World of Warships- AA Needs A Rework

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Hey guys, today I expand on my thoughts about AA/CV interactions in the game currently.

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  1. they should bring back the thing where DFAA messed up plane aiming dispersion a ton, like it did during RTS. DFAA is still too useless now

    • I don’t bother taking it – even on Atlanta!

    • @Lee Bradley DefAA and Fighter Planes are useless. Taking one of them can only be meaning you can’t take something else (if available). Even the spotter plane is worth more on a ship that has the range anyway as it makes it easier to aim over mountains or hit ships in smoke.

    • @Loeffel Exactly that’s why I take hydro instead

    • As a CV main I agree, it would reward better when used it and could create more strategies between CVs and surface ships

  2. I’d like to see cruisers get put in more of a support role, with buffs to their AA or more timed abilities to focus AA.

    • And all I’m saying is that I’d like more clearly defined roles. Not just a simple buff to AA to a point where an entire squadron gets shot down before being able to do anything ever. But if a BB has cruiser escort or two it SHOULD be a nigh impossible task for planes to attack, whereas a lone BB somewhere should be a prime target to go for. This would promote more strategic play from BOTH frontline ships AND carriers.

      OR you know, change the whole damn system. All carrier gameplay boils down to is to just go for a high threat target, get your 1-2 strikes off before the continual AA damage downs your squad, launch another one and rinse and repeat. Infinite planes and the way AA works right now are both frustrating elements.

    • As someone that plays both CV and everything else (BBs are my main), here are my thoughts on CV and CRs.
      CRs are basically the meta at the moment due to their firepower and spamm, when their role should be DD hunting and BB support in my eyes. Especially light cruisers, I’m fine with heavy cruisers playing like more agile BBs. But there is nothing that angers me more than a ship that I can not reveal burning me without any form of counterplay. So reworking them to burn less with BBs and buff their AA and say, spotting abilities, and I would like light CRs a lot more. That way there is more options for counterplay perhaps, but I’m willing to discuss my thoughts.

    • Rob O not true

    • @Rob O if one ship alone could kill an entire squadron then how carriers are supposed to be playable?then carriers dont go in the corner of the map because It Is uncofortable, (and carriers works like that tho) the Plane regeneration Is slow: if i lose an entire squadron for a mistake i Will have another one in 5-6 mins and in this period of time all the enemy ships can esasily fuck Me so its not easy as u Say : WOWS losing players?well its normal since everyone wants easy life without carriers because most players fucking rage quit (and sometimes people Is so cancer tht report anyone especiLly the CV for losing)

    • You never faced nevskys flaks when he has also defAA on… :nightmare

  3. It’s funny how small EU DD that can shoot down planes more easily than the big ass BB that mount tons of AA guns on deck

    • I mean it got radar guided aa, also the 53mm bofo got a firerate (combined) of 240 spm and if i am not wrong the main battery had a firerate (aa-ammo loaded) of 40 Shorts per Barrel (combined 160 spm). That thing is a Ship designed after the war, they learned about Big Problems from ww2

    • @Divide 129 Doesnt account for the volume of AA.

    • becuz the Halland has cold war era AA, 127mm autoloading radar tracking cannons designed to shoot down supersonic jets, no fuck it lays waste to planes faster than a bunch of 30s era AA mounts

    • Still it’s a game… 50 AA mounts do nothing in Montana but Halland with just a few does 5x better

  4. dude I am surprised at how much I hate being on both sides of the CV/AA rework. As a CV, I hate the new gameplay. I would much prefer the RTS style. Sure you could do a lot of damage if you were good, but you also had to be far better at managing resources or you could be completely out of planes half way through the match. You could do awesome alpha strikes on ships, but you also had to be far more careful of which ships you targeted because if you lost a whole squadron of bombers in one attack, it could cripple you for the rest of the game. I played a CV for the first time since the rework a couple weeks ago, and I feel like in some ways my striking power has be dumbed down and/or neutered.
    As a ship captain, the new AA rework means that I have more things to do that in most cases amount to nothing. If you dont shoot down every single plane, the CV still gets his drop and you have done nothing really to help yourself or your team. I am just amazed that ships that formerly had great AA like the Des Moines and such now often feel helpless against planes.
    Oh, and to top it off, there are a lot of cruisers and battleships (again that used to have good AA before the rework) that cant stop a whole squadron, but now some destroyers either can, or can come close to doing so? What???

