World of Warships- A Word About Petropavlovsk

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Hey guys, just a cautionary warning about inevitable nerf of the Petro. Petro seems to be a bit overtuned and like the Kremlin it will more likely get nerfed withing a few month’s time. So buyer beware!

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  1. Damn a maths teacher? I didnt know that

  2. Ackchyually the soviet BBs entered early access period only 1 day shy of 12 months ago. 0.8.3 became active 26.4.19. AND imho the whole line is pretty much untouched by the nerf-hammer to this day.

    • They been nerfin’ kremlin alot lately, it’s just they only nerf like AA, nothing big, unless you wanna take kremlin into CB’s and run into a cv team…THEN it’s a pretty hefty nerf chain it’s had.

    • Literally the only OP ship in the line is Kremlin. Sinop is strong but not OP. Vladivostok and Sovetsky Soyuz are well balanced and not OP. If anything, Soyuz is underperforming statistically.

    • @Shrey Garg Atleast in EU server Sinop and Vladivostok have the highest winrate, highest avg.damage and highest avg. exp from the techtree ships of their tier.

    • Gaius Caesar where the hell you getting that from? According to WoWs Numbers, Vladivostok is sitting in 5th place and it’s only above the ship below it by 0.72% in WR.

    • @Shrey Garg wows-numbers/EU, Vladivostok has the highest avg.damage, avg.exp and highest winrate of ALL T8 techtree ships. Only ships with better stats are Massa B and Alabama ST.

  3. I’m only interested in Tallinn, the Admiral Hipper hull with Soviet Cruiser guns intrigues me.

  4. The ship i am truly interested is the Tallinn, as someone who play the Hipper, Eugen and Mainz alot, i want the Tallinn.

  5. drake consumer of souls and cheese strings

    A bit different, but it reminds me of what the magic: the gathering test team said. “We have seven people testing an entire set. You have a playerbase of 14 million. Of course we’re going to miss something in the process.

    • drake consumer of souls and cheese strings

      @kaz the point is that a team is going to miss something in the controlled environment that a ton of other players find, and in the day of the internet it only takes one to create a huge problem

    • @drake consumer of souls and cheese strings On this fact, I totally agree, however, our counterpoint was that other game studios, under heavier pressure with half the staff, are doing better.
      While you ARE going to miss things in a controlled environment, it is also true that better practices and more devotion to improvements over additions, will minimize that effect greatly. Instead of doing concept, design, polish, test, then release of batches of ships / types / ect, they are releasing things so fast that they are in every stage at all times with at least SOME large portion of it’s staff. Again, they created that situation by their own actions, that cannot be used to excuse them for their actions after.
      It is quite obvious that if they went a quarter where everything that could be devoted to balance, bugs, and improvements to the existing content WAS devoted to it, then go back to pumping out ships, the ‘framework’ of the game they are introducing these wildly varying ship types / classes into would handle it better, without the ‘meta’ swinging back and forth so fast that you cannot HOPE to grind / buy em fast enough to keep up without unreasonable amounts of both time investment AND constant stream of cash.

    • drake consumer of souls and cheese strings

      @kaz I think the other issue is their devotion to realism, which stops them nerfing things such as fire rates, ship speeds and fire spreads by large margins. Also, dont they already work in quarters?

    • @drake consumer of souls and cheese strings True, they kind of want to have their cake and eat it, and that causes problems. Be an historically accurate sim or don’t be. With all the paper ships in this game, going for realism where it makes sense would be good, but they take it too far in strange places.

    • @drake consumer of souls and cheese strings well no, as you see ship releases peppered thru out the past 9 quarters, with no real pattern, you have to assume they don’t.

  6. Only want Tallinn to complete my Hipper collection.

  7. Kléber’s concealment nerf killed its previous playstyle. You can either go for range – which is a 50/50 kinda build – or go for a shadow of its previous self. I still love the Kléber with my heart! Fave tier 10 DD all the way!
    And about the Petro… I’m probably gonna free xp my way to her. LOL

