World of Warships – A Ship Called Dave

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Dave’s back. Yes it’s been too long, I know you all missed him.

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System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

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  1. Morning men, starboard ten, round the buoy and back again!

    • @TheFreaker86 I understood it as a “morning exercise” routine. like: so, get your ass up, run over the deck like absolut madmen to get your lazy asses back in shape.

    • @TheFreaker86 Starboard 10 gives you the direction of the Buoy you have to swim to.

    • ThatGrumpyGuy is it really that simple? I thought it wouldn’t be as obvious as this. „Starboard 10“ for me is the order to turn the rudder for 10 degrees to the right, which IMO doesn’t make any sense in this sentence

    • @TheFreaker86 I´d think so. At least this is what makes the most sense in this context. although i cloud be wrong. has happened in the past.

    • I thought it was a morning running exercise. “Start with ten” as ten loops and then “back again” as another 10.
      Now I finally understand. Thanks

  2. I do think modeling is one of the best ways to sit back relax and think, it’s a great reset for people

  3. I can honestly relate to a lot of questionable decisions being made when it comes to setting up your ship, if you just don’t know any better, don’t ever look at anything and simply go off of what seems to make sense to you. The only difference is that I had a bit of a notion that I was perhaps getting it completely wrong and so I looked up how some popular YT people would set up their ships, when I began playing WoWs. If I hadn’t done that though and just went with what I thought would make sense, I would as well be one of those BBs for example that uses the increased health perk and the proxy spot module instead of the stealth one.

    • My clan has a couple of “friends of members” basically just as extra oil for the clan, and one of them once unironically said he did not bother with concealment mods on DDs because their concealment was plenty anyway. As a DD main that almost physically hurt me, but it does prove that people exist who think that way

    • @ainumahtar It sounds quite reasonable. If your torpedo range exceeds your surface detection range, what more could you want? You can stealth torp anything, right. Well… anything that doesn’t have a lower detection range than you.

      Same with Concealment expert on Battleships. Sounds ridiculous at first, until you learn that disengaging in unfavorable situations might require a detection range that is a bit lower.

      Damn… I was such a noob once.
      You can imagine my shock when I learned about how to do citadel hits. And what I did in Tier one games after I did that (had to play with a freshly starting friend and back then AP was still present in Tier I games. It felt dirty.)

    • I can definitely attest to this. Course my problem was less remembering upgrades and more thinking it was ok to ignore camo’s and flags until I made it to T7. Took getting my rear handed to me in T7-9 names to realize every flag and tenths of a km extra concealment actually mattered.

  4. Welcome back folks.

    No weird zooming in and out this time, the fingers have been removed in order to prevent this.

  5. aaaand it’s Dave again. I think he gets way too much attention from Jingles here! ;-P

  6. Morning Rear Admiral, I am reasonably sure that “cat-proofing” is a myth, something I would suggest would be alternate sized hard plastic cups, put the brushes tip up in a smaller cup, put a larger one on top making a poor man’s martini-shaker. Keeps the dust off them, keeps the points sharp, and gives you your rinse cup in the same place, works well in my experience, you can even double sided tape the bottom cup to the table and just not move it, thus making it much more difficult to knock over.

    • You Sir, are correct, There IS no such thing as Cat-Proof. Don’t even bother trying.

    • Alternatively, get a brush roll. My brother’s cats have never demonstrated any interest in it.

    • Dominik Zmitrowicz

      Holding brushes tip up is bad idea. All the leftover water/paint goes down the bristle into the metal bit and then causes your brush to split. Either keep the plastic bit and keep the tip down that way or use some blutac and glue them onto smth.

    • As someone who has formal education in art, tips up will have you replacing brushes in 2 week or less. If brushes for minis are anything like professional brushes, you can quickly spend more on brushes than minis and paint combined.

    • @Nickierv unless you get your minis and paint from Games Workshop.

  7. “3 quarters of a billion credits earned” – Jingles 2020

    never change

    • Seems that you both are right, first time i heard billion but after several times it seems more like a million but he probably mixed it up

    • @George Gkavlos let’s just agree that jingles messes up alright 😉

    • Ps. It wasn’t a complaint or anything, just made me chuckle ?

