World of Warships – A Series of Unfortunate Events

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I don’t want to give any spoilers, but this could very easily have been an episode of A Game of Throws…

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  1. Morning Jingles from the USA, thank you for ending off my war thunder grind session with a great wind down video. 🙂

  2. something I’ve noticed about the tromp id the planes will come from the direction of the tromp. a little something that can help show you where it’s at.

  3. Yesterday, we had a service for one of my uncles. Navy man, served during Vietnam. Rest easy, sailor. Your watch is over.

  4. If I were that Shima I would be going towards a1 in the safe distance while launching torpedo’s into broadside Salem.

  5. Actually Jingles, I think you’ll find the Slava had Nikolay Kuznetsov rather than popping a heal

  6. Homeboy went all game just casually farming from a distance, then right at the end said “hold my beer” and went all Christian Bale in Equilibrium on the entire remaining enemy team.

    • AKA how you play cruisers in WOWS these days. With all the BATTLESHIPS that can over match even the DES MONIES armor, you kinda have no choice but to hang back and farm.

  7. Wow… That was an amazing finish!

  8. Props to that enemy shimakaze captain. That was a very good performance on his part up until that final mistake.

  9. Amazing. Can only imagine the frustration of those teammates who chose to hang around and watch their well-fought win turn into a disaster. Must admit though – watching these games where folks suffer that sudden rush of shit to the brains is quite hilarious.

  10. that was an amazingly unexpected ending! phenomenal

  11. Never expect a Harugumo to give up a smoke because sitting in smokes and farming is what they do so doing that you pretty much as him to give away 50-60 K damage. When playing a Shima tho I would definitely give away a smoke for a radar cruiser that volunteers to push in and cover my back.

    Could be good to point out 2 potential critical mistakes. At 09:16 the Shima gets spotted 11 km away from the Salem and stays detected for a good while, but instead of helping the Somers to take Shima out he sits and aims at the Slava. Shima could have been killed right there.
    At 14:39 there was 5 min left on the clock and he has 3 superheals left. There is no reason to save those 3, instead he should have used one to heal as much as he could and then he would have another one of cooldown when the last fight happened and also with more HP. He could have gotten killed in the last fight, the green bar doesn’t matter until it turns yellow (health) so just one good strike from the Tromp or a hit from Marseille could have resulted in a loss.

  12. Using hydro immediately after starting a match is another one of those things I do not understand, next to not using smoke while it’s clearly necessary. I could see the throw coming from miles away, though. Yiyuu did great, shooting and scooting in open water and only getting stuck in when the time was right.

  13. Holy shit what an ending. Glad to have a replay where the protagonist actually knows what he’s doing. Granted, the enemies at the end didn’t have to push, but at least they all pushed together

  14. This was such a close and fun game right until the end. Probably because there were no submarines, superships or carriers involved..

  15. Maybe when the Salem asked “Can I have a smoke?” the Harugumo thought “Sorry dude I’m out of Cigarettes”. Or he thought Jingles always says that smokes are torpedo magnets so I better not use mine.

  16. What really gets me at the end is that looked like a coordinated ambush by the entire team, and yet they all got crushed by like one guy….

  17. When I watch these videos, I’m always looking to see if I’m one of the unlucky SOBs getting schooled on the other team…

  18. What a match, Kudos to the Salem player, that was one of the most exciting replays ive seen on this channel in the almost 10 years ive been following.

  19. Tldr: Add a minesweeper ship type to game for more interesting game play around islands.
    Also love your content!

    Hey, just an idea I am throwing out here comment section. What do you guys think of a new ship type called a minesweeper?
    These would essentially be smaller than a submarine, have less than 10,000 hp, but be extremely fast. They would be able to disarm mines laid by other minesweepers or from submarines.
    The mine would work where it has three depths: surface, shallow, and deep. Surface will do set damage to all ships that ended the activation range, and are easiest to detect. Shallow would damage all ships but destroyers, and can be detonated by torpedos. Deep mines can only hurt battleships, submarines, and carriers.

    These minesweepers would have 1 or 2 smaller secondary guns, and would have a sonar sweep function that marks enemy mines for whole team to see. However you would have to sonar sweep for only one of the three mine types at a time. That would and the challenge of having to wait around and not get shot at while you wait for your ping to recharge.

    If you think this is a good idea Mighty Jingles, I will bring this idea to Wows developers.

    Anyways on another note, love your content. Please keep doing it!

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