat (see @realdonaldtrump tweets for a plethora of examples). So yeah, not a lot of help for the home team.
      @Bunson Baker TDS?… Trump is a Deranged Sum’bitch?
      @Armygirlsdad I used to think the same thing. I’ve never voted for a Democrat in my life. 2020 may change that (as long as it’s not Warren or Sanders). Hell, I voted for Gary Johnson last time around because he was the least odious of the 4 “main” candidates. Yeah, I knew then that it was a throw-away vote but I couldn’t in good conscience vote for any of the others.
      @Blackwolfufk Hardly. But thanks for the thought! 🙂

    • Nope. There are lots of skill players who end up raging because they run out of patience with moron teammates. I’ve seen no correlation with raging and being crap.

    • I have more chat bans than i can count on both hands, and still end up top exp 75% of the time. Maybe I’m the exception to your rule

  10. “and then of course he sails straight into… the Gearings torpedoes”

    Actually Jingles, the Thunderer killed the Bismarck

    • In his defense, the Bismarck DID catch a Gearing torp first, then got killed by the Thunderer.
      Also in Jungles defense, at least he didn’t call the not quite deadly Gearing Torp a Daring shot or a Yamato secondary hit.

    • @Mike Stone I my defence , I did not knew freisland is underage ship , she have no torps ! ;P

    • Oh well, in HER defense, Friesland is a very hipster young woman who don’t need no torps to be a giant pain in the ass.
      First thing I met in my very shiny, very new Freddy the Great was an angry smoke screen with one of her lot inside and I didn’t like it. Spanked her ass. Wouldn’t have done that if she was underage. Promise … 😉

    • And here I thought the Bismark sailed into the Swordfish’s torps. ??

    • Actually DeadArashi, he never said the Gearing torps killed the Bismarck.

  11. Some of my best games come when I’m bottom tier in my Tirpitz. I think the fear of being the low tier causes me to play more cautiously and be more strategic with all those flamethrower cruisers and DDs in tier 10 looking to turn any BB, especially German, into free exp. The rain of fire that normally comes with tier 10 matchmaking is what makes it so unappealing, even in a tier 10 BB. I can live with less survivability and guns, but no amount of health or armor can save you from this meta that causes nonstop fires.

  12. “It’s always worth giving it your best shot”

    truer words were never spoken

  13. Now I know how I hit the citadel of a GK in my Yamato while it was angled. Damn I feel bad for both the guy in my game and in this one here. How unlucky do you have to be oof

  14. I wish Jingles would have been able to inculde the audio for some of the clips. Watched this video on Flambass’ channel and his reactions were hilarious

  15. Just drop the three pink game into a “Why You Heff To Be Mad” video.

  16. 11:30 “My theory is that that shell penetrated the conning tower, bounced off the captains beard and buried itself in the boiler room.”

    • redshirt 51is that actually a reference to something else, or just a requote from this vid?

    • Lewis Irwin Can’t recall what video that quote is specifically from… but t’is indeed a callback.

    • I love that quote. He said something similar in a G. Kurfursy replay. I THINK he said “That shot must have hit the bridge, bounced off the captain’s beard and buried itself in the magazine.” He said this because he citadelled an enemy G. Kurfurst from the front.

    • @Bobby Twotrees Yeah. He shot at a Montana and citadelled through the bridge. It’s had to remember exactly after, what, 2 years?

    • @TNTFreddan Yea I had to jiggle my brain cells for that. The few that were left after watching the broadsiding cruisers.

  17. *looks at title*
    “Oh, maybe some lucky guy had the best battle in the game!”

    *looks at whos playing*

  18. Well were almost to 2020 and I just remembered his first video of 2019.
    Flambass-“JINGLES IM COMING JINGLES” and “Somebody wake up the old man”

  19. The US Massachusetts, when you want German accuracy without German secondaries.

    • The Massachusetts is my favorite ship. Also the ship where I have my strongest win rate. Yep, I’m a 45 percenter potato, but my Massachusetts has a 56 percent win rate. I only wish my German battleships had the same accuracy as my Massachusetts. They’d be more enjoyable.

  20. Jingles : poor flambass in a tier 8 battleship.

    In reality poor red team had to fight flambass

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