    • @Jeffrey Awesome even if he said millions, dave earned 568k creds. How is that “Over 3/4’s of a million credits earned?”

    • @N00T on the main battle summary screen you see the 3/4 of a million; on the detailed report you see the 568k payout – Jingles said it on the main screen, so don’t obfuscate the matter with your nit picking…

  8. The Zao made the fatal mistake of choosing to hide from the Yamato instead of Dave, after all the years of watching Dave Dominate, I’ve learned Never EVER underestimate Dave.

  9. The “Why Hydro Question…” along with “Why Fighter/Spotter Plane” and “Why smoke”.
    You´d be surprised how often people do stupid shit like that in the first five seconds of the Match and i´ve never found an Answer for that.

    • Fat fingers. That and the fact that some commands (e.g. lock turrets on bearing) can’t be reassigned, messing with things if you customized your controls. I know it happens in my case.

    • Don’t count out bad bots either ^^

      Although first 30 sec spotter plane in for example a kongo can lead to hilarious early detonations ^^ A lot of people especially in low tiers if you get a small map will go straight forward for a bit so if you put a blind volley or two in the area just ahead of spawn you might get a few shell hits in, and if you’re really lucky a detonation ^^

    • The classic chat message for T5 and lower is “Press T for stats.” It usually gets someone to do it without thinking. But fat fingers seem to be a common reason given, and I know I’ve fat fingered def aa/smoke before when I wanted engine boost.

    • Here’s a thought: If you “think” you’ve hit the enter key to type a message to your team and missed the enter key and start typing, and the message contains a “T”… just gave your team a premature smoke-ulation. I know this because it has embarrassingly happened to me before.

    • Need For Steel …sooo many times.??

  10. “ACTUALLY JINGLES” generic comment as always… i will have to agree with you about the last Yamato’s expectations, he knew he was gonna die but was defiant till the end and it almost payed off…. “almost”
    So here is my “F” for the dude. Also your answer for the legendary module shima was actually in the end battle result screen where he is on the last part of the personal mission for it.

    • Are we just gonna ignore the fact the Yamato at least got some detonation flags for his efforts.

    • THIS IS AN AUTOMATED MESSAGE: Please proceed to Target Range 291. Once reported. Stand on Marker 5-1.

    • No one ever loads HE in a Yamato… but if he had, that may have actually worked. Or at the very least, he would have blown off most of the Shima’s torps before they got fired.

  11. One of these days Jingles will feature someone who is actually called Dave.

  12. As to why the Smolensk may have popped his Hydro, it happens when just before you’ve played another ship that had a different consumable under what is now the Hydro button.
    It happens to me all the time when I switch between the Helena and the Mogami: T is Hydro on the Mogami but U on the Helena, where T is Defensive Fire.

    • I really wish the consumable hotkeys were either rebindable, consistent or both.

    • Yes, I wish it would be possible to switch the position of the consumables for each ship.
      Often happens to me, that when I played with the Huanghe where the smoke is on Y and I play later with a destroyer, I start the motorboost instead of the smoke.
      Yes, one could change the binding to the keyboard but who will do it efore every match?

    • Settings per ship would be great, or as I said above, one key for a consumable like repair is always r, smoke always t etc

  13. The Smolensk is Russian and pink…
    There are Japanese torpedo boats…
    Must be trying to channel the spirit of the Kamchatka.

  14. Jingles: “GW’s outrageous prices for plastic miniatures WILL bring tears to your eyes.”
    Also Jingles: “So I’ve got my spare room all set up, with **months** worth of miniatures to assemble and paint.”

  15. It will get really entertaining when the fuzz balls start hiding model parts on you…. mine think its hilarious

  16. 11:39 Akisuki : Did hooman mention my big sister ?

  17. 3:50 – Actually, one of the Shimakazes was spotted on A.

  18. Shima is me! It’s pronounced, “tsoonts”. Still grinding the legendary, 20k base xp needed.

  19. 13:34 Jingles: “And he does survive”
    14:30 yeah ’bout that

  20. “The torpedoes that nobody expects: the F3 torpedoes!”. Wild thought process: so if you press F3 and expect the Spanish Inquisition, does that make you a nobody?

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