  8. I have tons of Free XP lying around so I can get my hands on those ships the minute they are released 😀

  9. Theory? Theory…. That word in this context tastes like crap. They have literally been doing this exact damn thing for over 2 years that I been playing. 2 years and literally dozen or more ships, and you still wanna make excuses for them? C’mon, man. We go by their actions. If it’s your wife, or kid, or mom, or a close friend, I get giving someone the benefit of doubt, but these are not your friends, they are not your family, they are in fact a company out to make money, as much of it as they can, for as little effort as possible.
    Go by their actual actions, not their words, not a cc’s words, NO ONES words. Their actions are all you need to go by unless you are just clutching at some reason, ANY REASON, to keep dumping your time and cash on this game.
    If that’s what makes someone happy, I’ll not get in their way, but once they start talking about wargamings actions as THEORY….. well, that’s a bit much for me, brochacho.
    It’s not friggin’ theory if they’ve done it repeatedly, over a dozen fuckin’ times, in the past 2 years, and show no signs of slowing that down, on the contrary, it’s getting faster as now there will be more type’s of lines to release then nerf with the advent of subs. /smh
    Love your vids man, but don’t project your hypothesis as fact when you state facts as theories, you’re gonna piss off people with more than 5 cents worth of grey matter, unintentionally I’m sure, but still kinda lame.

    • Sea Lord Mountbatten

      kaz I’m not defending what they’re doing, but issuing a warning for what is more than likely gonna happen to the Petro

    • @Sea Lord Mountbatten Almost undoubtedly, but terming it as ‘theory’ to say they are intentionally doing it the 12th or 15th time is kind of insane lol. There is no theory, simply observation of their actions constantly repeating.

  10. Imagine if they put Smolensk where Moskva is

  11. While I do agree with some of the points you bring up, especially considering this is a tech tree ship and inherently designed to be tweaked progressively along the way, I don’t recall a tech line being released in the 4 years I’ve played that that seems to have overwhelming CC consensus that the ships in it are so blatantly broken. Even if you operate with a smaller development staff than the triple A titles, if you open up the opportunity for CC comment and critique of your product, it is your responsibility as a company to take that criticism to heart. I personally find it disturbing that these ships have made it this far in the development process with so much CC input echoing the same things, and it seems that nothing is planned to be changed. This is especially compounded by the upcoming changes proposed by WG to limiting CC input and content on ships still in development.

    • Sea Lord Mountbatten

      Mondrian Bogert WG is also pretty famous for changing something within days of release (looking at you Zep). But changes to the CC program and WG pretty much not listening to the CCs (Smolensk) is a couple reasons why I’m not very interested in the program. I’m fairly certain the Petro will change be it before release (looking at how Petro is right now, not likely) or after release (which is what probably is gonna happen).

  12. Interesting topic, is it possible that it wouldn’t be very successful any other ways? I mean let’s pretend that a new line is all balanced, none of its ship stands out, in this game the play style is limited, ships have a variation of torps, AP or HE (except for CV) power, most combinations have already been exhausted if sticking to WWI & WWII area. So in all honesty what would be the motivation to grind for other ships or lines that offer more or less the same play style at about the same power? The different nations or skins appeal can do only so much to get players to invest time and money to get them. For these reasons I fully expect ships to be nerfed some time after intro. I actually believe WG about their testing limitation, their test are flawed as mostly only super players are involved, these guys would still managed 100k dmg using a canoe with a BB gun lol… what an average potato like me consider strong ships will be grossly OP in the skilled hands of super players… the ships have to be balanced for the average players… I wish WG would freeze their ship production and focus on developing other facets of the game.

  13. Hehe I like the petro. I also hate it, but I want it 🙂 Also, when is mosk removed? I am within fxp range but I would like to not FXP, I just need to know when I need to research it by

    • 9.5, so you have a month and some

    • Majestic Hotwings

      Matthew Jacob I managed to spend a decent amount of time finishing up my grind through the donskoi earlier so I have mine secured, if you are Interested in getting the Moskva at all, this will be the best time to do whatever you need to do to get it, it is much easier to get now and once it’s removed it’ll essentially get elevated to T10 premium status, so all you need to do it just get the ship in your port then you walk away with a really good T10 cruiser, a free premium camo (and all the benefits that come with a premium ship) and they will also give you the Alex.Nevsky, the ship that will replace the Moskva for free. The only downside in this deal is that you have to regrind the new line to get a ship that plays closer to your Moskva, but that’s to be expected, once the full details about how the shift come out, I’d snatch up all the ships that are getting moved so you can maximize your return.

