World of Warships – A Tale of Two Destroyers

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It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. It was two Destroyers, one of them not a popular choice and played well, and the other one… not.

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  1. Waking to find that I’m off to the salt mines.

  2. RearAdmiralBIGCORE

    A story of Double strikes….

    Hmmm. Yeah you don’t get signals anymore from the achievements, which kinda frustrate old players

    • i mean ive only played for a few months over a year and im upset about it lol

    • I got once 3 double strikes in one game , 7 kills in total , on T4 Clemson that was at very begining of me playing game , I did not knew that this is rare , I just played for fun then , I did not relized that there are replays , and I have missed few times opportunity for fame on Jingles channel , there was 8 kills on Musashi & Solo warrior on Richelieu , now I have 10k battles in random , and I just cant get epic battles 🙁

    • @Reksio Hundson I’ve only been in a clip video where I pre-empted two enemy destroyers courses with intercept torpedoes at the beginning of the game. It doesn’t happen often, but it’s fun when you manage it. Area denial is why my strike rate is low though lol.

  3. Hi Jingles, I just wanted to say hi. I don’t think I’ve ever left a comment on a video, but you were one of the very first Youtubers I ever subscribed to, and your videos have always been comforting to listen to, especially when I was going through tough times.

    • KidsdoesMinecraft

      I must say the same. He was the reason Wows was the first game I ever installed on my PC and I watched his videos for years before I even got a PC that would run wows. If you see this Mr.Jingles thank you for many many laughs and good times. Cheers!

    • Wright Sublette

      Good Morning Adm Jingles, I was a USN Gunners Mate back in the late 80s. I pray you are doing great 🙂

  4. As an owner of an Asashio, I can confirm that the aim assist of the torps goes see through when you target ships that you can’t hit.

  5. jingles: “im not gonna spoil the other destroyer” also jingles: “the asashio technically has 10 targets this battle”

  6. I don’t understand why they temoved friendly fire. Yes, it sucked, but it demanded that you pay attention.

    • I guess friendly fire is too complex of a mechanism for the brains of their most profitable customerbase (the 13 year old with their moms’ credit cards).

      At the end of the day, this change is probably not a bad thing considering the number of idiots who accidentally team kill. This will not stop trolls tho. They will just switch to blocking off teammates with their own ships… this time with no penalty.

      I just wish there was a ranked mode with friendly fire turned on.

  7. Now that friendly fire is gone. A monster lurking in the darkness, ready to pounce once wargaming needs cash.


    • earth346 weather

      @Aqila Sanimah are you saying it’s best that I stay off of world of warships for a while longer?
      I won’t be getting a new monitor for another month or two most likely so I’ll be waiting anyways

    • @earth346 weather Yep.

    • earth346 weather

      @Aqila Sanimah ok then
      I’ll stay off of world of warships for a while longer
      Let’s hope the glitches are fixed soon

    • Stefano Crosazzo

      @earth346 weather glitches may be fixed, WG attitude sadly is yet to be fixed properly

    • earth346 weather

      @Stefano Crosazzo wargamings attitude is getting worse in my opinion
      Let’s hope wargaming can change their attitude before world of warships loses it’s popularity almost entirely

  8. Montana Bigbeer

    Take a drink everytime jingles says “ouyster” dahahhaha!!!

  9. Angela merkel hahahaha. From now on some portions of the WOWS community will call that ship angela merkel. Thx Jingles.

    • every real Crew that had to serf and ship names like that ..

      would be serving on the unluckies ship in the Navy ..
      some how it would runn aground a lot , mystery Malfunktion would happen .. all of the sudden half of the crew would get ” sick ” .. and the the ship would sink .. a Pitty that ..

    • I couldn’t resist looking to see if there were any Angela Merkel jokes. None of them tie in to WoWS yet, but this one did make me laugh:
      Donald Trump, Angela Merkel, the Pope and a little girl are on a crashing plane.
      But there are only three parachutes. So Angela Merkel takes one, saying: “I’m really important so I should live.” Donald Trump takes one, saying: “I’m the world’s cleverest man, I should live!” But the Pope says to the little girl: “You’re a young child, you’re more important than me.” But the girl says: “It’s ok, the world’s cleverest man just jumped off with my rucksack.”

  10. Jingles: that will ruin the fun.
    me: proof that jingles is secretly CV play only captain.

  11. Double strike is such a hard thing to get. I only got like 3 in my 3k games. Never mind getting 2 in one game.
    That reminds me, that my last Double Strike was quite funny: I got a double strike, while getting two Close Quarter Experts…. with an Izumo. I still dont know how I did this, without dying, but there are probably always bigger potatoes than me in the game.

  12. OMG I made it into a Jingles video!

  13. The Gustav Julius MAERKER was a quit decent T8 german DD, until now. The Jingles naming sets terrifing pictures in my head.

  14. I won’t lie, i really wanted to see the team score there….

  15. Mr. Potato Head

    I sometimes fire Asashio torps into dd smoke, especially if there are some other enemies behind it, cause enemy dd might not know that they are deep water torps and might panic out of the smoke and maybe even can hit some BBs behind it.

    • That is exactly what I was thinking. Even though they can’t hit they can make your opponent dodge them. You don’t lose anything by launching them unless there is a friendly BB nearby.

    • Exactly! When I see torps coming at me I rarely have time to consider who they came from and whether or not they are deep water or not…I am moving out of the way!

  16. I love my Asashio, a i think partly i like it because players do not expect me to be any good in it, in ranked the amount of times people have at the beginning of the match said “oh we have an asashio we have lost” and i have used it to rank out a number of times. with the right set up the guns are actually not too bad if you know how and when to use them. I have sunk every class of ship, and kiting with guns firing is a great way to get people to focus you and ignore your team mates. as well as which with 5.4km detection i can do 200k spotting damage regularly, working with a DD i can spot they can smoke and shoot, and the other person never knows i am there.

  17. Its also a fun ship to snipe CVs with. Bit of a gamble but still fun when you manage it early game because they dont expect to have to change their route

  18. Kinda sad they removed freindly fire. It was entertaining seeing freindly fire screw ups

  19. To be fair, you could argue the constant firing of those torpedo’s in directions where they wheren’t going to hit anything confused the enemy forcing them to split up.

  20. i’ve been pronouncing it as “good job meerkat”

  21. Jingles had an old video about a Paasian Destroyer which had a similar response

  22. MyopicAutisticMetal

    None of those achievements matter now that they’ve removed the signal flag rewards. Obviously someone in this match could have used some free anti-detonation flags, but Wargaming have no generosity left in any of their bones.

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