World of Warships – A World Without Radar

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RQL’s Shipstorm Saturday

September 8th, 4:00 PM Eastern

1st Place: 9000 doubloons per player
2nd Place: 4150 doubloons per player
3rd Place: 1920 doubloons per player

A really fun game in my Z-52, no radar to ruin my fun in . Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time!

X German Destroyer Z-52 – Friend Invite – Discord Server

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  1. I just got rank 15 and I have have NO TIER 10s

    • I have 13 tier 10’s, and only 1 tier 8.

    • Better than all this guys with only shima, not even knowing how to use it, and throwing games at start by dying in the cap at first radar…. #truestories

    • pick a line and grind it. it doesnt take long if you focus.

    • with no premium or flags at all it takes 600-800 battles from T1 to T10 for one line, now get flags, premium account and a premium ship to grind credits you looking at way way less, with everything and first win of the days you could probably do it in 200-400 if you play good. Oh forgot Camos.

    • Tony Weisenburger

      using free xp can help you get there too.

  2. Geoff the Ironwolf

    I say most ships that got radar didn’t need it. Only ship line that really needed radar were usn cruisers since they really had no way to flush out a DD and no way to really hide. So it was fair for USN cruisers. And maybe Moskova. Everyone else. No. So Brit cruisers and Russians and pan Asian dds didn’t need it.

    But by taking away radar, gives too much game sway power to DDs and that’s just as imbalanced as radar heavy. Meaning someone like Notser can completely influence the match as he sees fit.


    • MajesticDemonLord

      The British invented RADAR….

    • Geoff the Ironwolf

      +MajesticDemonLord but in game they don’t need radar. Or if they do it should be very low ranged like 6km or below. Just beyond hydro range in the case of Belfast.

    • USN cruisers are ridiculously OP because of radar, but would be pretty meh without it. In fact, I got rank 1 in DM last season and hated every match with it, precisely because I carried almost every win.

      Russian cruisers are fine with radar, because they rarely can capitalize on it themselves due to their high muzzle velocity + short duration.

      British ships with radar are also fine in my book, considering they give up defense for offense. They also eat citadels so nicely. It’s nice to have options. For USN and Russian cruisers, the lack of options bothers me (I’m ignoring DM with spotter plane on purpose. While fun, it has no place on competitive game modes when you have Zaos, Henris and Hindenburgs).

      Radar on DDs I’m completely against though, as am I against the German Hydro on Lo Yang. At least the Z-52 has a proper tradeoff for getting 5.9km Hydro. I’m still mad at WG for not giving the Z-23 and Z-46 German Hydro. Like, come on, German cruisers can rarely use hydro because of the bomber threat, at least let the DDs have it. I have the Lo Yang btw, it’s just stupid how fast I can zerg it through tier 8 ranked.

      Belfast is just a dumbass ship. I don’t consider it OP, but it’s just a stupid decision to put such a gimmicky ship like that at tier 7. Noobs have no idea what it is or how to counter it. I would’ve been okay with it if they’d put it at tier 8 instead.

    • Geoff the Ironwolf

      +DaKillerChipmunk problem is there is too much of it. Brits and Russians really don’t need it. And without that radar, USN cruisers literally can’t counter a smoked ship. It’s run away or for cover, try to bull rush and usually die, or just get beaten to death. Happens plenty when I play my Dallas, or Boise. Ship smokes and I have 2 choices try to charge or run. It’s not fun.

    • That’s a load of bollocks. German cruisers have the same choices, since they need to use DefAA over hydro, especially the larger ones. Same with french cruisers. That argument doesn’t fly.

      USN cruisers have radar because they are mediocre as fuck without it, that’s the only reason.

      I agree there’s too much radar, but that’s because of how radar is implemented, not the quantity. If radar respected LOS, you could give every single cruiser radar and it wouldn’t be much of a problem.

      British don’t NEED radar, but it’s nice to have options and the tradeoff is perfect. Better than US cruisers where radar is just standard. British cruisers can’t fire in the open.

      Russians need radar more than US cruisers do, as they have turning circles akin to battleships, are always sailing in the open (thus always spotted, unlike USN cruisers), have high citadels and aside from the Moskva no way to protect it.

      Don’t follow the Russian bias hypetrain unless you’re bashing the Stalingrad.

  3. As big as that mini map is now and you still didnt see that island? LOL!

  4. sigh… my z46 performs better then z52, the germens dds cannot do stuffs when there are too many radar and they are not stealthy enough, with the addition of kitakaze with 5.9 concealment, i don’t even bother playing on my z52

  5. +notser … kurfurst legendary upgrade should allow you to select 2 targerts(1 on each side of ship) when running manual secondaries

    • +DaKillerChipmunk you’re right…I missed that. I apologize. But bufing the reload on the secondaries in my opinion is not sufficient because you can already spec for full secondary reload with all secondary reload mos, and flag and it’s great but you give up range, reload,or and accuracy. If you buff the already buffed secondary build how much. are you getting from it plus with current metta how often can you utilize it? Im sure im not the only person to be push with my go to tank for my team for them to stay at range Like other legendary upgrades it’s a side grade. That’s why I think they should add dual manual secondaries. It would then be a true upgrade then.

