World of Warships- A Secondary MACHINE, Such A Beautiful Sight

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MAMMA MIA, Thats a spicy Giuseppe Verdi!

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  1. I like that ship with a combo Schröder and Giuseppe

  2. To bad the Giuseppe has standard secondary dispersion.

  3. Entertaining watch. Russian ships should never show the side…bad things happen.

  4. If you want a secondary and close and mid game play… go play the current Halloween event

    • Entertaining and more engaging gameplay shouldn’t be banished to themed events. I’d rather have this than the RNG simulator that most random battles are these days. BB gameplay right now is mostly point and click then pray WG gives you favourable dispersion.

    • It’s fun for awhile but the enemy bots spawn and behave the same in every game so it becomes boring after a couple games

    • I agree, yesterday I played in the Schroeder the event: 460 sec hits, 47 fires and 220k damage (I dont have lutjens in her). So yes, its fun for brawling ships, even if the bots are repetitive in their behaviour.

    • Mid-range combat requires more skill, strategy and attention to detail. Guess if you’re a dunce then yeah, you’ll prefer to sit in the back.

  5. What camera options, in the settings, do you have? Thanks.

  6. Pretty interesting that the Soyuz was detonated. The 3 Verdi’s shells hit the Soyuz’s second (B) main gun turret barbette I guess?

  7. More commented replays, please. You are the ONLY youtuber who does that. Thanks.

  8. I just really wish an entire playstyle aka secondaries wasn’t banished to a single tech line (2 if you wanna count the german battleships as a seperate thing) and premium ships

  9. I like these jingles style sea lord vids. Thats it. Thats my comment.

  10. Hey Sea Lord, I love the content. Have you ever done WoWs Legends content?

  11. So the GK can be used as Secondary build again?

  12. he would’ve doubled his kills if he learned to use the shift key..

  13. Went for an honorable death against the Soyuz like he was an Athenian Bireme – until he remembered he was indeed a Roman Dromon.

  14. When a Giuseppe Verdi has a target within its secondary batteries range, everybody knows it’s Marcia Trionfale time.

  15. On legends the entire Italian battleship line has sap secondaries and main gun HE. The Verdi on legends is also different as it has a choice of hydro or radar but no smoke .

  16. I see a good secondary game in G.Verdi…I like the video. I’m a simple man.

  17. Secondary hits are a helluva drug

  18. Sealord, are you trying to be the new Jingles? The Italian 90mm HE secondaries only pen 15mm of armour.

  19. Good old SeaLords favourite play style the Secondary Killers🙂 Nice

  20. It ship plays similar to my Iwami with 10.5 km secondaries. iwamis hit harder if you build into it and it doesnt have the exhaust smoke obviously but it has long range torps, and I believe about the same basic armour but extremely good torp protection armour.

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