World of Warships- A Submarine The Playerbase Might Actually Enjoy??

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Hello guys, today we discuss the I-56, A Japanese Premium Submarine that appears to be the test bed for ‘Cruiser’ Submarines. Which shifts the gameplay of subs to a more aggressive and risky gameplay style. Enjoy!

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  1. I feel like the homing torps having a very short range and the dummy fired torps having a longer range is how they should’ve had all subs set to.

    • Agree. I don’t mind subs but I would be happy without sonar pinging at all but I’m also a DD player and it’s the nature of the beast.

    • @Gustavo Cabrerea we just have to adapt to the way the gameplay is now played. If you want to play a game where there’s no subs, World of Warships Legends is an okay place for it.

    • I personally think remove homing Torps entirely, that way subs have more of a high risk/high reward playstyle.

      Allow long range Torps, but to ensure a hit they must get closer and thus risk detection

    • @Luca Rubino Yep wouldn’t mind that as a sub driver. Even during the Falkland War the British sub who sank the Belgrano used unguided torps. Sonar just annoys people. drop it and we can all go back to hating CVs full time ;P

    • @David Whitfield I don’t think they would be willing to fully drop sonar.

      Perhaps relegate it to a recon role as it was historically. This way subs can serve another purpose as scouts due to lacking guns. It also introduces risk as subs now have to choose to support their team and risk being detected, or go solo for better stealth.

  2. This is the only sub that I was actually somewhat interested in when I saw it, I like the large pacific ocean going subs of the IJN, and my biggest issue with subs is that you have no guns to shoot, so I guess this kinda fixes that.

  3. It’s a nice ship to get a Kraken Unleashed in. You fight a lot, lose some health, get improved performance with Adrenaline Rush, then heal with Yamamoto. Easy.

  4. Ruzzian Space Federayshun

    I can’t wait for the M-Class with a single 305mm gun strapped to it

  5. Ngl. This is pretty cool and opens up a lot for fun submarines. I hope they will add subs like the Surcouf or the M-class Submarines from the royal navy.

    • Ah yes citadel cruisers for days by surfacing in your surcouf and pop reload booster at point blank range since they probably gonna island camp anyways

  6. Seeing your gameplay reminds me of Steel Ocean submarines… The low dive time, non homing torps, near surface torp launch, it looked so intense

  7. U-190 does 13 knots and the Salmon does 16 knots submerged, the I-56 is in line with the other tier 8 subs, the tier 6 are the fast ones in comparrison with 13 knots on both of them

  8. i really wonder if adding surcouf and i-400 class subs was the plan right from the get go, seeing how many strange ship type’s exist i think we might get to see a pretty wide array of subs, from mobile and nimple to heavy big slow cruiser subs

  9. Surprised I’m saying this but this sub actually looks fun. Now if every sub was like this I wouldn’t feel guilt for making my team face a sub.

  10. I’ve no interesting in submarines but since i main Japan so IJN subs are exceptional.
    This is a very beautiful submarine and i’m kind of interesting about it.

  11. I played both premiums and unlike the two tech tree varients being released these are alot of fun. You have to be constantly aware of positioning to be effective and if you want to use your torps you have to expose yourself. Any mistake in your positioning can get you killed or make you ineffective in the battle.

    • @McBaal it has highly detectable torps and and they are unguided. Also since it can only stay down for 2 min that means there will be a window where it is detectable from 7.2 km. And since it only goes 13knots underwater there is nowhere it can go so camping caps isn’t ideal. It does best at range targeting ships that go in a straight line for extended periods of time. . It’s almost as effective as a shimakaze. But Shima can go into cap, has 3 sets of torps, and can get closer to the target.

    • @Defau/t I do own I56 and consider her way stronger than any other T8 sub. There is no skill or positioning involved, she just floods the map with torps. It is ludicrous.

    • @McBaal I disagree, the American and German subs just need to send out torps and ping a target, then they all hit, those lines are broken. The only thing you are a threat toin the Japanese sub is ships that do not turn, you are extra slow so navigating to those choke points is not easy. And even then what’s to stop ships from turning around to a different flank. It would be the same if a Holland was around. I both played and killed this sub plenty of times. In Yueyang, amagi, Amalfi, and Alabama

    • @Defau/t wrong , with the subs came abiltly for all ships to dogde them , i never use torps under 5 k now in a dd , as they just dodge your torps , but it seems player’s hate he more

    • @Grizzz not sure if you could rephrase that, but I have no idea what you are saying.

  12. coolawesomeepicman

    The gun and the lack of speed makes this ship feel much more like a real submarine. I absolutely love the deck gun, I could care so much less about the speed because those speeds are what should be, this ship just feels much more rugged too due to her hp. All around, this should be the textbook submarine.

  13. Problem is they won’t change the old subs. This is way more balanced, way more fun, and what’s quite important for me, more realistic.

  14. Best way to use the torps is to give your torpedos time to travel(usually about half the distance to the target) and use the ping to the the torpedo terminal homing to the target. the soviet sub is the only one that Ive found not worth it using the acoustic torpedos

  15. Waiting for the french “surcouf” cruiser-submarine… Which could use the same gameplay as the i-56

    Stats are horrible compared to other subs BUT !
    It’s actually super fun to play

  16. Got the Japanese premium first roll of the bundles, super fun ship to play so far, first few matches were rough.

  17. Alonso Ovando Chico

    I knew from reading the stats that it was gonna be played much differently than the other subs, and I just hope it works out, because it’s very likely this is what the tech line japanese submarines will be like when they are eventually introduced into the game

  18. I’d really like to see dds and cls get a foxer consumable to run that would throw off the homing torps. A better counter than just dcp and maneuver.

  19. Interesting, the first bundle available to me was the soviet sub, and they gave me the American tier 8 for the 50k free xp.

  20. I’m still waiting on the HMX X1 at tier X. That thing will outgun even some DD’s. (It has the same amount but even larger guns than the Halland. 132mm guns to be exact) That is a sub I will pay for, not to mention it was actually well armored as well. Slap a heal on it to help its gimmick of popping and knife fighting things and I would definitely drop money on it. Heck I don’t even want homing torps on it I’ll take the 6 tubes regular ol dummy fire style.

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