World of Warships- A Ship So OP, Its Even In The Name

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Hey guys! Today we have a replay featuring the Tier VII Soviet Battleship Sinop! Enjoy!

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  1. I remember playing this ship
    Those days were fun

  2. Sinop is really a powerful girl. But subs can give her a really hard time, due to her limited number of Damage Controll consumables.

  3. This thing on release was a whole other kettle of tomfoolery and shenanigans. Oh boy was that fun.

  4. Yup, Sinop is amazing. Especially in T5 matchmaking she is completely bonkers. Recently had a match with several T5/6 american dreadnoughts in the red team and it was brutaly hillarious. Just overmatching and slapping them straight through the nose into the neitherrealm. Poor souls tried to angle but Sinop doesn’t care. Mid- to close range Railgun dispersion, aim for the nose, pull the trigger and leave your regards when driving past their sinking wreckage. As i said, hillarious. Was just a lvl 10 captain btw.

  5. Aww man what a replay. I was really hoping he’d pick up that quacken.

  6. The aim bug happens when you zoom out while firing the guns one by one, right click free cam works fine

  7. Ah yes, the latest episode of a ship I suck in getting called OP…

  8. 3:04 he zooms out and the crosshair goes onto the mountain instead of the ship

  9. It amazes me the amount of players just willing to give up a flank or cap without any resistance, like what do you think is going to happen, flank, cross-fire, dead..

  10. In T7 ranked this BB is very dominant. So hard to killl when bow tanking.

  11. Same scenario what I’ve got with Vladivostok last last week 😂, 11 citadels 217k damage 3 dev strikes 4 kills and a lost

    • 11 citadels. That’s nothing compared to my 49 citadels in Podvoisky the other day. Got to love those low tier cruisers sailing broadside.

  12. i love going for Soviet BB when playing CV 😂

  13. I was so sad in t7 ranked when I got to silver. I was grinding this line and had Sinop at the time and bronze was a breeze that season.

  14. Imagine having heals and not wasting them on fires… imagine

  15. thanks for watching the clip SLM!I don’t really know what was going on with my heal and damage con usage there,but,all in all,it was good(for me atleast xD).And I am currently grinding the Soviet bb line,got to the Sinop,so that is why I don’t have a maxed commander,but I will buy the Nikolay Kuznetsov soon.And also I didn’t kill the Minnesota in the start since I didn’t know if the shells will make it past the island.I hope this makes sense 🙂

  16. He lost so much time between volleys, feel he could have done even more dmg. Not sure why he was so frugal with ammos, he did good for sure.

  17. I really like the idea of you watching a replay of someone’s game live and not prerecorded.
    In some case, people find this really interesting because people can learn something from this based on your live judgement wether the person should do this or that.
    Would be happy if you can accept peoples replay without cherry picking the “carry” Or “good” Games so if they did bad and makes mistakes, they can get tips from the legendary sea lord himself 😀

  18. Heartbreak defeats are sadly common place in WoWS these days but gg so and yeah damn those team m8’s

  19. Yep i got that ship after she came out, it was down right OP but was a lot of fun to play. I added one of the unique commanders to get those turrets around quicker etc. Great video! May have to drag her out of my mothball fleet and play her again. I wish WG would add spotter/fighter planes for the Russian BBs.

  20. Absolutely loved this ship

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