World of Warships – A More “Accurate” Grind Calculations for “free” Puerto Rico.

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World of Warships – A More “Accurate” Grind Calculations for “free” Puerto Rico. apparently WG think I round up to much on the time, saying a game need 20 minutes, so I’m making revision using 10 minutes average time (cough cough cough) sorry I just eat my throw up, and instead using ball park of my more recent battle I should use my real average, according to WG, I’m an idiot. Looking at the new guideline for free Puerto Rico ship you must complete 7th directive within 1 day, good luck making 350k free exp in 1 day for those who are trying, assuming you need 6 to finish you can’t skip the 350k free exp grind at all unless you have european ship or purchase it .

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  1. First! Thank you for the commentary on the PR dumpster fire.

  2. Cool movie THX.

  3. Good for you mate. It’s not easy what you just did to make this video. Reinforces the level of difficulty of the marathon to my mind.

    • @minyaksayur Anyone that spends money to get this ship will find it to be a Pyrrhic victory at the least. Its just not worth it. This fiasco has by no means ended yet. Let us see what Wargamings riposte to the outrage will be. It better not be a new ‘dockyard video’. Did you see the latest? Dear god, its like they think they can piss on our shoes and tell us its raining.

    • @minyaksayur I’m trying to grind for the Gorizia, up to directive 3.

    • @Armadio Same, I’m trying to get gorizia too, but the second directive is already starting to look way more difficult than the first one. may be I’ll just do it in 30 days lol

    • @minyaksayur lol im almost finished the first. 800K credits to make and im finished the first

    • @Armadio Yeah I’m going to stream my wows daily in a few min, but good luck in the grind.

  4. There is no way this is “free”. This whole event is just a lie. It was easily avoidable for WG. All they had to do was make it a T9 ship. Then we could just ignore it. Being T10, this will be a clan battle ship that is only accessable for crazy amounts of money. This ruins the game for us that take Clan Battles seriously. Sure, Stalingrad was once only available to people who finished in the top league two seasons in a row. I was fine with this. It was a reward to some players for being at the top of competitive. Not everyone deserves a trophy. This is just, “Give us big money or get rekt fool.” P2W is what this makes the game and it ruins the spirit of competitive.

  5. OK, so I suck as bad as you do. *Looked at the numbers* There’s no way either of us could do this – even with all 3 *paid* boosters.

    That bites hard, because I genuinely love this game. I submitted a ticket. No response yet. If I’m denied, I’m leaving Wargaming in the past. I’ve given them too much money for them to blow me off.’

    Thank you for your content. o7

    • I can feel your pain, but wargaming only refund doubloons not the money you spent on the game. I read in the forum that their customer service for the refund is working on overload, so it may take sometimes before they response to it. Thanks for stopping by. o7

    • @minyaksayur Yes sir. I understand that. If they replace my doubloons, minus the bonuses from the containers, I’m OK with that. If they completely F* me, I’m out. Thank you for the response. o7

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