    • +Shut up and touch my Spaghet amen brother

    • Doesn’t the mod give 15% reload and 15% secondary reload? + the turret traverse penalty is lower at the expense of main battery range. That’s a straight buff. Sure, the current meta doesn’t favor brawling, but it’s still a straight up buff. It’s not as stupid OP as Yamato’s module or Republiques, i’ll give it that.

    • DaKillerChipmunk I have no clu…haha. I haven’t played my gk in a while. too expensive. I’ve been focusing on not suckling at dd’s. it’s a fitness venture. I’m not mad at yummy toes’s got to stay king

    • “I’ve been focusing on not suckling at dd’s”
      I can relate so much. Just keep at it! 🙂

      “yummy toes”
      I can never un-read that.

  6. The WG Jerkovs have ruined their game with radar and T10 in ranked.

  7. Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

    A world without citadel proof bbs…
    A world without radar/hydro through island.
    A world where ijn torpedoes were not rgb.
    Worlds that will never be.

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

      Unluckily for us all.

    • Shut up and touch my Spaghet

      “A world without citadel proof bbs…”
      Someone still not aiming at superstructure of german BBs i guess? You don’t need citadel hits if you do 10k normal pen volleys.

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

      Shut up and touch my Spaghet
      But it’s not like German BB Superstructure is the only line in the game that eats super structure dmg. The French also do so and they are not citadel proof in anyway.

      And so what if you get 5 pens with 20-30k worth of dmg – that’s nothing in comparison to 3-5 cits worth 50-80k worth of dmg.

      I actually hate it when people say German BBs take lots of penetration – as their trade of for being citadel proof. That’s absolute bull. Everyone knows 50/50 of penetration dmg is healable given you have enough heals. So what if I milk 20k on a German BB superstructure – they’ll just heal 10k of it back.

    • I got carried away.

      A world with submarines.
      A world with land targets.
      A world with mines. And depth charges for those submarines.
      A world with player controlled secondaries and aa guns.
      A world where you can’t shoot air targets and surface targets with the same guns at the same time.
      A world with more maps.
      A world with updated music and sound effects.
      A world with balanced aa, where carriers can actually play the game.
      A world with actual sailors who sailed on actual ships in real life.
      A world with night battles, and all the lights and flares etc.
      A world where ships sit lower and sail slower after being flooded.
      A world with choppy seas.
      A world with more objectives than just “go to that circle and sit there”.
      A world where my pc can run it on better graphics.
      A world where we don’t get stuck in the same rank indefinitely.
      A world where the game manager doesn’t try to keep running in the background after the game is shut down.
      We can keep dreaming…

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

      Super T Rev
      I wish for this too.
      Sadly we are going to need a super pc
      And probably a new wg game
      like a realistic version of wows.
      But everyone knows all wg products are never realistic- which is kinda sad.

  8. How do you get this premium match making? I assume it costs doubloons?

  9. Yes I can agree that using a destroyer to keep the enemy team spotted is nice and everything but doesn’t always count for anything in ranked. I had a ranked game with my yy. One solo cap and about a hundred thousand and spotting damage. I still came in last for XP. Thank God we won but besides that playing as a destroyer spotting for your team doesn’t give you enough XP to get first place so you don’t lose a star if your team does lose

  10. smoke firing after you stopped firing: If I saw that 90% of the smoke circles inside a contested cap were just saturated with torpedos without a hit, I would aim at the 10% corner that the torpedos didn’t cover. That’s what I saw happen in your example.

    • Ah, that sounds right after explaining. Thanks

    • Also, the range to the smoked-up target typically doesn’t change much. So once you see previous hits in the smoke, they tend to primarily just go forward or backward on a line while staying in the smoke. Then it’s just a matter of watching their movement between shots and predicting an aimpoint forward about the same distance as the last two shots’ separation along that line of travel.

  11. I don’t understand why they don’t make radar like it was in real life in 1942. That shit was only accurate enough to tell you something was there, NOT dead accurate. Why not make it ‘scan’ like real early radar? Each scan scrolls by and updates the position of the enemy ship, only telling you it’s current location, and it drops off vision again after 3 seconds or so, just long enough to get a salvo off if you’re good. Now, THAT would be cool

    • Tomas what you and they say is somewhat useful. But most of the time the radar ship is not seen ie behind island so there is no way of knowing if you are safe. Same with RPF, nearest is the DD at the next cap over but zero info about the radar ship. Worcester has detection range
      lower than its radar range so it can be in open water unseen and light you up, even flamu states that is broken. Normally it is not the radar ship causing the most damage but the smoked up DD and other cruisers/ BBS that focus you down.
      1 Vs 1 a radar ship Vs DD is not good news but not the end of the world, it’s the fact that it is rarely just him firing at you.
      In tier 8+ where the radars are all non USSR DD have no heal so the 40 to 100% of the health you lose in getting to that safe exit sticks and makes you a second class ship for the rest of the game.
      Best tier 10 DD by Winrate etc is khab as it is the only DD that does not care about radar (and has heal).