    • AA feels inconsistent is how I’d put it. Some ships that have good AA shred squadrons but others do little more than tickle a plane or two. You could have 2 Des Moines and a Montana who barely take out one squadron with their combined AA bubbles while something like the Halland just deletes them. At this point I stop running defAA on my Des Moines since my AA doesn’t seem to matter. This is all taking into account being up against same tier carriers, when you’re up against a bottom tier carrier everything changes. You feel like a god among men, swatting squadrons out of the air like they’re nothing. At best bottom tier carriers get 1 strike in against higher tiers, but same tier carriers can at times get all 3 strikes off before losing all their planes to continual damage.

  5. I like when comment section has splitted into “Adding a ton more AA” , “Bring back old RTS”, and “CV plane is to OP” and pro CV

    • drake consumer of souls and cheese strings

      AKA “I dont want planes to deal damage” , “bring back RNG BS” and “I’m following popular opinion with nothing to add” and the guys who this is affecting, yet are being told to shut up

    • @drake consumer of souls and cheese strings and If WG bring back old cv, Every surface player will complain how much damage output that CV can deliver

    • Man I miss the old cv. There great.

  6. Needs more than a rework. Its useless

  7. Fighters are really being exploited too. A HUGE improvement would be to remove the fighters ability to spot. They were designed to allow the CV to provide AA support to their team, but that’s not how they are being used. Instead it’s become a deployable radar platform for permanently spotting DD’s.

  8. One thing I’ve noticed they removed is how the AA mounts would move and track enemy planes while shooting at them they don’t move anymore. I know it probably doesn’t have anything to do with AA dmg but it was a pretty cool visual seeing the 127s and 40s moving left to right shooting at the planes. Why WG removed an animation like that is anyone’s guess..

    • I liked the old CV plane system. They shouldn’t have unlimited spawns. They should be a consumable type resource. Sneaking up on a CV when you weren’t sure if they were deplaned or just suckering you was much more interesting. Plenty of old CV players learned how to manage their planes so they didn’t run out. Plus, nobody should forget, WoWS is about ship to ship combat.

    • @Travis Gravelle I’m actually okay with plane factories in CVs, I wouldn’t argue against lowering plane health though. Whether it’s by buffing AA across the board, or lowering the HP directly. Hell, that might actually make the brit plane flavor more distinct, just nerf the hp a bit less than the other 2 (soon to be 3, but the german planes are SQUISHY already).

    • @Travis Gravelle i agree i prefered the RTS style cv gameplay

    • Tapp each aa gun used to have its own damage and i think fire rate now they are pooled together for damage and the mounts are just to reduce the effectiveness on that side when they blow up

  9. It’s me or the regular squadron of fighters is REALLY USELESS!?!?! they just attack when the wave already attacked I mean.. Come on!!!

    • Useless? No, CV will regret it later after the lost alot of planes because of the fighter and pick other plane while restocking the plane.

  10. Ehm… ngl, I’d rather play with the current CV system than the old one…

  11. 1. I wish there was some % chance that one or more of the planes actually doing the attack-run could get hit. Perhaps this could be increased with DFAA…

    2. I also think giving planespotting a similar delay to radar spotting for the remainder of the friendly team would be a good idea. The pilotsa re reporting back to their CV, whom then distrubutes information to the fleet after all. I think this would do a lot for DD’s (like give them time to smoke up before being targeted by everyone.).

    3. As a BB main, I am sort of ok with needing the support of the Cruisers to some extent, but I’m generally speaking ok with non-bomber planes in the game. I do feel the BB’s need some way to defend themselves a little better against bombers though, since you can’t really avoid those with manouvering.

    4. Fighter plane coud definately be better…

  12. I realized AA was broken after coming back to the game and my Texas doing virtually nothing against two tier 4 CV’s thanks to no flak cannons and the AA range nerf.
    Texas’s gimmick was op AA and absolutely nothing else but 3.5km range ….. no flak cannons … everything else was kinda a joke about the ship. It’s basically a mirror image of the New York and folks have tested both, due to the change Texas AA is kinda a joke but the New York due to the flak cannons shoots down more planes…

    Just let that sink in, in the current meta Texas AA < New York AA

    • teir 4 aa needs to be bad to give cvs a chance to learn, if you had good aa carriers wouldnt learn by the time they get high teir and would increase the skill gap even more. t3 aa does need a little buff thou, a cv shouldnt be able to pull off 3 waves without losing a plan

  13. “See Update 0.8.5 for how damage to aircraft is applied. If a packet of damage results in the destruction of the last plane, for continuous damage the balance of that damage is lost. For instantaneous damage, the remaining damage is applied to the next ‘last plane’. “

  14. Sector Reinforcement is a crock. I’ve mentioned in forums That the AA gunners do NOT run from one side of the ship to the other. Before the change AA reinforcement applied to both sides of the ship, so after the attackers passed over to the other side they had a equal opportunity to be damaged. Now they circle around and attack the 50% side of the ship while SE is in cooldown.

