World of Warships – A Step Back in Time

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Let’s visit the World of Warships of ~4 years ago. A of real excitement in the game, such a different game than what we have today.


  1. There’s times when I really miss what the game used to be…
    Also, taking an Umikaze into T10 was amazing

  2. xXAngel_With_A_Shotgun Xx

    Ah the good old days, before the loot boxes, before all the BS WG threw in…… To bad we will never get that back.

  3. My most fondest memories of WoWS were on this map and with the Kitakami, and WG took it all from me.

  4. Wait, no HE spam every 5 seconds?? I miss that time.

  5. WOWS Classic anyone?
    Miss the way BB’s used to list when turning.

  6. I would pay money to be able to play the game back when it was like this again…
    The current gimmicks and crap piss me off to no end, and honestly the only real reason i hang around is loyalty to this 2016/15 era.

  7. This. This is the WoWs I fell in love with. This is the WoWs that actually required tactical thinking. This is the WoWs where you couldn’t sail around (or sit stationary) and just sling HE like a monkey. There was constant movement and action in this WoWs not because we wanted to, but because you had to keep moving to survive, we had a saying back in the days “sitting still improves accuracy.. for the enemy”.. I know I may be in the minority but, this is the WoWs we need back… thanks for the stroll down memory lane chase, it was nice to see how great this game used to be, and see the game I initially fell in love with playing again. o7

    • Except for the old cvs, I don’t miss the days when the enemy team could end up with a cv and your team didn’t have one…

    • I agree with you. I know it’s bad but I can’t shake that old habit of constantly moving now and I end up dying….. I wish the game was how it was when I joined first day of OBT

    • I was a beta tester that quit the game about 2 years ago when it became all about radar and smoke and power crept HE spamming DPM cruisers. Killed the fun for me.

    • Yea, right now the game is so boring that i didnt play so much anymore, i log in a couple time in a week for play in the same way all the time, seeing always the same shit, bbs camping bow on at the spown and shoot from max range, cruisers get devatsated by focus fire from half of the enemy team, and you go to hugs the same islands all the time because you know is a good position, there is no variety anymore is alwaya the same game over and over, even if you switch class theres not much difference of gameplay. I hope the italian line will bring some variety but I already know that nothing will change. the good old days of wows are gone and they will never come back.

    • Back then it was also less about power gaming. Having to do exactly this or that. Having the exact build. None of that was prevalent.

      It was more about tactics and strat and much less like an fps shooter.

  8. IChase please post more old replays, i want to know what the game was like back then

  9. Well now, the meta is so passive because of all the HE spammers Smolensk (cough) (cough)(cough).

  10. I miss the old Islands of Ice map. All the maps look the same these days. They say they’re working on new maps for more “variety”, but they’re just carbon copies of existing maps with new textures. We need unique maps back.

  11. No priority target,no incoming fire alert.
    Two skill that slow down the game A LOT.
    5 ships aiming at you,will you still head out?
    In older version,if You want to avoid enemy fire you have to pay attention,not just the skill tell you incoming then hit the rudder hard and brake.
    WG always trying to make the game more noob friendly to generate a larger player base,but destroy the gameplay fundamentally.

    • Even the exclamation mark for being spotted was a one point skill and not for free. For example, I never took it in the Fuso, since she was spotted constantly anyway, so why bother.

    • I not even use those skills. Ok, the priority target on some of my DDs, but nothing more. 😀
      I simply not need them. 😀

  12. *OMG* the original Islands of Ice… most unique map in the game and they cut her off…

    edit: TBH, i’ve grown kinda bored with WoWS as of late, just grinding for dem loot baxes gets tedious and them bumping my Cleveland to T8 is like them ripping my child from my arms. I had *fun* in T6 Cleveland. Watching this old replay, it makes me *want* to play the game again and experience *that* fun… But that’s not how it works…

    If anyone’s curious, here’s my warships profile just to show I’m legit!/pvp/overview/

  13. Remember when there are only IJN and USN lines, and the USN BBs had raised citadel. Everyone had above water citadel, and whoever shows broadside will get fucked. ?
    ( Montana had that super high citadel and always get bullied by Yamato 460s.)

    And oh god the ricochet effect was super cool. “POWNN~” and you see the shells bounce off. it was so cool. ?

  14. People also diffrent that day
    They all cant aim for shit, you can get away with shinanigans
    now they all have 4 years of aimming experience

    also…………………… 20km torp soup

  15. Ah, i remember stealth fire because of shell caliber sizes and CVs had actual multiple airgroups.

  16. Man I remember the Cleveland with it’s super fast shells back in the beta. I miss old WOWS, I have always preferred the moving battles.
    I remember back in the day when on this map, with a secondary build yamato, I could go into the south eastern ice fields, and while it was dangerous, it was so fun to come around a corner and blap a destroyer with the main guns and secondaries. heck, I remember when you could lead the charge in a yamato and not get HE’d to death, and your fleet would follow with you.
    ah the old days, I miss them so dearly.

  17. Back then IJN Atago was the only tier 8 premium cruiser for Japan.
    Now in 2019…. IJN Atago is still the only tier 8 premium cruiser for Japan….

  18. Old islands of ice. Was so fun to play as a cruiser or dd.

    edit; what i don’t miss is that wacky MM xD

  19. Thanks ichace you just ruined my enjoyment of the current version

  20. I hate the current “island hugging” meta, I miss “stop and die” meta

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