      It worked to great success for me when the American cruisers got shifted around and I couldn’t be happier. I got 2 free ships and I kept the ones I already had, it was nothing but a net gain from me and now my American cruiser lines are maxed out, I’ve got both T10s, I held onto my favorite T8s, got a free T9 buffalo (that basically sits in port all day since I already had Des Moines), and I also have a meme ship at T7 (Helena with IFHE is simply hilarious and that’s just a fact). Say what you want about WG but when they make big line changes like this, they tend t be quite generous to the player as compensation.

    • @Majestic Hotwings yep! Thank you, but 2 corrections. 1: You don’t need Mosk in your Port, you just need to research her, and you’ll get her for free (sell her if you have her!) And 2: they said in a dev blog that you won’t get nevsky for free and you will need to re grind donskoi to get nevsky, but still worth it.

    • Majestic Hotwings

      Matthew Jacob oh dang, I guess I missed those blog posts, that’s a bit of a bummer but yes, I’d still agree that it’s worth it, I’d definitely grind it out if you could, but don’t hesitate to use free exp if needed.

    • @Majestic Hotwings totally, I am 30k away from mosk. Also, I agree. Getting 2 t10s from 1 tier 9, even having to grind both, is still better than 1. If I had to grind Mosk and Petro, i would also need to grind another t7 and 8.

  14. Normally I wholeheartedly agree with the “Its CCs who have been playing forever, the u make this seem better” but it doesn’t apply here. Being GOOD at the game doesn’t inspire your shells just enough to citadel almost every bb at range and even GK at close. I get that thats their aim, but I have a similar aim, I can consistently hit citadels. This is more than CCs making the ship look good, this ship is downright broken

    • Sea Lord Mountbatten

      Like I said, it’s looking like it is, but I myself haven’t played it yet so I can’t really say so

    • @Sea Lord Mountbatten that’s fair, but I feel like this is a little beyond the benefit of the doubt. Anyways, we just have to wait. I’ve been grinding the schors again and then I am ready

  15. For bias ships small nerfs, and french DDs or Germans nerfed to oblivion…because russian ships must be the best. As a player who plays this from the beta I really do not understand where their going with this game.

    • Likewise…

      The decisions these days don’t make any sense unless they truly want russia to be the best.

      Which if true…

      They can no longer say these are 100% accurate to designs…

    • Khabarovsk is worse than Kleber, Henri and Hindenburg both dominated the meta for a long time. The two best premium T8 cruisers available are German and French. Hindenburg is better than Moskva in the current meta. What you are saying is objectively false

  16. I find it funny when CCs talk so casually about how easy it is to accumulate free xp when you “can mount 21 signal flags” on your ships.

    Now, I’m a unicum in the game, and my flags just run out. Right this moment, I have no flags for free xp, no flags for commander xp and my credit flags are running out. Not to mention I have no speed flags, no flags for flooding time reduction, no flags for AA and several others are running low. And I’m not talking about the special signals either, I’m talking about the regular ones. I can’t even imagine how much harder it must be for an average player.

    CCs tend to get this massively distorted view (Flamu is specially guilty of this) that because they have a few thousand of each flag, everyone must have them too.

    For me, 1 mil free xp ships are simply dreams that will never be reached, unless I completely stop progressing through ship lines (I use free xp to buy the upgraded hulls so as not to play with stock hp and rudder shift). I can barely make enough credits to keep afloat and occasionally being able to buy a new ship from a line I want to progress. I have more than 10 lines that are effectively frozen because I can’t buy the next ship on them, other than the two main lines I’m progressing right now (French and Soviet BBs). When I buy the tier 8s for both these aforementioned lines, my credits will drop to zero.

    • Sea Lord Mountbatten

      Rafael Andrade I’m not a CC, but I understand what you’re saying. I don’t have thousands of every flag, maybe 20-30. From participating and events and buying ships for review etc.

  17. The problem is every other line comes out there mehh not russian ships.
    As to you can change prem ship the cv hate destroyed that. Everyone thought it was funny when people that bought cv got screwed and people thought it was sooo funny. Now its coming back on everyone. Its funny

  18. Kakav deda takav unuk

    Well, I had killed Petropavlovsk with Amalfi in the fair fight (I didn’t know that it is a new ship, only I was a little confused that he is shooting much faster than D Donskoi), so I don’t think that those testers are super players as you said. By the way, I have 4 skills on Amalfi captain, better one is on the Brindisi (my favorite ca, 6), and Venezia also 6.

  19. Yes, but: Kremlin is still busted.

  20. I feel like it’s more of a it hasn’t been tested on a mass scale so it’s probably gona start out op

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