    • Exactly AA guns should be the same strength all angles that the turret rotates too.

    • agreed. since it’s called “sector” reinforcement I would be fine with AA only being strengthened in a specific area (I also like Mountbatten’s idea of adding 2 more sectors), but weakening AA in the other sectors at the same time makes no sense at all to me. also ships that are advertised as AA ships (USN cruisers come to mind) should get a general buff to their AA that make them effective at shooting down planes and something needs to be done to make defensive AA useful again.

  15. Ok let’s be frank. WG is making a lot of money.
    AA is useless, unless it is shooting the fighter consumable. Then AA is pretty good.
    CVs should be forced to keep moving in order to have flight ops.
    CVs should have to purchase their captain skill of damage con. Not get it for free. It should probably be two skills actually.
    Planes should have fuel to limit spotting time
    Ammo should be a thing.
    Fighters against planes should be a thing

    • Honestly before the CV rework I kept saying to WG they should add fuel mechanic to all planes to fix the issue. CVs without controllable fighters, means you can’t counter enemy CV that attacks your team. CVs are meant to spot that much but nowadays they spot more than before, you can send your torpedo bombers right after you finish attacking someone with torpedoes. You don’t need to wait for them to restock. That’s insanely dumb in combination with infinite amount of planes. Sometimes I wonder what is the average IQ of WG developers….

    • AA is useless? lol okay you must have never played a CV or a German CV for that matter lol, AA is not useless it shreds your planes.

  16. There was a carrier skill that allowed you to launch planes while on fire… they basically gave that as an auto skill.

    Aa needs a buff.

  17. CV rerework: Each plane can only perform 1 attack per launch with all of the planes. Per hit damage is decreased so a perfect run won’t 1 shot a ship, but will be rewarding to the CV. Each plane has a cooldown to ensure the CV can always do something, but cant constantly spam one type of plane. Every plane that makes it back to the carrier reduces the cooldown of that fighter by x. All ships receive a small AA buff, with Fighters and Defensive AA receiving large buffs. Finally, Fighters can be manually targeted using ctrl click to attack a particular plane.

  18. when you pull out your dick and she pulls out hers

    @Aroop Roelofs id rather play with rts CVs.

    Everyone complains how their AA does nothing, complains how AA doesnt matter because CVs can regen planes.

    While on the other side CV players complain about how low their damage is.

    Bring back RTS. AA was powerful, CVs cant regen planes, and CV damage could not be shrugged off. The skill floor was _extremely_ high meaning more people will stop playing CVs due to how difficult micromanaging 4 different plane squadrons _at the same time_ is

  19. @when you pull out your dick and she pulls out hers That’s true, but I was implying with the *current* AA I’d rather play against the current CVs than the old one.
    I mean, imagine with the current garbage AA and the old CV gameplay…

  20. Fighter planes be like after shooting 1 plane: ok my job here is done time to head home

  21. I feel like a lot of CCs are saying that if any planes get through to make an attack, it’s bad. It isn’t. The CV should have an equal opportunity to do damage to your ship as any other ship. CVs are great, therefore, for dislodging cruisers camping behind islands, scouting for the rest of the team, and also making a meaningful contribution to the team in damage output. I agree that it is unbalanced and unfair for the surface ship’s AA to be controlled by AI where the CV is controlled by a player. They should do something like in War Thunder where you can have direct control of main guns, secondaries, or AA guns. Then again, WOWS is a very different game at its core than War Thunder, so I highly doubt that will ever happen. I wish they kept the RTS CV gameplay system, but I’m also glad they moved away from that at the same time, since it led to some other changes such as flooding and other core gameplay fixes. Before the rework, if you got caught out and took a torpedo, you could flood out, and you were as good as back in port. Now flooding is treated as similar to fire in duration and damage dealt.

    On another note, I don’t care what Wargaming does next, as long as they change AA interaction to the point where the USS Enterprise is balanced and I can buy it. Enough said.

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