    • actually, I am literally listing the strategies those guys use to survive likely radared caps.


      if you think it doesn’t work, tell that to Flambass in his Yueyang.

    • Because it’s an arcade game – not simulator.

    • You are correct. However, making the radar more closely aligned with what early radar looked like would not ruin the arcade nature of the game in any way, while more appropriately balancing radar. How is that not a good thing?

    • That would be great!

  12. 3 solo caps and a high caliber, and a BB that was hanging out in spawn the whole game still beats you. This is why i don’t play ranked. They need to seriously fix how XP is distributed before I ever get interested in it.

    • That result is another good example of how much easier it is to get high scores in battleships compared to destroyers. DD players gotta work their butt off to get comparable scores on such a regular basis, and often get the stick due to the overabundance of radar and aircraft constantly spotting them and their torpedoes in the high tiers.

      The only thing that has improved the situation in recent years is the exodus of top tier CV players to lower tiers. When they had aircraft filling the skies, they used to keep a DD spotted constantly, along with often spotting their torps really early. Between that and radar, a T9-T10 match, over a year ago, was a death sentence unless you played your DD passively. This will get worse if they buff CVs enough to have them in most top tier matches once again.

  13. I Would like to see a world with no RADAR going through islands 🙂

  14. Ahhhh, A World with out Radar!…proceeds to spam the Z-52 Hydro lol (The other OTHER! radar)

    ps…if WG could, at the very least!, fix the fact that radar can presently go through islands!!…that would be nice…yeah!

  15. “A world without radar”…”I got a DD with hydro and smoke to spot the enemy DD before he sees me or when he’s in smoke. Multiple times if needed.” And then you are going on about how you can now play DD as intended, while the other DD can’t as his smoke is useless against you. Sure, radar spots on a longer range, but in much shorter time. You got smoke and hydro over the real regular DD xD

    • +HoshoDesu That’s not the point here 😉

    • True, I just sort of dislike the debate between consumables for some ships, as they get those consumables for balance reasons.

    • +HoshoDesu I understand that, but every ship in the game should be balanced, right? So the radar cruisers should be balanced in gameplay too. Also people are bitching about the RN DDs having hydros, which should be balanced in other ways too, then. The main point of the video title is that Notser hates DDs get screwed over because they get spotted without anything they can do about it and get ganged on by the rest of the enemy team. That’s the meta of this moment and DDs with hydro have just as much a part in it as radar cruisers. It’s not the one on one situation that is the balance issue. It’s that the curtain that gets pulled back on you so the whole enemy team can gang on you without you being able to do anything against it while the one that causes it has (almost) nothing to fear. And that’s what Notser both scorns in his title, but praises in the DD he drives.

    • Except DDs can fight back. You play them differently. DDs are still an extremely influential class in the game. I would even say I can carry harder in a DD than a cruiser. The problem for DDs is that positional mistakes have further reaching consequences than say a BB. When you play against a certain type of MM spread you always have to change your tactics. Like a Des Moines against half a team of BBs. Every ship has the chance to get the short end of the stick. I just think people forget the amazing utility power of DDs and think that doing damage is the be all end all. They then blame radar like how every other ship blames CVs, its in their ignorance that they don’t see the weaknesses of each class and why they have those consumables.

    • +HoshoDesu I totally agree with you. I can still take top place in DDs and they still make a difference. But that’s still not the point of my OP 🙂 Notser made a vid dissing the current “Radar meta” which specificly hurts DD, but then talks fondly about having a DD that essentially has the same advantages over the conventional DDs.

  16. A world without radar is paradise

  17. “so skilled at blind firing in smoke” YUP skill alright….

  18. I miss the good ole days too. Magic radar that can see through islands has really taken away so much from DDs and now with more radar ships being dumped into the game, combined with ridiculous firepower from ships like Worchester with radar range in excess of det. range., why play to just be a target. Nice to see the Z52 back in action just once. Haven’t touched mine in a few months. Game is not as enjoyable as it once was and I am playing less and less.

  19. since they added the ability to use the targeting square on the minimap, I personally think both hydro and radar should only show primary targets ON the minimap. as long as your radar/hydro is on, any targets in range show constant realtime updates on the minimap, period. you know exactly where they are, and can target the space, but do not have visual contact. radared/hydroed targets on the minimap can be related as targets to your teammates who will see a marker, but not the ship itself.

    then hydro and radar would differ in two ways:

    hydro WILL reveal and show torpedoes in the primary viewscreen and on the minimap, radar will not.

    radar WILL show all aircraft in range in the primary view and on the minimap, hydro will not (obviously).

    this would mostly bypass the “see through islands” complaint, since there still would not be direct line of sight gained.

  20. It’s fricking hard on us young guys trying to learn. Use smoke keep moving.Detected. Radar. Use islands to hide. Detected. Radar. Every time I get near a cap. Detected. Radar. That detected by radar icon rarely seems to go away!

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