World of Warships- A True Rarity In Today’s Game

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Hey guys! Today we have a match from Mr. blonde in the TX American Battleship Montana! Enjoy!

Overmatch Wiki:
Ross Rowley:

Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

Have a replay?

Music: Stranger Think- C418
Ross Rowley:


  1. RandomCitizen Latt

    Another day, another 4am Mountbatten video. Probably not great for me but it’s tradition at this point.

  2. 10am here in the UK so not so bad.

  3. wow i am early today :~) I had a game the other day that confused me. I was in yamagiri and somehow I managed to get 52,190 damage with one torpedo hit. No flooding, just straight alpha damage. Got a screencap of it. Any idea what the highest alpha damage from a torpedo people have ever had?

    • Did it result in a detonation?

    • @Rick Wiggins Yeah that is my question as well. One time in my FDG (T9 German BB) I was full health and took a single torpedo bow on and some how the magazine detonated. It such BS. I had never had a BB detonate like that ever from a torp hit bow on.

  4. I would like to see your opinion about Sub-Alliance. She got nice homming but pretty slow torps like balancing factor..

    • And why would that matter if they all hit any way, you can fire those torps 60 degrees left and right from your target and all torps hit the ship from all angles. It’s ridiculous. They don’t stop homing until 75 meters from the ship. That’s basically in the hull…. And R button is already used often enough so if you play a surface ship you’re often screwed if a sub starts to ping you and not be able to counter the ping most of the times. Then all torps from Alliance will hit no matter how you steer, accelerate or brake, it’s all useless at that point

    • Ett Gammalt Bergtroll

      The slow torpedoes actually make her ridiculously overpowered due to it making then turn better – to the point where they will turn around for a second pass if you dodge them.

  5. le pas très gentil

    Did the replay put your PC in maximum strain ? there seem to be a lot more fan noise than usual

  6. Now when you say like Ace Combat missiles, do you mean like the normal ones or QAAMs?

  7. great job, mr blonde!

  8. this poor man pronunciation of gouden leeuw is a reason to start another anglo dutch war

  9. Nice 3x cit xD , he probably thought he was safe

  10. That was me in the Azuma! lol it was a rough match on the east side but Monty carried hard that game props to MrBlonde gigachad, also Mountbatten roasted me in one of his videos now I can die in peace

  11. ‘Yup, there we go, friendly Wujing, sorry, enemy Wujing got the enemy Pommern”?

  12. I believe at that close range the torps from that ping would have been within the range the torps would have stopped homing anyway.

  13. Keep the first view replays coming, SLM. Really enjoy them. Scrollers, however, cause me nausea watching them. They need tazing, lol.

  14. Oh god the “Ace Combat missles” comment had me rolling. I’m an avid fan of the AC series and I just KNOW you’re talking about the QAAMs in those games. I’ve seen those torpedoes double back and kill somebody… on a single ping.

  15. One of the buffs in Arms Race is a reload buff, and MrBlonde’s team had 3 of them.

  16. Someone actually replied to one of my comments on Flamu’s video about the Alliance. The Homing torps really are SLOW AF, 44 knots i think he said, I quote “slower then Black’s torps, most ships can out run them”. Also 12km range on the homing, 7kms on the normal torps. 44 Knots would explain why they can turn so dame well, bear in mind Us and German Torps go like mid 90s.

  17. Great game great review!

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