World of Warships- A New Level Of Laziness From Wargaming?

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0:00 Intro
1:00 DevBlog Intro
1:15 Support CVs
4:36 Francesco Ferruccio
7:16 Scharnhorst ’43
12:25 Stord ’43


  1. looking forward to support cvs on operations

    • kinda pissed just finished the entire us tech tree and hate playing cvs this is what i get for being one of those guys lol

  2. Scharnhorst 43 is completely DOA. her guns is what is the best part of the ship.

  3. Yorktown 1 was a Yorktown class, which also included the enterprise and the hornet 1. Yorktown 2 was an essex class.

  4. Stord ‘43 will be super powerful with its heal if we ever get a Clan Battles season at Tier VII.

  5. Battle of the North Cape anniversary was the perfect opportunity to bring in the first Tier VII RN premium DD. Saumarez/Savage/Scorpion would all have been reasonable additions (gameplay wise, as upgraded Icarus’… hell, reserve Scorpion to be Dutch premium Kortenaar(!)).

    Or even Sheffield as an Edinburgh side-grade (Southampton sub-class i/o Edinburgh sub-class), HE/radar/hydro no smoke at Tier VIII perhaps.

  6. I think scharnhorst ’43 although feeling a bit lazy, kinda reflects the change of doctrine in her deployment during the war, going from a more frontal attack ship to a convoy raider, hence the focus on torps and secondaries.

    Also, totally different matter, I am Italian and if you need help with pronunciation, you are free to ask 😂.

  7. With the whole ”maybe they’re doing a North Cape event”, maybe the Stord ’43 and Scharnhorst ’43 are the main rewards of the event? You complete whatever missions they give you and then you get to choose between the two ships as your reward? Would be kinda cool

    Also a bit funny that Yorktown and Essex both Fleet Carriers that saw extensive frontline offensive service are relegated to “support” carriers

    • As much as I love lady lex she was sunk in her first major battle (coral sea) while Carrie’s like Yorktown and enterprise , Essex etc are either premium or support cvs …

    • ​@Red Power RangerTT ships are usually a combination of the class. If I remember correctly, Lexington is actually Saratoga.

    • @Red Power Ranger For me the perfect US Fleet Carrier path would Be Langley, Lexington, Yorktown, Essex (4/6/8/10) with Wasp as a premium tier 8 CV, the Light/Escort Carrier path would probably be Bogue/Casablanca/Commencement Bay (6/8/10). Ranger can fit as either a premium Fleet CV or Escort CV.
      This just feels like a better representation of how US carrier desgin progressed during the War.

    • @Kazu42 ye it is, Lexington never got Twin 5 inch Turrets, instead had 12 Single 5 inch Turrets

  8. I think they kept Scharnhorst ’43 in Tier 7 specifically because Odin exists. it’d be really dumb to have two ships doing exactly the same thing in the exact same tier.

  9. If they’re going to recycle assets, could they at least release the old Bayern A hull model as Baden at T5? I’d pay money for that. Same for New Mexico, Fuso, Kongo, etc…

  10. IF they put these as reward ships for a cape event it’d be great, however, knowing what wg is like they’ll probably be for sale to participate in the event!

  11. Also Sealord have you seen the new Premium Tier 8 containers Wargaming just dropped today? Your probably working on a video talking about it. Love the part where they say “These bundles won’t cost you too many Doubloons, so don’t miss your chance to restock.” Maybe their referring to the early bundles so you can get premium time for cheaper. But wow, we can spend around 91.48 dollars worth of doubloons in the hopes of getting a tier 8 ship that you want instead of just paying 66 on the one you actually want! They don’t even include any rare ships to justify this gambling!

  12. Would be nice if they gave us controlable DC planes for CVs

  13. Following up on the whole support cv thing maybe they could have a consumable that drops a buoy that has hydro for a range on it. Between subs and torpedo spam we could all use more hydro. The only downside afaik is you could drop it on a enemy smoke and then theyre exposed

  14. A distinct possibility is that, if “WG/Lesta” truly split, WG now has limited resources to produce new ship models that weren’t already in the code before the fork. We may be seeing a LOT more ‘copy & paste’ and selling premium versions of TT ships like NC and Jutland.

  15. Sea Lord Mountbatten

    You may bully me in the replies here for calling Yorktown a Lexington

  16. I did not know that accuracy for the Scharnhorst’s main artillery was a real problem or for any German battleship.

  17. Mines were great tactically, enjoyed playing Essex and seeing ships getting flood’s or dying.

  18. They should’ve added Hydroacoustic Search to the Scharnhorst ’43 and gave the current Scharnhorst and Tirpitz as well.

  19. To be honest they could have with sharnhoarst 43′ kept the dispersion and reload time the same while decreasing the range because the ship does not have the best long range accuracy to begin with anyway which is the reason they gave her a fast reload to begin with. give the ship hydro to compensate for the lack of the spotter to cater to the more close quaters playstyle while keeping the faster reloading secondarys.

  20. I’d prefer if they brought back the Graf Spee. I missed getting it and despite its flaws I still have a soft spot for the pocket battleship,

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